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Sun Apr 06, 2014 9:48 AM
I hadn't been to a play or a musical since my short time in community college many moons ago. Last week, our friend mentioned he wanted to see The Book of Mormon. Normally, I'd hesitate, because live theatre isn't really my thing, and musicals are a bit hard to swallow for me. But seeing as how I'm a big fan of the work that Matt Stone and Trey Parker do, I didn't think twice. Of course I wanted to see this!

We arrived in the area of the Pantages Theatre a few hours early so we could enjoy some local food and a beer or three. I highly recommend the Blue Palms Brewhouse just up the street. They have 24 craft beers on tap, serve them in nice glasses (my 2, both Farmhouse Ale/Saison, arrived in adorable tulip glasses) and have them displayed on a huge projector screen with their name, description, price and alcohol %. It's a tiny little bar/restaurant, so if you visit during peak meal time, you may wait a while for a table, but it's worth it. Their burgers, sandwiches and cheesy spinach dip were SO GOOD.

We finished our last drink and took a walk around the block to settle our meals in our tummies, then headed to the theatre. The Pantages Theatre is pretty fancypants. It was fun to be surrounded by that decor. We grabbed ourselves one last beverage and lingered in the lobby until the show was about to start. We had decent seats and could see pretty well.

The entire show was wonderful. There's something about a live performance that gives me goosebumps. These actors had such great energy, amazing voices, and the way they played their humorous roles was fantastic. 2.5 hours of a show went by in a flash. If you're able to make it to this performance, do it. The Book of Mormon is hilariously entertaining.

Here's some pics from the night, as well as a shot of the Tshirt I felt compelled to buy at intermission. :)

Wed Mar 05, 2014 12:34 PM
As some of you may already know from being part of my history-making night on MFC yesterday, there has been an exciting change!

I've been an MFC cam girl for 4.5 years now. Ever since the beginning, I avoided doing any penetration or cum shows in public chat. Originally it was because it was "against the rules" and I wanted to stick by the policies listed on the site. Over time, it became apparent that not many girls actually stuck to those rules and it became increasingly popular to to countdowns in public chat for naughty shows. I still stuck to my plan and just made them "my rules" that I never penetrated or did a cum show in public chat. I would tease a bit in public chat, then ask to be whisked away to group show for the truly naughty stuff.

Over the last few months, I experimented a little by doing "discreet cum shows" in public. Well, only 2 of them. Both times it was a great rush and intoxicatingly exhilarating for me. I had also begun saving my group shows for the very end of my camming shift, because disappearing into a group show for even 10-15 minutes would completely kill the fun and happy mojo in my public chat room, and upon returning from group, it was really difficult to get back into a good groove. So groups became a bit limiting for me in multiple ways. Limiting when I could play and be naughty. Limiting the amount of extra exhilaration I could get from having a very large audience watching me enjoy myself. And also limiting my enjoyment by being on a timer. Knowing that the people watching had a limited amount of time (read: tokens) to enjoy my show, which sometimes led me to rush myself or pay too much attention to how many people were coming in or leaving.

Group shows lost their lustre for me a bit, and at the same time I was enjoying those moments where I pushed my limits in public chat. Which brought me to the decision: Public playing and cum shows are now a part of AmberLand.

Last night was one of the best times I've had on cam in a long while! Once I got over the nervousness of the surprise (I didn't tell anyone until I logged on) there were a lot of very excited members who helped contribute to the countdown and continued to show their support during the show! It was amazing. It almost felt like my first day again.

I'm feeling renewed and have a new sense of excitement for cam time now. I know there will still be ups and downs and days where we are still adjusting to the changes, but overall this is a very positive thing for me. I'm looking forward to all the freedom and fun this will allow for me and the members who enjoy my room on MFC.

Here's to turning over a new leaf!

Mon Mar 03, 2014 12:09 PM
The last 2 days have been a wonderful recovery after yet another awesome mega month on MFC.

Since it was a rainy and somewhat chilly day on Saturday, we (Jawbs and I) spent the entire day at the house relaxing and playing games. We tried relentlessly to beat each other's scores on Fieldrunners 2, and also played about 5 rounds of Carcassonne between Saturday evening and Sunday morning. I am completely addicted to both of these games. Sunday we ventured out into the light rain and did a little shopping, then had a wonderful lunch and a glass of wine. This Malbec is hands down my favorite red wine right now.

And today I am catching up on all the prizes and updates to be done from fAMBruary! Make sure to check your MFC mail for goodies if you were a top 10 Cootie Killer!


I'll also be pulling the winner of the Cupid/Heartthrob raffle on cam tomorrow night. They look so pretty on the wall, don't they?


I am so grateful to everyone who shared in the month with me. Mega months are always a wonderful celebration of funny moments, breathtaking generosity, and a lot of time spent together. It still blows my mind how lucky I am to know you and share these times with you. The month in total may have had it's ups and downs, but overall it was a major success, and I have all the AmberLanders to thank for that! :text-thankyoublue: I sincerely appreciate everything you've done.

Now we move on to March. I can't believe I am turning 30 on March 10th! :occasion6: The cam-time party will be on the evening of the 10th, but I'm going to spend the entire month celebrating and being the best birthday princess I can be. :occasion2: As an extra 'Thank You' to people who try to make an impact on March, I will make a special pic set for the top 10 Cootie Killers for this month! I know that's usually reserved for Mega Months, but March is special too!

I'll be back to a regular cam schedule starting tomorrow. Join me to help me kick off the month and have some sexy good times! See ya there.
Thu Jan 30, 2014 3:41 PM
This year I am trying something brand new! I've never done a mega month in February before, so coming up with the name took some thinking, but now it just rolls off my tongue! fAMBruary is nearly upon us!

As per usual mega months, I will be aiming for the best Miss MFC rank possible (let's see what we can do), spending much more time on cam than other months, and throwing in some wild and super sexy shows along the way. There are always extra prizes and events to partake in, so I hope you'll all join me and help make fAMBruary a mega-fun mega month for AmberLand! Below you'll find some info about upcoming stuffs...

I'm going to see how things go, but am hoping to continue doing daytime shows on Mondays and Thursdays. Mondays starting around 1pm, and Thursdays probably closer to 2. If I just don't feel those times are vibing, I'll change it up. I'll be on during the evening all other days. Going to try my best to be on every single day of the month! I may even pop on for an hour here and there outside of my usual times to meet some new people and take you by surprise. :)

I'll kick off fAMBruary at midnight on the 1st for an hour or two and spend most of the afternoon and evening on the 1st as well. On the 2nd I may be on in the late morning as well as later at night, due to the Superbowl. On the 28th I plan to be on alllll night to hopefully secure an awesome rank! It'll be a Friday night, be ready to partay!

Special shows/events:
I'll keep you posted on exact dates and times (well, as exact as possible for AmberLand) on special shows throughout the month. Some things I have planned include: Sweet Box Sale, Ducky Butt Extravaganza, Valentine's day Vixen dress and Ducky Butt Bath (on the 14th of course), Anal group show, Cupcake Boobies Shower, Glow Show (public and group), Butt Plug group show, Sybian ride group show (on the 28th, so long as my fragile flower is feeling up to it!), and Caturdays, of course!

New Content:
**Remember, these items are not available until 12am PST on Feb 1! Make sure to wait til I log on to grab them!**
3 new HD videos!
During fAMBruary only, get all 3 in a package for 444 tokens. (Or individually priced as below)

Red Light Dancing and Dildo (HD) - 150 tokens - sexy red low lighting, strip dance to a sensual song, and some dildo action. 2 angles. (5:13)
Gonzo Hitachi Cum (HD) - 150 tokens - A short session with my Hitachi Magic Wand and the "Gonzo" attachment with a nice hard cum. Some wonderful fingering of my wet pussy at the end. 2 angles. (7:10)
First Time Fucking the "AmPole" (HD) - 250 tokens - I built a special dildo pole for perfect self-fucking action! Includes 2 sexy angles and a rare cum in doggystyle position (I was so worked up from the day, I couldn't NOT cum!) (7:38)

Pink Popsicle - 90 tokens - A sexy set featuring my Pink Popsicle dildo, in my mouth and in my sweet pussy. Yum!

Top Cootie Killers of the Month:
Aside from the right to brag about your status, top Cootie Killers will also get goodies!
#1 Killer gets a small semi-custom exclusive picture set*
#1 - #5 get an exclusive video clip! (Riding my suction cup Sea Monster dildo on a glass tabletop in Vegas! About 3 minutes long.)
#1 - #10 get an exclusive picture set! (Outdoors in my flower dress with some public flash shots.)

*Options available for pics include choosing the content (posing? toy play? boobies/legs/feet/ass focus? ) as well as what I wear (or don't wear), any props/toys to be used and location (somewhere at my house: shower, backyard, couch, bedroom, etc.) It will be approximately 5 to 10 pictures depending on what we decide the content to be. It will be made sometime in March so long as I get the details ASAP.

Daily Heartthrob and Daily Cupid:
Yep, there are 2 ways to be an ultimate daily hero for fAMBruary!
*The person who has the day's highest accumulated tokens (tips, offline tips, group shows, all tokens!) each day will be that day's Heartthrob. You'll get your name on a shiny red heart on the wall, and be entered into a special raffle.

*The person who has the day's highest single tip (all in one shot, like a sharpened arrow!) will be that days Cupid. You'll get your name on a shiny red cupid on the wall, and be entered into a special raffle.

I'll also do one daily Victory Vine video to honor the Cupid and the Heartthrob!
One person CAN be both, which gives them 2 entries in the raffle.
"What is this raffle?" you ask? The winner will receive a custom video* made by yours truly, as well as fAMBruary's special Cootie plush. Sir Valentine Cooter!

Isn't he precious?

*Options available for a custom video include choosing the content (dancing? strip tease? toy play? cum? boobies/legs/feet/ass obsession? I can even include pee fetish if you choose) as well as what I wear (or don't wear), any props/toys to be used and what music to play. It will be approximately 5 to 15 mins long depending on what we decide the content to be. It will be made in my "slut room" sometime in March so long as I get the details ASAP.

Sweet Box SaleFeb 1 - Feb 8
Here's your chance to get your hands on my sweet box! For a single tip of 1414 tokens, my box valentine goodies includes:
4 yummy treats
Handwritten note with a kiss
Perfumed Handkerchief
Heart shaped vanilla candle
An adorable mini valentines ducky

**Make it a 2014 tip and also get an exclusive 4x6 photo print, signed and dedicated to you! It will be a non-naughty pic from the outdoors in the flower dress shoot!**

Boxes may be gifted to other dwellers of AmberLand, but stock is limited to 20!

Ducky ButtsFeb 9 - Feb 14
They're back! My Duckies will be my Valentines this year. You can claim one Ducky Butt (just one!) for 214* tokens. Not only will your named Ducky Butt take a steamy hot bath with me on Valentine's Day, but you'll be entered into a raffle (pulled in the bath) to win an exclusive Valentine themed pic set download. If less than 24 Ducky Butts are claimed, 5 winners will be pulled. If at least 24 Ducky Butts get claimed, 10 winners will be pulled. If all 36 Ducky Butts get claimed, then I will pull 15 winners!

You don't have to be present for the bath raffle to win, but since you'll be my Valentine, I'd love if you could join me. ;)

*If you'd like your Ducky Butt mailed to you after fAMBruary is over, tip 414 to claim yours!

I have a limit of 36 Ducky Butts. I need room for myself in the tub! You may tip to gift one (whether it be a 214 or a 414 is up to you!) to another dweller of AmberLand, but there can only be one per person.

Cootie Pint Glass + Mousepad package Sale
For the month of fAMBruary, Pint Glasses will be 500* tokens and also include a Mousepad! Quantity limited, please check with me before purchase.
*650 for outside of US.

So I'll see you all this weekend to kick off the month, and throughout fAMBruary when you come visit and cheer me on! I appreciate every bit of support you give me. Joining in groups, grabbing my new pics and vids, fighting for a spot on the top Cootie Killers list, being a Heartthrob or a Cupid, being my Valentine with a cute Ducky Butt, making me laugh and smile, chatting with me about whatever... it all fulfills me so much! I can't wait to spend the month with you.
Mon Dec 23, 2013 12:13 PM
There's just something about Christmas time that puts me in a certain mood. I reminisce about the year, since it's nearly over. I feel all lovey and cozy because the weather is (ever so slightly, darn SoCal!) colder. I feel hope and relief since a new year is coming and it always feels like a fresh start. Overall, Christmas and New Years time fills me with a wonderful feeling.

I certainly feel blessed for everything I have. Not only in my personal life with my wonderful tiny family consisting of 2 doggies and a loving hubby, but also in my professional life on the Internet. I'd be nowhere without all of the fantastic people I've met on MFC as well as at ACF. You guys and gals who I speak to on a daily or weekly basis really have changed my life in such a positive way. So I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone, and wish you all a super sweet end to this year.

My schedule may be a tad more erratic than usual both for the next 2 weeks and over the course of the next month. In general I'm going to try and have a couple of afternoon shifts each week instead of just evening shifts on cam. I am planning to be on cam in the early evening for Christmas Eve (roughly 4-7 Pacific). I'm taking Christmas off. I'll be back Thursday and Friday for evening shifts. For New Years week, I may be on Monday afternoon for a couple hours, then off until Thurs Jan 2. I haven't decided if I'll get on cam for New Years Eve.

I just figured I'd give you viewers a heads up as to my plans for the next 2 weeks. :)

Anyway, thank you all again for being part of my life. You bring me great joy in many ways, and I hope to continue to bring smiles to you as frequently as possible. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and nearly Happy New Year!
Mon Dec 09, 2013 9:00 AM
NovAmber's toy drive was a major success. This weekend, Jawbs and I went out and got the final batch of toys to complete the 450 total. The Tots for Toys drive brought in about $1700, which we more than matched and now have $4000 worth of toys to drop off over the next couple weeks to Toys for Tots and CHiPS for Kids charities.

It feels amazing and has really gotten me in the holiday spirit! Here's what the mountain of toys looks like.


No toys were lost to the icy cold pool during the making of this picture set.


Thank you again to everyone who participated!
Wed Oct 30, 2013 5:26 PM
As many of my AmberLand friends know, NovAmber is coming! The hopes are that we can get and maintain a great spot in the top 20, and have a fabulous time doing it. I'm super excited that this is the first NovAmber since 2009! I plan to be on daily to hang out with you all on cam, and have some fun events, treats, and shows planned. Participating in the daily tip competitions, joining me for group shows, grabbing some of my new video content, adding "ACs_" to the beginning of your name, or even just hanging out in my chat and sharing laughs.... every bit of support will help us have a rockin' successful NovAmber!

Mondays and Thursdays will be afternoon shows (approximately 2pm until 6pm PST) and every other day will be evening shows (approximately 5pm until 9pm PST). I'll kick off the month at midnight on Nov 1st to launch some new content and have a sexy group show with you! I am also planning to be on cam from early evening until midnight on the last day of the month so we can secure the best spot possible, and to end the month with a crazy bang.

Special shows/events:
I'll update you throughout the month on upcoming special shows. There will be a milky wet shower show, a cookie bake, and a POV with the new "Sea Monster" dildo, just to name a few things that we will do!!

New Video Content:
3 new HD videos will be available starting at 12 am on Nov 1!
During NovAmber only, get all 3 in a package for 444 tokens. (Or individually priced as below)

Strip Tease Dancing - 150 tokens - 2 "wub wub" songs full of hip shaking strip tease, with just a hint of naughty fingering. (8:09)
Make me Cum - 150 tokens - A short session with my "Mr T" dildo ending in a satisfying cum (5:11)
Anal - 250 tokens - I slide my fingers and a few different toys in my tight ass, get a little toy DP, then cum with a toy stuffed in there! (17:19)

Top Cootie Killers of the Month:
#1 Killer = Cootie Plush
#1 through 5 Killers = A Holiday stocking sent to you with goodies inside (Personalized ceramic ornament, Cootie stickers and keychain, scented panties, and something cute and cuddly), and an exclusive photo set.
#6 through 10 Killers = Personalized ceramic ornament, Cootie stickers and keychain sent to you, and the exclusive photo set.

Here's NovAmber's special Cootie plush. The angry Warrior!

Look at that mean mug!
*If you are unable to accept an item, you may gift it to someone else who is in the top 15 Cootie Killers list.

Daily Killer Stars:
The top 10 Cootie Killers of each day will be posted on my wall on a special "Killer Stars" list. I have a special 30-image picture set, and each day that you're a Star, you'll get that day's image. The only way to get all 30 of the set is to be a Star each day! I wonder if anyone will manage that!? Each day's Killer Stars list will also be tweeted so you and I can brag about how awesome you are.

Daily King:
The person who has the highest accumulated tokens (tips, offline tips, group shows, all tokens!) each day will be that day's King. You'll get your name above your King Cooter for that day on the wall (which I will also send to you as a keepsake, along with a thank you card) and you'll also have a "Victory Vine" video dedicated to you on Twitter. Each daily King will be entered into a raffle to be my "King for December". This person will get random gifts mailed to them throughout December with sweet little notes, and be referred to as my King in my room during my cam shows in December. I can't wait to spoil somebody with this! Who will it be?!
*If you do not wish to receive gifts from me through December, you may still be deemed my "King" during December, and opt to have special gifts sent to someone else (1 person) in your place. Or you may opt out completely and I will not enter your name into the raffle, just let me know in advance, please!

Yes, I hand made 30 of these, just for my Kings...


Cootie Gear:
My MFC profile now has a list and prices of the remaining Peon Cootie Gear that I have to sell. In order to make room for future orders of gear, we must clear some of this out! :) Please take a look at the list on my profile, and include the items you'd like in the tip notes! If I don't have your mailing address, please also remember to MFC mail me with that information and I will send out the Gear as soon as possible via USPS.

I know, funny that NovAmber is all Cootie themed with no turkeys, pumpkin pies or fall leaves in sight. But as we know, the Cootie invasion never ends! So join me whenever you can during the month and enjoy yourself! I couldn't be more excited for what's to come. See you soon.

Tue Sep 10, 2013 10:06 AM
So now that the excitement and exhaustion from Awesome August has worn off, it's almost back to business as usual here in the Cutie household. I'm still finishing the followup work (creating the photo book for the CoCs, updating VIP little by little with the shows from the month, sending out prizes, etc) but having the weekends off and a tad of extra free time each day is a welcomed relief.

I've mentioned in the past months that I had been working on a "project". Well, it was something I started way back in Mega March, and had hoped to launch much sooner, but it took a bit to get it ready enough to show everyone. And I couldn't have done it on my own! There are quite a few ACF models who put in time and effort to make it what it is today.

I present to you: CamGirlWiki

My forum has always been a place cam girls could come to find support, advice and camaraderie among other cam girls, but I wanted a place that was more matter-of-fact and less based on chatty opinions. I know when I was first starting out just over 4 years ago, the only information I read and utilized was on the cam site itself, via their FAQ pages and watching the other cam girls perform. FAQs on cam sites usually read as pretty biased, as I think they try to make it sound easy as pie to entice girls to sign up and start immediately. It would be nice to have a base of information to start with, for those who are actually looking into it and doing some research without jumping in head-first. I think being prepared before the first day a girl turns on her cam is the best way to go.

It is still a work in progress, and as I note on the main page, I'd love to have some new contributors help finish up the site pages and keep it growing! And please, when you take a look at the wiki, do take a moment to view the list of contributors. Some of them have even made a profile page with contact information. They deserve some recognition!

In other news...

Wet Wednesday shower show is tomorrow evening (9/11). Naked countdowns, probably a group show, then the shower (hopefully after I hit some goals!)

I am planning a PoV show on cam this Friday (9/13) since we didn't get to it in August. I am thinking up ways to make the hero/happy meter board exciting, maybe even a prize to be won. Let's make it a crazy awesome night and have a blast for the big sexy show!

I'm ready for a couple hours of naked chill time with you guys tonight. Be there or be square! :)
Mon Jul 29, 2013 8:54 AM
It's rare that we go so long in between Mega Months in AmberLand. It feels like forever! It's finally time for Awesome August!

The month will kick off at midnight PDT on Aug 1. I'll be on cam at the stroke of 12am for an hour or two to have some fun, to start selling my newest videos, and possibly have a late night group. It's fun to get a super early start on the month and see if we can bust into the top 20 quick!

The rest of the month, I'll be on basically every day. I don't have any planned days off yet, but I'm sure I'll figure a way to take at least one at some point (maybe? I hope!?) I am aiming to do evening shows on Sun/Mon/Tues/Weds, afternoon shifts on Thurs/Sat, and early evening or late afternoon shifts on Fridays. Of course this schedule is tentative, but that's what I am aiming for. :mrgreen:


So what fun do we have planned?

** New Content! **

I will have FOUR new HD videos available for direct purchase.

Underwater Play Time (preview here) 200 tokens

Leg Obsession (a little dancing and a lot of sexy posing, focusing mostly on my thick legs, with a bit of fingering and boobie wiggling!) 150 tokens

Foot Obsession (yes, a vid for the foot lovers! Includes some nice ass and pussy views, but focuses on my toes and soles. Wiggling, lotion rubbing, and a dildo foot job!) 150 tokens

Doggystyle Dildo (a short doggystyle dildo masturbation clip filmed in my back yard while my neighbors were out! I had to be quiet and it felt naughty.) 150 tokens

Get all FOUR of these new vids for a single tip of 500 tokens during August only! Make sure to include a tip note, and I will MFC mail the video links to you ASAP.

** Space Hero Badges! **

Support your favorite Space Heroes and make my wall super colorful! Tip the exact amounts below (or exact multiples of) to get your name on a badge of one of AmberLand's Space Heroes.

Space Tank badges - 99 tokens (or an exact multiple: 198 tokens for 2 badges, 297 tokens for 3, etc.)
Don't let the pink badge fool you, this hero means business when it comes to destroying Cooties!

Space Sloth "Neil Armsloth" badges - 98 tokens (or an exact multiple: 196 tokens for 2 badges, 294 tokens for 3, etc.)
Neil Armsloth is one slow moving hero, so he can use all the help he can get in the Cootie fight!

Space Lance badges - 97 tokens (or an exact multiple: 194 tokens for 2 badges, 291 tokens for 3, etc.)
From boy band to zero gravity, this guy does it all! When you support Lance, you help say Bye Bye Bye to the evil Cooties!


Every hero supporter who has at least ten badges on the wall by the end of the month will get an exclusive pic set.

I will include an entry in a raffle for each hero's badge on the wall. At the end of the month, I will pull one raffle ticket out (Tank, Neil, or Lance) and anyone who has a badge for the winning team gets an exclusive HD masturbation and cum video (I play with toys and cum on my sofa!) Obviously, the more badges a hero has on the wall in his support will weigh the odds more on his favor. But you might want to be on all 3 teams. What will be your strategy?

(I am asking for exact amounts or exact multiples so that I may spend less time working out the math every day and have it automated, so I can spend more time on cam with you!)

** Certificates of Commendation! (CoC) **

Every day, the person who has been the biggest supporter (all tokens accumulated that day, including tips for any content or games, groups, offline tips and hidden tips!) by midnight will get a Certificate of Commendation (CoC) and be displayed on my door all month. This person is clearly a hero, and will be lavished with praise and adoration, and will also have a chance at an Exclusive Custom Strip Tease video* AND a fancy "coffee table" style photo book with a collection of pictures and screen caps from August! This will take a couple of weeks to put together after the month is over, but I think you'll love it, and I will include a little hand written note in it for you.


Two CoC holders ( :lol: ) will be chosen: the overall highest, and one pulled at random from a raffle. I'll put in a raffle ticket for each certificate, so if you have more than one, your chances are greater. Nevermind the fact that if you have more than one, you've been my hero for multiple days, and you know damn well I appreciate that!!!

*Winner will pick the song and the outfit for the video and be allowed reasonable requests for the strip tease.

(Raffle tickets for the person who "auto-wins" by having the highest overall will be removed from the raffle prior to pulling the other winner.)

** New Cootie Invasion! **

Just wait til you see the new Cootie Invasions! There will be different ranks of Cooties to fight off in order to obliterate the board. Also "kills" on the scoreboard will now be called "points" in order to accommodate the new Cooties. There will be 3 ranks of the little buggers, each ranking worth a different amount: 1, 4, or 7 points. There will still be a handful of extra bonus points ("bonai") available on random Cooties in the bottom rank.

You'll have to wait until midnight on August 1st to see them!

** Top Cootie Killers! **

The #1 Cootie Killer for August will receive a super cuddly soft Cootie Plushie! This one will be an all new design, you'll want to get your hands on this guy. He was lovingly made by me and wants a new home with you. I'll show you on August 1!! #1 killer will also get a hand written thank you card, Cootie stickers, and choice of any two Cootie Gear items.

The top 2 - 5 Killers can have two pieces of any Cootie Gear they'd like, including the glass/drinkware and headphones. They will also get Cootie stickers and a hand written thank you card.

The top 6 - 10 Killers can have a Cootie mousepad and Cootie Stickers and a hand written thank you card.

Reminder of the Cootie Gear available -



(I would love the "Cooter" plushie to go to a good home with someone who wants him as much as I love him. If you're unable to receive him via the mail, I would love if he still went to someone in the top 10 killers list. Let me know if and when the time comes. ;) )

** Special shows! **

As usual, I'll pull out all the special group shows, and a few special public shows, for the mega month. POV group, anal group, butt plug group, sybian group... shower shows, chocolate syrup show (see below), oil dancing public shows. Keep an eye on my Twitter feed and for updates to this post with dates and times of the shows.

** 4 Year Cammiversary! August 28th **

Maybe we'll have cake and champagne! It will be a special #WetWednesday for sure! Let's do the chocolate syrup shower that night and include some cake smashing, maybe? Whatever we do, it's a very special day for me and all the AmberLanders, so make sure you're there that evening for the party! We must celebrate. :occasion-balloons:

I know earlier this year I put a bit of emphasis on wanting to break some personal records for this mega month, and while that would obviously be super-spectacular, I really do just want to have a fun month in which we celebrate our 4 years together on MFC. So while there are goals that I'll try to attain, the focus will be on enjoying our days and evenings together on cam, and you all getting some fun prizes at the end of the month!

As you know, I appreciate every little bit that everyone does to support me on MFC and especially so during mega months. It's a group effort, I couldn't do it without all of you lovely people. I hope that the effort and work I've put into the new games and prizes shows, and that you will enjoy my company as much as I enjoy yours. I can't wait to get Awesome August started!!!
Mon Jun 24, 2013 9:29 AM
It has been a pretty violent and undead trip through the last couple of weeks of my movie-going and video gaming! 2 zombie movies, 1 apocalypse movie, and 1 zombie video game. I'll be sleeping with one eye open for a month, I swear.

World War Z
I was most definitely looking forward to this movie because I do enjoy a good zombie flick, and I adore Brad Pitt. I even broke our rule of not going to a movie during opening weekend (especially one that's rated PG-13) because I was so excited to see it.

I had started reading the book by Mel Brooks some time last year, but lost interested because of the format. Now, this is probably what most people will nitpick about the film: "How can it be based on a book that had no main protagonist and was a grouping of short stories?" Well as far as I can tell from what I know of the book, the connection was the origin of the zombie outbreak. And if I recall, all of the sections of the actual book were also based on the zombie outbreak with origins in one particular locale. If there are any other character or plot match-ups from the book, I wouldn't know. But I will say that going into this with the mindset of "if it doesn't follow the details in the book, it sucks" is the wrong one. As a standalone movie, it's wonderfully done.

There were some very fun jumps in the movie, as well as some very tense creepy moments, and a pretty darn good cohesive plot. It was exciting and kept my attention the whole time. I would recommend anyone who enjoys outbreak/zombie flicks to check this one out immediately.


This is the End
Another movie I've been DYING to see due to the extremely giant cast of current popular actors. And they all play themselves! I would venture to say that people who don't enjoy the main actors in this may not actually like the movie all that much, because it is very much based off of their real lives and careers as far as the comedy goes, and the actual plot and action is so wacky and unbelievable (on purpose). I think the action was exciting, the comedy was perfect, and the surprising little twists and cameos were super fun. I haven't laughed that much at a movie theater in years.

See this ASAP if you're a fan of silly, action-packed comedy. Also, it's rated R so you won't have to deal with the idiot teenagers kicking the back of your seat and talking the whole time.


Warm Bodies
As zombie movies go, this one is a very tame showing. It's mainly a love story between an undead dude and a living blonde chick. They deal with the trials and tribulations of the rest of the undead scorning him for his actions, and the rest of the living (in the post-apocalyptic military-ruled city) dealing with their blonde chick's reckless decision to protect her undead dude.

It was cute enough for a love story, but this really does seem to have been made for teenagers and middle-schoolers and bored Jawbs to sleep while I struggled to stay awake just to see the resolution. It's a good time killer, and has a few cute funnies in it, but overall wasn't great.


And now to add something that I've never included in a Movie Monday post before: A Playstation 3 video game! I felt it fit with the theme so I may as well throw it in here.

The Last of Us
All I can say is HOLY EFF. A very creepy, fun, addicting action game based in a long post-apocalyptic setting where there are multiple types of zombies to combat with as well as different human groups who are all after you in one way or another. This game has gotten absolutely rave reviews (as you can see in the link it got a 10/10 from IGN) and Jawbs and I could just not ignore the hype. We played it basically all weekend and are not even 50% complete yet, but can't wait to play more.

The characters are superb (including some great voice acting), the inventory system and finding loot is great, it's plenty bloody and gory for those who are into it, the loading and saving times aren't terrible, and the overall feeling of being able to scout around anywhere is wonderful. One of my favorite things in a game is the feeling of freedom to explore.

Now, I'm really jumpy and chicken when it comes to action games. While I did my share of zombie combat so far, I will admit I am very fast to hand off the controller to Jawbs as soon as it gets too intense. My poor little heart rate can't handle it! I've jumped quite a few times even just watching him fight off the masses. But that just adds to the fun now, doesn't it? :)

For anyone who likes post-apocalyptic environments and action genre games, I suggest this as a must-play.

Wed Jun 05, 2013 2:43 PM
Since it's been a whole month with no blog posts, I'll take this time to catch anyone who cares up on happenings of my life.

Well, ok, not a whole lot is new. I'm still a homebody cam girl who spends most of her time on the Internet, either browsing my forum or Reddit, or playing WoW. But I do get to have frequent board game nights with my husband and our friend (I shall make a more detailed blog on these games in the near future). We even recently went to a Dodgers game. For most people that's a common weekend, but for us to actually get out of the house for more than a meal or a quick shopping trip is pretty noteworthy.


I've been getting into a great routine of jogging and walking a couple times a week. Not only do I really love the way my legs are shaping up, but the mental clarity I have after a nice long jog out in the fresh (well as fresh as it can be in LA with the smog and the summertime fires) air with some great music in my headphones. I've never been much of a runner, but I can jog for a few minutes here and there for about an hour, and it feels great!

Jawbs and I have been busy doing a lot of behind the scenes work and preparation for August, when I will be doing a "mega month" on MFC and hoping for top 20 placement. August marks my 4 years of being a cam girl on MFC and I hope to celebrate with an extraordinary month of fun and lots of hours (and hopefully tokens, if you'll forgive me for being so frank about it) throughout the month. I am actually going to be trying my damnedest to make it a record breaking month in terms of tokens earned in my history of being on MFC. I'll be putting in more hours on cam than I have in a VERY long while in order to give it a good shot.

We'll see how that goes. Clearly it depends on more than just me. We don't have to break records for me to feel thoroughly rewarded from August, but it will be fun to try. And I am super excited to party on cam with you on August 28th, which marks my exact 4 year cammiversary. :occasion7:

Most previous "mega months" have had similar prizes and games and tip competitions. Awesome August 2013 will have a bit of a new flair to it. A change up in the way that prizes are won and how tokens are accumulated for daily high tipper. Lots of new content to be had for those who shine. New masses of Cooties that need to be killed... That sort of thing. I am really looking forward to August, and even though I may mutter frustrations or whines here and there in the current months about getting all this work done ahead of time, I am super happy with the plans and can't wait to see how it all pans out.

MFC overall seems to have shifted vibes for me in the past few months. Mostly because of me, but a little because of the environment as a whole. MFC is constantly growing by huge numbers, and we cam girls can feel it when there's a sudden influx of "noobs" who can't figure out how to be polite or simply just quiet instead of plaguing us with their stupidity. It's hard to find a balance between being entertained by them and annoyed by them. We'll continue to work on that. And also, when 2013 hit, I had made a goal of "top 100 every month this year!" and started off on the right foot in January, but other than "Mega March" haven't really pulled through since then. It has been a little discouraging, but has made me reflect on it and see where I can improve.

It's mainly my fault. I've been letting off-cam work tire me out more than it used to, and a handful of super-slow days on cam discourage me, and thus and haven't put as many hours in for ON cam time as I would like. I want to rectify that. I keep saying that August will re-light the fire under me, and I'm mostly convincing myself of that rather than those who I tell. I have faith that it'll shake things up a bit and get me pumped up again. I also tried to start a pretty ambitious and time consuming project earlier this year that I need to complete (with the help of some other fabulous people) and have put the wheels in motion to get that up and going hopefully by July.

Please don't get me wrong. I still LOVE my job on MFC. I sincerely adore and appreciate everyone who visits me daily/weekly when I am on cam and can't thank them enough for being supremely awesome. They're the ones who keep me afloat during the ups and downs. I am by no means saying anything is going to change (except for the better, as far as me getting my ass on cam more often) but just acknowledging that, as all cam girls do at some point, I've been stuck in a little down swing for a bit. It helps to actually say it out loud and accept it. Ya know? Now that I've gotten that out, it's time to step up and try to get in the up swing!

So my immediate goals for the summer months are as follows:

June - complete (or close to it) my project, be on MFC consistent and fun hours, make as close to my token goal as possible.
July - complete the content for Awesome August, make as close to my token goal as possible, enjoy a weekend trip at some point to unwind.
August - rock the mega month and have a shit-ton of fun, party like a rock star on my cammiversary, possible record breaking.

More information on Awesome August will be blogged close to the end of July. And don't forget to check back soon for a board game blog! Thanks for reading this far, if you actually made it. :thumbleft:
Mon May 06, 2013 2:26 PM
Whoa, nearly 6 months with no Movie Monday blog from me? I'm ashamed...

Silver Linings Playbook

Ok, so this could be one of my favorite movies. I enjoyed the entire film, and especially love how well Bradley Cooper played his role. We are so used to seeing him as some hunky, macho ladies man, that sometimes we wonder if his type-cast was all he was capable of. He pulled off crazy bipolar highly emotionally damaged (still sexy) man so well. And don't get me started on Jennifer Lawrence. I nearly peed myself when I saw the outfit she wore for the dance competition. I'm pretty sure I got a massive lady-boner. She's so hot, and her crazy sexy character only made me love her more. The chemistry between the two of them was phenomenal. Robert De Niro is SO perfect as the superstitious OCD dad. The scene where he and his old buddy are negotiating the bet with the parlay is absolute classic De Niro. I couldn't help but smile during that entire scene.

Overall, I loved the way they eased into the story and the way it unfolded. While I do believe certain parts of the story were incredibly predictable, it was still extremely fun to watch.

Did I mention Jennifer Lawrence was hot in this? I feel like I might have left that out.


Django Unchained

First off, holy hell, never heard the n word used so many times in one sitting in all my life. :shock:

I'll admit right now, I went into watching this expecting to absolutely HATE it. I am not a fan of anything super-violent, and really not much of a Tarantino fan at all. I agreed to watch it because of all the talk and hype about it, as well as my never-ending love for Leonardo DiCaprio. Jamie Foxx used to be one of my favorites, too, until it seemed he fell off the face of the earth. It was nice to see him again, and in such a huge role. He nailed it, if you ask me. The character of Dr. King Schultz was so completely enthralling to watch and listen to. Absolutely lovable character. Jawbs and I both agreed on this.

It was difficult to watch Leonardo as Calvin Candie. That's not to say he didn't play it very well, it was just that he did so well that it actually made me shudder.

I actually didn't even know what the story was about going into this viewing but I found it really fun and interesting. For the most part the violence wasn't too over the top for me and I could hang pretty well. I don't know why I've become so squeamish, hah. Toward what I expected to be the end of the film, I could just sense there was some mega-bloody action leering around the corner. I've seen and heard about enough Tarantino films to know that it wasn't just going to end without a huge blow out. I wasn't disappointed nor surprised.

I'm happy and surprised to say that I actually liked this movie quite a lot. Fun story, great acting and actors and some well timed comedic moments.


This Is 40

Jawbs and I actually watched this a couple months ago. We were in the mood for a comedy, and Judd Apatow movies are usually a sure-win for us. I sadly say that I was extremely disappointed in this one. I enjoyed Paul Rudd (as usual as I've really loved him ever since Clueless) and could relate to the story and characters, but it was just. so. depressing.

I'm all for a comedy to have some drama to it, but this just left me feeling sad and lifeless, even with its silver linings. Never mind the fact that it was WAY too long.

Why the fuck have movies gotten so long these days? Once upon a decade or 2 ago, they were on average like 90 minutes and a long one was 2 hours. Am I wrong? Maybe I'm remembering things incorrectly...

This sad, midlife depression story was dragged out for about 40 minutes too long, in my opinion. Hurry up and get to a happy ending before we all want to jump off a cliff, yeah?


Wreck-it Ralph

As expected: SO CUTE!

It was about 2 months ago that Jawbs and I watched this. He fell asleep ( :( ) but I enjoyed every moment of it. Anyone who loves video games, especially arcade games, will love the characters and jokes in the movie. The main characters, played by John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman were so adorable and fun. Jane Lynch's character was so well played and intriguing. I could probably watch this movie multiple times and enjoy it equally each time. That's hard to say for a lot of movies, for me, these days.


What movies have you seen recently? Any recommendations, based on how well you know my pickiness and preferences? Agree or disagree with my thoughts on any of these?


Wed Feb 27, 2013 1:30 PM
MegaMarch 2013 starts at midnight on March 1st! The goal for the month (and any mega month) is to hopefully finish in Miss MFC Top 20, or as close as we can do it, without completely killing ourselves. And yes I say "ourselves" because it's not only the extra hours and effort that I put in myself, but also the effort and support that my lovely members put in as well. WE CAN DO IT!

The themes for the month will change each week! March 1-10 are birthday themed.March 11-17 are St. Patrick's Day themed. March 18-24 are Spring/Flower themed. March 25-31 are Easter themed. (Think bunnies, eggs and chicks, not anything religious.) This should provide for a colorful month!

Below I am going to list all the fun prizes I have to offer you and a general idea of some of the shows I have planned. Dates and times will have to be specified as the month goes on.

Cootie Killers!

Top 10 Cootie Killers for the month will receive a brand new spiffy Cootie Gear item. Cootie Headphones!


They fold up into travel size, and the cord wraps conveniently inside one of the ear pieces. They're cute and useful for those times when you'd like to listen to me ramble on and on in public chat (or get a better listen to the sounds that are made in group shows.)

Top 5 Cootie Killers will ALSO receive a hand-sewn Cootie Plushie, with the #1 Cootie Killer receiving the large size, and 2-5 receiving a smaller version. These plushies will be themed for the month, so even those of you who already own one should add a MegaMarch Cootie to your collection. [s]I don't have these sewn up yet, so an image will be updated here when I have one completed.[/s] Big Bunny Cooter is complete! See pic below! (The mini Bunny Cooters will be completed later in the month.)


Last March we introduced the Scrolls of Awesomeness as a way to get on the wall and show your support, and we're doing it again! The stickers will change as the month's theme changes. Here's the breakdown of how to get prizes for your Scrolls:

*Start a Scroll for 300 tokens (name on Scroll.)
*Add a sticker for 50 tokens (each page holds 12 stickers.)
This means a complete Scroll on wall = 900 tokens.

2 complete Scrolls on wall = 3 awesome Cootie bumper stickers!
4 complete Scrolls on wall = an awesome Cootie mousepad (as well as the above listed item(s)).
6 complete Scrolls on wall = an awesome exclusive printed 8x10 photo (as well as the above listed item(s)).
8 complete Scrolls on wall = an awesome Cootie keychain with a pretty little USB flash drive that will include an exclusive sexy video clip of me masturbating and a few exclusive random pics of me (as well as the above listed item(s)).
More than 8 complete Scrolls on the wall = you're an absolute awesome superstar and your contribution and support for MegaMarch is very appreciated!

So yes, the quick math on obtaining the ultimate awesome package is 7200 tokens. But the glory of the Scrolls of Awesomeness is that you can work on it throughout the entire month. Add a sticker or grab a new page whenever it's convenient for you, and the pages will be added up at the end of the month, then the prizes mailed out in April.

(At the end of each day, I will sort through all the tokens, and count any tip of 50 or more toward your Scrolls after the initial 300. Scrolls will be posted on the wall the following day.)

Here's what the Scrolls look like (I used each of the themed stickers as an example, but obviously the amount of each type of sticker varies depending on how long a Scroll takes to be completed.)


And here is a pic of the mousepad and bumper stickers:


I don't have an image yet of the keychain as I don't have them in-hand yet, but will update as soon as they arrive. Sorry! And the 8x10 as well as the pics and vid clip on the flash drive will be secret surprises for when you receive them, of course. ;)

Edit: here are a couple pics of me showing off the keychain and flash drive on cam when they arrived!


Mega Board!

The highest single tip of each day (by midnight) will claim their spot on the Mega Board! Offline tips count too. 2 names on this Mega Board will win an exclusive picture set, a subscription to any new solo pic sets that I put up for sale, as well as a Kodak Digital Picture frame! Members who have one of my Kodak frames receive (randomly) exclusive pictures directly to your frame via a special email that you set up.

The highest overall tip will automatically be a winner, and one additional name on the board will be pulled from a raffle (the amount of tix entered for you = the amount of times you're on the board!) to be the other winner. The auto-winner will not be entered into the raffle since they auto-win. :) Also, please remember that all tips contributed during Mega March are SUPER appreciated and go toward the ultimate goal of making it a fabulous month. If you contribute a sizable tip in hopes to get on the board, and are out-tipped by someone, please don't take it personally. It's all in good-natured fun and competition! And hey, chances are you're going to get some other awesome prizes via the Cootie Killers board and/or the Scrolls of Awesomeness. It's all win/win!

Here's the super colorful and themed Mega Board!


Some other details for the month:

*A few awesome members have already changed their MFC username to show some extra support for me during Mega March. If you would like to do this as well, feel free to add "ACs" to the beginning of your name when you come visit my room! It's so sweet to see so many people with this on their name in my room. Feels uber special. :)

*The midnight launch on 3/1 will include a group show so we can finally have some sexytimes and cum together (it has been 13 days since we had a group!)

*I am not planning to stay on until midnight on the 31st during this mega month. I usually do, and I am usually exhausted for the days after. I would prefer not to completely burn myself out during the last few days like I normally do, so I am reallysuperduperhoping we have a secure enough spot in the top 20 by the evening of March 31 in order to achieve this. I also have a special group show planned for that evening, and it's one that usually wipes me out due to exertion and pure cum-blliss. ;)

*I will be on cam during each weekend, including Caturdays every Saturday.

*There is new content coming in the form of sexy picture sets! Even a new public set to be posted tomorrow (2/28) to give you a little taste.

*Special group shows and public shows that I have planned: Chocolate Syrup Shower, Green St. Paddy's Day Shower, Anal group, PoV group, Panty stuff and cum group (with panties to be raffled off, details on dates to come soon) Birthday Dress up and chill time (3/10 is the bday, feel free to spoil your birthday princess!), Sybian group (on 3/31 in the evening) and anything else fun I can think of!

tl;dr version:
Top 5/10 Cootie Killers get prizes. (top10 = headphones, top5 = cootie plushy.)

Scrolls of Awesome on wall get you prizes. (2= bumper stickers, 4 = mousepad, 6 = 8x10 photo, 8 = exclusive video/pics on flash drive and keychain)

Mega Board is highest single tip each day by midnight (online or offline), 2 winners get prizes. Highest single overall tip, and one other raffled (Exclusive pic set, subscription to current and future solo pic sets, Kodak frame with auto-updates of exclusive pics)

There will be lots of fun shows and I plan to be on every single day of March.

I thank you for reading through this! Even if you tl;dr'd it, that's ok. :P I can't wait to spend lots of extra time with you during MegaMarch 2013! Thank you in advance for coming by to show your support, whether it be in the form of sweet digital hugs and smooches or in the form of tokens to get some awesome prizes!

Oh, and yes... the words MEGA and AWESOME are most definitely the theme words of the month. Use them liberally!
Tue Feb 26, 2013 8:28 PM
... because I am so excited about the things to come next month and all of my new content. I will update you all with the info tomorrow early afternoon. I will also be posting an awesome new public pic set on Thursday.

Mega March is approaching!

Mon Feb 11, 2013 3:31 PM
So my last post was obviously already Valentines Day related but now that the actual week of Vday is here, I'm going to give you all an update on a couple things.

1. I've got a new picture set available as of today! It's the BIGGEST pic set I've sold thus far (36 images), it's got some wonderful quality photos in it since we acquired a fabulous new camera last month, and it's got a great assortment of poses and imagery. Since it's the biggest and such great quality, this will be 150 tokens if purchased on its own.

2. I've got 10 Valentine Hearts to put on my wall this week. The first 10 people to send a tip of 333 tokens will be one of my Valentine Hearts and on my wall for the rest of February, as well as get my new Vday pic set.

3. I will be on cam for Valentines Day in the evening for a few hours to have romantical times with my Valentines, having some pink wine or champagne and possibly strawberries in a seductive little outfit.

4. I will be posting some "behind the scenes" sort of pictures from the previously noted pic set in my VIP section in the next couple of days.

Now, beyond Valentines stuff....

I don't usually make New Years resolutions. But, this year I resolved to make MORE CONTENT in 2013. Many of you have already seen a new HD Shower video, a new softcore picture set, as well as 2 fetish items (pee fetish HD video and a pic set) just within the last month. I would love to keep up the pace with that and continue to bring you handfuls of new content over the rest of this year! I am planning on taking quite a few more pictures as well as another video or two this coming weekend/early next week. I do apologize that this will take me away from cam time toward the beginning of next week, for the most part.

Due to the constant shift of amount of content I have available, I'll be continuing to re-vamp my VIDEO and PICTURE SET pages. If you check out the picture sets now, you'll notice the SuperSet of pics has been retired and a new "The Collection" has taken its place. This set will contain only solo images, and any fetish or girl/girl images will always be sold separately from it.

I have also updated my VIP INFO post to reflect 3 levels of VIPness (VIP/SuperVIP/EpicVIP). Please go take a look at it if you're not already a VIP and see what may be in store for you!