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Wed May 13, 2015 12:53 PM
Last night's cam session was one of those super interesting, overstimulating ones. Where you go through such a range of feelings and highs and lows that the next day, you just want to talk about it to help it sink in and sort out thoughts.

I actually hit my awesome daily token goal last night. That was the first instance of that happening outside of a MegaMonth/AAA Month for over a year.

I don't know if that last statement will really mean much to you, but I have a feeling at least a handful of cam girls can relate to it. For those girls who have been at this camming gig for at least a few years, it's really likely they've gone through periods of time where meeting daily goals just doesn't feel as carefree and natural as it once did. It can really do a number on your psyche! Lately for me it's been an adjustment, as I used to be able to hit goals like that pretty frequently and now it's so rare. But my plan has been to stay upbeat, keep chugging along, trying a couple of different time slots here and there, keep making new monthly content and posting sales or games a couple times a week. And I have really been enjoying my time on cam, the chats with my regulars, and some of the fun shows and silly moments we encounter, even if I haven't been making the same goals I was once used to. But last night, a combination of silly girly hormones, a couple of trollish weirdos, and an incredibly slow first hour led to me opening up to my viewers and letting them know how frustrating it can be to feel so out of control of my own success.

You would think that viewers would respond negatively to that sort of honesty from a cam girl. We are supposed to be these beacons of light and happiness that they visit to escape their own frustrating realities. To some people, cam girls are not allowed to complain or verbalize that they desire compensation for their time and effort (and thus are labeled "spoiled" or "entitled" when they do.) But people seemed to be very receptive and understanding to what I was saying, and there was an outpouring of support that really made me feel heard, appreciated, and welcomed. It was beautiful. The way people reached out to me really reminded me how wonderful this job is, and how incredibly lucky I am to be where I am. Gave me a big morale boost and inspired me to keep up this chugging-along happy-go-lucky ambition indefinitely.

Being a cam girl is magnificent.

My hope is that I can continue down this path for many years to come, and enjoy the highs while letting the inevitable lows roll off like beads of water. I just need my friends to stick by me and keep sharing the smiles like we have for all of these years. And I feel good about that. :)
Tue Apr 07, 2015 9:20 AM
When we moved from CA to WA, I did get a new piece of furniture for the new cam room, but overall I kept the same layout as I had at the old house. It totally fit with my usual routine and it made the adjustment to the new house feel less overwhelming to just do things as I always had.

But it started to feel really stale and cluttered. Being in that room made me feel a bit anxious and cramped. And sitting on the floor during every shift was really starting to give me some aches and pains. It wasn't until I did a kitchen/cooking cam show in the middle of March that it really dawned on me that if I had a more comfortable arrangement in my cam room, that I'd feel better during and about my cam shifts.

I needed a chair and a proper table. This meant I had to change the whole layout of my cam room, as it was set up with two 32" TVs as monitors for my desktop computer, and clearly I can't sit with my face just inches away from them. But I've been spoiled with that incredible setup since 2009... it was a scary thought moving to a laptop! It needed to be done, nonetheless. I needed to make the switch.

So the daybed has been moved into another room. The TVs are going in storage. The picnic style table is out. The closet has been organized so that I don't have random stuff laying everywhere.

The focal point of the back wall is now my fun high heel chair, flanked by 2 stylish shelf lamps. A smaller table is now the home for my 15.6" laptop, and I have a comfy armchair that's been rigged up with some wheels. The room feels so much more open, airy and clean, and there is SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES! Being able to move my laptop and cam around anywhere is going to open up a lot more possibilities for sexy times and fun shows. Oh, and every light bulb has been replaced with an LED bulb, so it should be much cooler and energy efficient! :)

I'm happy. I sort of feel like I've reinvented myself as a cam girl. It's refreshing.

Before the change... what a mess!



Oh my, it looks so big when it's empty!



Rigging up my Ikea chair with wheels took some brain power and effort as well as multiple trips to the hardware store for failed attempts.


But after a full weekend of shopping, building, cleaning, moving and organizing, the result is phenomenal.





Onward and upward! Let's make some great memories in this updated fun space. :)
Mon Jan 12, 2015 12:38 PM
It's both a relief and a disappointment that 2014 is over.

Last year was a roller coaster of emotion and activity for me and my lil' family. I spent my entire life living in Southern California. To suddenly be living in Washington state is a total mindfuck. But all the work, stress, anxiety and excitement that went into this huge move was well worth it. I love it here. I've got trees, fresher air, seasons (I had snow!!), and some space to feel more relaxed without cinderblock walls an arm's reach outside of my home. It was a long and busy year that changed my life.

The whirlwind emotions of the physical move have worn off and I can start just "being" here now. Can fall into a positive routine. This routine includes camming, of course. By the end of the coming Summer, I will have been on MFC for 6 years. I want to do my utmost to maintain the fun and upbeat atmosphere in my cam room that I've had all this time. I think statistics would show that the majority of cam girls don't make it to year 6 due to an assortment of reasons. I'm proud that I'm still going and still enjoy it as much as I do!

Being that last year my life was so incredibly focused on the move and all that it entails, I didn't have the attention to focus on having the most successful year on MFC. So I want to make up for that a bit in 2015 now that we are settled. I'll be trying my best to stick through the slower days and to a more consistent schedule to ensure I have a fun time with my MFC friends! More on my schedule plans in a moment!

I announced during August that we would be doing away with "Mega Months". They were getting pretty exhausting since the highest ranks have gotten phenomenally harder to achieve over the last 2 years. The term "Mega Month" originated as a way for me to note a run for Miss MFC Top 20. Unless the Earth shifts on its axis and aligns the Universe in a miraculous way, I don't envision that's something Amberland will strive for again.

I'll admit, though, that I miss the excitement and the drive toward the goal a little.

Here's my plan: in most months I aim to be on 4 days during the week, for about 3 hours each day. Then, every few months I will push a bit harder to hit higher goals and a notable rank, working 6 days a week for about 4-5 hours each day. We need a new name for these slightly intense but not overkill months! Name ideas/suggestions are welcomed! These new months may be named differently, but the goal is still to get the best rank possible (no longer top 20, just the best we can do without us all going nuts!) and now to do so while maintaining a more sustainable schedule for myself. Of course there will be special goodies for those who help Amberland thrive during these months!

We're about 2 weeks into the first month of this new year now. It's been a sort of weird start, but I'm optimistic about my plans for the year. I'm going to take a much needed 7 day "staycation" for myself next week to completely refresh myself in preparation for the rest of 2015. I haven't taken more than a couple days off just for me in my whole MFC career. Previously I have only taken time off for family visits, illness or moving. It's going to feel strange! I'm going to do some personal crafty projects and clear my head. I will probably check in on Twitter/ACF a couple times and send video links/replies for any offline tips, but for the most part will be unplugging. Jawbs will keep an eye on ACF for me, moderation-wise. January 21st through 27th is when I'll be "away".

I just felt like I wanted to put all of these plans and thoughts and feelings out there to start off fresh for this year. If you actually read through all of this, thanks for your time and attention! There are so many wonderful people that I've met and continue to enjoy throughout my years on MFC. You guys and gals enrich my life. Thank you for everything, and here's to a wonderful new year!
Tue Sep 30, 2014 4:47 PM
Jawbs and I spent the majority of last weekend doing a DIY woodworking project, and it was actually a blast!

Since our house sits up a few feet from the actual ground, any dog doors to the outside were over 20 inches off the floor. We are doing a double-dog-door setup where they go out our laundry room into the garage, then out another doggie door to the backyard to a specially fenced-in dog run area.

We had to build a ramp outside of the laundry room doggie door to get the pups to floor level safely! Here's the final result, which I LOVE!




Accidental action shot!


It's 2 separate pieces so the ramp can be taken off and the whole thing moved easily. So far Tank has it absolutely MASTERED but Sugar is having some trouble figuring out that "go outside" now means going out the doggie doors to get to the dog run instead of out our living room/back door to the yard. :) We'll get there. Luckily I have a lot of yummy treats. I give her 4 days before she grasps the concept!

So this is why I was pretty AFK the whole weekend and went on a bit of an Internet silence. On Sunday we had to finish the project and had to record/watch the Miami Dolphins game on a 6 hour delay. When we watch a game on delay we completely avoid any phone/Internet contact so there are no spoilers. :)

It was nice to escape the web for a day anyway. We all need to unplug sometimes, hmm?
Mon Sep 08, 2014 2:26 PM
It felt nice to finally have a full weekend off after working the last 5 straight (mostly, I think I took one Sunday off during August weekends). We ran errands and did not too exciting stuff Saturday, but then got to relax with some TV and homemade tacos that night. Then Sunday kicked off Miami Dolphins NFL season and they actually BEAT THE PATRIOTS!! Holy moly, what a delightful shock!

Jawbs and I made awesome nachos with gooey cheese, jalapeņos, onions and ground turkey. Kicked back a couple of Diet Cokes and enjoyed the morning game. Then we headed into our trees and took some somewhat naughty yet mostly clothed pics for my August Bake Sale participants, the raffle frame winners, and a short HD vid clip of me being naughty out there for my top 10 Cootie Killers! I hope to have that all ready by week's end.

Then we played some pool upstairs, played with the puppies, had taco salad for dinner. It was just nice to not have any commitments for the whole weekend, even though I did technically do some work on Sunday afternoon.

We have family coming into town later this week and quite a bit to accomplish by then, but it doesn't seem too daunting. It's the first time in a while I haven't felt overwhelmed with stuff. Whee!

So what did you do this weekend?
Thu Jul 31, 2014 5:42 PM
It's that time again for Awesome August! Lots of AmberLand hours, new content, games and competitions to win goodies, and some fun times are ahead of us! This mega month is even more special than most because it represents 5 full years since I officially became a cam girl.

As per usual mega months, I will be aiming for the best Miss MFC rank possible! Every single token helps the end-goal, and I appreciate everyone pushing for a spectacular month with whatever they're able to contribute. For those who go above and beyond, I look forward to thanking you with endless extra appreciation and goodies!

It will be nice to finally be back to full time after all the craziness of the past 2 months! I am hoping to have enough stamina (and in-room entertainment and motivation) to be on between 4-5 hours each day (approx 4pm-9pm or 5-10pm), Monday through Friday evenings. I may pop on for a weekday morning shift now and again, too! Saturdays may be closer to 3 hours and either afternoon or night shifts. Sundays might be a day I take off, maybe every other Sunday. We'll have to see how things are going! If we are maintaining a super-kick-ass rank in Miss MFC, that really motivates me to just keep on trucking and not take more than a day off all month.

August 1st I plan to be on a long time and start the month off with a BANG!! Let's aim for 1pm to 9pm Pacific, with a snack break or 2. :)

August 28th is the exact 5 year anniversary of my first MFC broadcast! I want to have a 6-8 hour shift that day. It's a very special day for me so please try your best to be there to celebrate with me! I'll bring the beverages if you bring the cake. :occasion6::occasion9::occasion7::occasion1:

August 31st I may very well do a long shift from around 5/6pm til midnight, depending on how the month has gone. If we are run ragged and need some rest, we'll have a normal evening shift. If we are pumped up and running high in the Miss MFC ranks, we'll go for the gold, baby! We'll see how it plays out!

Special shows/events:
As has been mentioned a few times, I considered calling this mega month "All Anal Awesome August Extravaganza!" but it's a bit of a mouthful and might be too misleading. :mrgreen: I am planning to do a special show, once each week, involving some sort of Anal play. Fingering, butt plugs, DP... you'll just have to keep up with me to see what may be coming up that week.

Possible events throughout the month - panty wetting and raffle for the panties, cookie bake show (high tippers winning cookies), bubble bath show, shower shows, milky cream shower show, naughty horny dress day, mirror riding, AmPole (with or without anal...) and whatever else we think of!

New Content:
444 tokens for the bundle, or individually priced as shown! Bundle deal is only good for this month.


Hand Decorated Frames Raffle:
I started learning how to decoupage! Here are the first 2 items I made - hand decorated Washington themed picture frames. They also have a space on the back where I'll include a personalized note, and of course I'll put an exclusive printed photo in each. The raffle will run from August 1st through August 10th and 2 winners will be pulled on the 11th. Tickets are 35 tokens each.

Top Cootie Killers of the Month:
#1 wins the exclusive title of "Top Cootie Killer" for the month. :)
#1 - #3 get a collector's edition Seattle themed Cootie plush!*
#1 - #10 get a short HD naughty video clip. :)

Here are the super-adorable Cootie Plushes I made for the winners!


*If you are unable to received mailed prizes, or would rather opt out, you may gift your collector's edition Cootie Plush to another worthy AmberLander. Please make sure they're willing and able to accept mailed prizes.

Space Hero Bake Sale!:
Support your favorite AmberLand Space Hero by buying and feeding them a cupcake for the 5 year celebration month!

Tip 96 tokens (exactly or exact multiple of*) to feed Space Tank a cupcake!
Tip 97 tokens (exactly or exact multiple of*) to feed Space Lance a cupcake!
Tip 98 tokens (exactly or exact multiple of*) to feed Space AmBear a cupcake! (A new Space Hero appears!)
Tip 99 tokens (exactly or exact multiple of*) to feed Space Sloth a cupcake!

Each cupcake on their section of the wall will count as a raffle ticket for that hero's team. One team will be pulled as the Mega Space Fatty, and everyone on that team wins an HD desktop wallpaper photo! A second team will be pulled as the Minor Space Fatty, and 10 people on that team will be pulled from a raffle (tickets based on how many cupcakes they bought) to win an exclusive pic set! Your chances of a prize are highest by being on every team. :)

*Example - a tip of 490 tokens is 5 x 98 = 5 Tank Cupcakes. It's helpful if you add a tip note indicating your multi-cupcake intentions, but I will have an automatic cupcake tracker in my stats so I can update the wall daily as well as keep track of who is on which team(s).

Let's fill this wall up with cupcakes!!


Amber's August Angels:
There are 2 ways to be an ultimate daily hero for Awesome August!
The person who has the day's highest accumulated tokens (ALL TOKENS (tips, offline tips, raffle tips, countdown tips)) each day, as well as the person who has the day's highest single tip (a grand tip, all in one shot) will be that day's Angels. You'll get your name on my wall of Angels as well as a raffle ticket to win semi-custom strip and cum video* in September!

*Options available for a custom video include choosing the outfit, the song(s), and what toys I use to play with myself and cum for you. I'll make the video and get it to you some time in September so long as you let me know ASAP what the content should be!

I will adore all my Angels!

You may notice the prizes for Cootie Killers and raffle have a Seattle/Washington theme. Since I just made this huge move, I thought it would be fun to incorporate it into the month! I hope that you'll stop by sometime (or lots of times!) during Awesome August to celebrate my 5 years of MFC as well as my move with me! Let's make this a month to remember, we have a lot of missed time to catch up on!

See ya there! is the easiest way there! xoxo
Mon Jul 14, 2014 4:54 PM
I was a sneaky girl for about the first 6 months of this year. :) I bought a house in Washington state and over the first half of the year, got it fixed up and ready to move into for the summer. We had some things tying us down in Los Angeles for a bit, but finally made the very long drive up here on June 20/21st and have been a resident of Washington since then!

So many feels.

Here are some common questions and answers I've gotten since I dropped the big news on June 23rd during my first (very dimly lit in an empty room) cam session at the new house:

Why would you want to move out of Los Angeles? Are you crazy? Why Washington, of all places? IT RAINS SO MUCH!
I've been a SoCal girl since I was born. I've been there, done that. I loved it for the most part, but I needed a change. The crowds, the traffic, the constantly hot weather even during the holidays when I craved some cold, the very small property we lived on that was surrounded by concrete walls and stinky neighbors (and the fact that a larger more private property would cost close to $1M made moving within the area an unlikely option)... I wanted out of that. I'm not crazy, I need some fresh air!

We chose Washington because it's BEAUTIFUL up here! We came to visit and fell in love with the greenery. There is a nice mix of neighborhoods that are close to the city (for entertainment, social adventures, and conveniences) but far enough removed to have some land and some quiet and wildlife. We have a yard that isn't surrounded by walls, instead it's a wall of beautiful trees and plants and birds. Our dogs are happy little campers! They can roll in the grass and chase birds and run! Also, Washington has the benefit of 1. being free of state income taxes and 2. being on the West coast, which I preferred to stay on. The cost of property here is also wonderful. This house is much larger than our home in LA, with a lot of amenities I was craving, and very comparable in cost.

And I love the rain. And the rain makes things lushly green. I love the greenery. Did I mention that?

What part of Washington, bb?

I'm in the Seattle area, not directly in the city, I'm in the trees. I couldn't have asked for a better location.

What happened to your house in LA?

Some friends of our family were looking to move into our area and our house was ideal for them. We are privately renting it out to them indefinitely. I'm very happy to keep the property "in the family" as it was my first home purchase and has a lot of sentimental meaning.

Why did you keep your move a secret for so long?

It made it even more exciting! Jawbs and I thought it would be a really nice thing for us to keep it as a private matter, just between us and a few friends and our family, until it was complete. My members knew I was up to something since I was rather absent for quite a few days/weeks during the busiest parts of the move and renovation, but it was nice to keep the grueling details to ourselves. Also, I've always been pretty secretive about stuff when it comes to my personal identity, and didn't want to give out any details that would compromise how safe I've been on that front.

I had butterflies in my stomach the weekend that we arrived here, knowing I only had a day or two left until I revealed my big secret, and it was SO FUN sharing it with everyone my first time on cam.

How are you settling in?

Well, we have been here about 3.5 weeks and still have boxes left to unpack, but that's mainly because we are waiting on some furniture deliveries so we have somewhere to unpack the items to! And also because holy moly it's been a lot of work getting things settled around here. The first 7 days, we had Jawbs' father staying with us to help get some things in working order. He helped me a LOT with some outside stuff and lit a fire under our asses to get some major projects done (a ton of landscaping and hauling of junk from around the property, helped us plan our fence which is hopefully installed in the next 2 weeks, helped us pick out our riding lawn mower (I call it my Tractor, it's awesome)). I'm so thankful for the help he gave us, and it was nice having someone share the initial excitement of "being home" with us.

I'm having some trouble adjusting to all the bugs, though! I am sweet as candy to the mosquitos and other insects that land on me. I'll adjust. :)

So there's that! If you have any other questions or comments, reply to this and let's enjoy discussing "Amber's Big Move!" I'm beyond thrilled and happy and (aside from some stupid allergies ailing me right now) loving life. I can see us living here for a very long time. There's a lot more space to breathe!

Here are some of the pics I've tweeted around the new house so far. I have a ton of plants and berry bushes that need a lot of my attention and will post more pics once I figure out just how I'm going to become a yard-work-lovin' girl. :) Feel free to suggest ideas for names of my 2 goldfish that are in my bird bath pond thingy. :)

Sun Jun 01, 2014 10:46 AM
While we ended up calling it "mildly" mega toward the end, I still feel pretty mega about how the month went! I'm sorry I ended up working a bit lower hours than planned. It has been a busy couple months for the Cutie household and I did have to spend some extra time doing some IRL stuffs. THANK YOU everyone who came to show support. We had some very very fun and exciting days during May, and they reminded me of why I love being part of MFC so much. There are so many kind, fun, silly, sweet people in AmberLand and I am so grateful for all of you.

Here are the Wallflower displays you helped me build! My walls are so pretty, I'm sad they have to come down. This was by FAR my favorite wall sign game we've ever done for a mega month. Your big bold names and colorful flowery patterns everywhere made me feel exuberant when I entered this room.





My Larry had the most Wallflowers with a total of 18! Here are MegaMay's Wallflower collectors (got more than 1):
Larry - 18
Cef - 14
Froggie - 13
Padawan - 13
Bman - 11
Johnny - 10
FogyFogs - 10
Galactic - 10
Zen - 8
gavmania - 7
Duoshi - 6
Stormy - 5
ronpaulFTW - 5
Fingahs - 5
Jimbalaya - 5
Flike - 4
Morph - 4

And of course here are my heroic MayFlowers who helped make every day as epic as possible! We will be pulling one name from this board in a raffle on Monday (June 2) evening. Can't wait to see who my June Bug will be!


The winners of the Magic Numbers game will be getting their awesome electronics prizes and their A.M.B.E.R. chests in the next week or so. I plan to get them mailed out early this coming week. Congrats to Audio, Morph, Froggie, and Graber!


My top 10 Cootie Killers will be getting a special HD video in the next couple days. So everyone on this list, check your MFC mail for it soon! And to my darling Padawan, holy moly! 3 months in a row being my top Killer! YOU'RE STELLAR, BB! :mrgreen:


I'll be uploading caps from some of the uber-fun days to the VIP section over the next week. So keep your eyes open for updates there!

June is going to be wildly busy for me IRL, so I will do my best to make sure and visit AmberLand as much as possible, but my cam time hours will be spotty. I hope to be back in a consistent groove in July, and then rock our socks off for my 5 year cammiversary month during Awesome August! I'm planning a lot of special anal shows and hope to have some grand new content and games for you! Make sure you're ready, it's going to be super!

Thank you again EVERYONE for all the fun times for Mega May 2014!
Wed Apr 30, 2014 11:10 AM
By now you've probably heard me use the term "mega month" quite frequently. Normally this refers to months that I try for a high Miss MFC rank and work a lot more hours than usual, as well as have prizes and games for members throughout the month. But can any of you remember when it all started?

Mega May 2010.

It has been 4 years since the first official mega month. One of the fun things we did in the original Mega May was my weekly auction for great electronics prizes! See below for this year's updated version of that, as well as all the plans I have for Mega May 2014. You may notice a flowers and chest theme...

New Content:
**Remember, these items are not available until 12am PST on May 1! Make sure to wait til I log on to grab them!**
3 new HD videos!
During Mega May only, get all 3 in a package for 444 tokens. (Or individually priced as below)

My First Blowjob Video (HD) - 250 tokens - A bit of dirty talk and eye contact while I have my mouth all over a realistic dildo.(05:56)
Beautiful Agony Cum (HD) - 150 tokens - Focuses only on my face and sounds as I cum. Simple, sexy and sweet. (04:51)
Boobies Obsession 2 (HD) - 150 tokens - Fun wet, soapy and sparkly paint play with my fabulous boobies. (08:11)

Magic Numbers and A.M.B.E.R. chests

5 Magic Numbers will be in the range from 500 tokens to 1500 tokens. I will have a tab running on the Cootie board that will keep track of every tip that comes in (offline tips count too!), and will alert us if someone tips one of the 5 Magic Numbers. It will also show when a tip was was "hot", meaning that it's close (within 25 numbers above or below) to one of the Magic Numbers! When someone tips a Magic Number, they will get to choose one of the mystery A.M.B.E.R. chests to open and reveal one of these prizes:

* [s]13" 128GB MacBook Air[/s] - Won by Audio!
* [s]Playstation 4 Console[/s] - Won by Graber!
* [s]Xbox One Console - Titanfall Bundle[/s] - Won by Froggie!
* [s]Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" 16GB Tablet[/s] - Won by xXxMorphxXx!
* Amazon Fire TV with game controller

If you win a prize that you already own or absolutely don't want, I'll allow one switcheroo, but there's no going back once you choose a new box. All prizes will be mailed out after Mega May is over. You may gift prizes to another member if you like.

Winners will also get the hand painted A.M.B.E.R. chest that held their prize. I had fun painting these and think they came out great!



My May Flowers

Each day, the highest single tipper and the highest cumulative tipper will be a May Flower.



When Mega May is over, each May Flower will be entered into a raffle drawing to be my June Bug! My June Bug will be honored throughout June, and will get personalized gifts sent to them, including this exclusive Amber Art: Swirly Paint Boobies Canvases! I put paint on my boobies and imprinted them on these special canvases for you!


Wall Flowers

Help me decorate my wall with flowers and your name! 222 tokens will reserve your page for the day (yes, limit 1 per day!) and add a named flower page to the wall. If you get 3 Wall Flower pages, I'll send you a special pic set in June. If you get 5 or more Wall Flower pages, I'll also send you a special video in June. This will be my first 1080p HD video!

Can't wait to see my walls all prettied up with your Wall Flowers! It's going to look like a patchwork quilt. Ooohhh!


Top 10 Cootie Killers

Be one of the top 10 Cootie Kilers for Mega May and I'll send you a special HD video in June!

Special and fun shows

Throughout the month I will update everyone with a day or few warning when a special show should be coming up. Here are some ideas I have that I'd love to share with you: Chocolate Sauce Shower Show, Mirror Ride, Cookie/Brownie Bake and raffle, Costume day, and... my first live fucking of the Ampole!

I'm looking forward to this month so much! Both to have loads of fun with all the AmberLanders and new visitors, as well as celebrate the 4 year anniversary of the original mega month that started it all. Please join me and participate in whatever way you can!
Sun Apr 06, 2014 9:48 AM
I hadn't been to a play or a musical since my short time in community college many moons ago. Last week, our friend mentioned he wanted to see The Book of Mormon. Normally, I'd hesitate, because live theatre isn't really my thing, and musicals are a bit hard to swallow for me. But seeing as how I'm a big fan of the work that Matt Stone and Trey Parker do, I didn't think twice. Of course I wanted to see this!

We arrived in the area of the Pantages Theatre a few hours early so we could enjoy some local food and a beer or three. I highly recommend the Blue Palms Brewhouse just up the street. They have 24 craft beers on tap, serve them in nice glasses (my 2, both Farmhouse Ale/Saison, arrived in adorable tulip glasses) and have them displayed on a huge projector screen with their name, description, price and alcohol %. It's a tiny little bar/restaurant, so if you visit during peak meal time, you may wait a while for a table, but it's worth it. Their burgers, sandwiches and cheesy spinach dip were SO GOOD.

We finished our last drink and took a walk around the block to settle our meals in our tummies, then headed to the theatre. The Pantages Theatre is pretty fancypants. It was fun to be surrounded by that decor. We grabbed ourselves one last beverage and lingered in the lobby until the show was about to start. We had decent seats and could see pretty well.

The entire show was wonderful. There's something about a live performance that gives me goosebumps. These actors had such great energy, amazing voices, and the way they played their humorous roles was fantastic. 2.5 hours of a show went by in a flash. If you're able to make it to this performance, do it. The Book of Mormon is hilariously entertaining.

Here's some pics from the night, as well as a shot of the Tshirt I felt compelled to buy at intermission. :)

Wed Mar 05, 2014 12:34 PM
As some of you may already know from being part of my history-making night on MFC yesterday, there has been an exciting change!

I've been an MFC cam girl for 4.5 years now. Ever since the beginning, I avoided doing any penetration or cum shows in public chat. Originally it was because it was "against the rules" and I wanted to stick by the policies listed on the site. Over time, it became apparent that not many girls actually stuck to those rules and it became increasingly popular to to countdowns in public chat for naughty shows. I still stuck to my plan and just made them "my rules" that I never penetrated or did a cum show in public chat. I would tease a bit in public chat, then ask to be whisked away to group show for the truly naughty stuff.

Over the last few months, I experimented a little by doing "discreet cum shows" in public. Well, only 2 of them. Both times it was a great rush and intoxicatingly exhilarating for me. I had also begun saving my group shows for the very end of my camming shift, because disappearing into a group show for even 10-15 minutes would completely kill the fun and happy mojo in my public chat room, and upon returning from group, it was really difficult to get back into a good groove. So groups became a bit limiting for me in multiple ways. Limiting when I could play and be naughty. Limiting the amount of extra exhilaration I could get from having a very large audience watching me enjoy myself. And also limiting my enjoyment by being on a timer. Knowing that the people watching had a limited amount of time (read: tokens) to enjoy my show, which sometimes led me to rush myself or pay too much attention to how many people were coming in or leaving.

Group shows lost their lustre for me a bit, and at the same time I was enjoying those moments where I pushed my limits in public chat. Which brought me to the decision: Public playing and cum shows are now a part of AmberLand.

Last night was one of the best times I've had on cam in a long while! Once I got over the nervousness of the surprise (I didn't tell anyone until I logged on) there were a lot of very excited members who helped contribute to the countdown and continued to show their support during the show! It was amazing. It almost felt like my first day again.

I'm feeling renewed and have a new sense of excitement for cam time now. I know there will still be ups and downs and days where we are still adjusting to the changes, but overall this is a very positive thing for me. I'm looking forward to all the freedom and fun this will allow for me and the members who enjoy my room on MFC.

Here's to turning over a new leaf!

Mon Mar 03, 2014 12:09 PM
The last 2 days have been a wonderful recovery after yet another awesome mega month on MFC.

Since it was a rainy and somewhat chilly day on Saturday, we (Jawbs and I) spent the entire day at the house relaxing and playing games. We tried relentlessly to beat each other's scores on Fieldrunners 2, and also played about 5 rounds of Carcassonne between Saturday evening and Sunday morning. I am completely addicted to both of these games. Sunday we ventured out into the light rain and did a little shopping, then had a wonderful lunch and a glass of wine. This Malbec is hands down my favorite red wine right now.

And today I am catching up on all the prizes and updates to be done from fAMBruary! Make sure to check your MFC mail for goodies if you were a top 10 Cootie Killer!


I'll also be pulling the winner of the Cupid/Heartthrob raffle on cam tomorrow night. They look so pretty on the wall, don't they?


I am so grateful to everyone who shared in the month with me. Mega months are always a wonderful celebration of funny moments, breathtaking generosity, and a lot of time spent together. It still blows my mind how lucky I am to know you and share these times with you. The month in total may have had it's ups and downs, but overall it was a major success, and I have all the AmberLanders to thank for that! :text-thankyoublue: I sincerely appreciate everything you've done.

Now we move on to March. I can't believe I am turning 30 on March 10th! :occasion6: The cam-time party will be on the evening of the 10th, but I'm going to spend the entire month celebrating and being the best birthday princess I can be. :occasion2: As an extra 'Thank You' to people who try to make an impact on March, I will make a special pic set for the top 10 Cootie Killers for this month! I know that's usually reserved for Mega Months, but March is special too!

I'll be back to a regular cam schedule starting tomorrow. Join me to help me kick off the month and have some sexy good times! See ya there.
Thu Jan 30, 2014 3:41 PM
This year I am trying something brand new! I've never done a mega month in February before, so coming up with the name took some thinking, but now it just rolls off my tongue! fAMBruary is nearly upon us!

As per usual mega months, I will be aiming for the best Miss MFC rank possible (let's see what we can do), spending much more time on cam than other months, and throwing in some wild and super sexy shows along the way. There are always extra prizes and events to partake in, so I hope you'll all join me and help make fAMBruary a mega-fun mega month for AmberLand! Below you'll find some info about upcoming stuffs...

I'm going to see how things go, but am hoping to continue doing daytime shows on Mondays and Thursdays. Mondays starting around 1pm, and Thursdays probably closer to 2. If I just don't feel those times are vibing, I'll change it up. I'll be on during the evening all other days. Going to try my best to be on every single day of the month! I may even pop on for an hour here and there outside of my usual times to meet some new people and take you by surprise. :)

I'll kick off fAMBruary at midnight on the 1st for an hour or two and spend most of the afternoon and evening on the 1st as well. On the 2nd I may be on in the late morning as well as later at night, due to the Superbowl. On the 28th I plan to be on alllll night to hopefully secure an awesome rank! It'll be a Friday night, be ready to partay!

Special shows/events:
I'll keep you posted on exact dates and times (well, as exact as possible for AmberLand) on special shows throughout the month. Some things I have planned include: Sweet Box Sale, Ducky Butt Extravaganza, Valentine's day Vixen dress and Ducky Butt Bath (on the 14th of course), Anal group show, Cupcake Boobies Shower, Glow Show (public and group), Butt Plug group show, Sybian ride group show (on the 28th, so long as my fragile flower is feeling up to it!), and Caturdays, of course!

New Content:
**Remember, these items are not available until 12am PST on Feb 1! Make sure to wait til I log on to grab them!**
3 new HD videos!
During fAMBruary only, get all 3 in a package for 444 tokens. (Or individually priced as below)

Red Light Dancing and Dildo (HD) - 150 tokens - sexy red low lighting, strip dance to a sensual song, and some dildo action. 2 angles. (5:13)
Gonzo Hitachi Cum (HD) - 150 tokens - A short session with my Hitachi Magic Wand and the "Gonzo" attachment with a nice hard cum. Some wonderful fingering of my wet pussy at the end. 2 angles. (7:10)
First Time Fucking the "AmPole" (HD) - 250 tokens - I built a special dildo pole for perfect self-fucking action! Includes 2 sexy angles and a rare cum in doggystyle position (I was so worked up from the day, I couldn't NOT cum!) (7:38)

Pink Popsicle - 90 tokens - A sexy set featuring my Pink Popsicle dildo, in my mouth and in my sweet pussy. Yum!

Top Cootie Killers of the Month:
Aside from the right to brag about your status, top Cootie Killers will also get goodies!
#1 Killer gets a small semi-custom exclusive picture set*
#1 - #5 get an exclusive video clip! (Riding my suction cup Sea Monster dildo on a glass tabletop in Vegas! About 3 minutes long.)
#1 - #10 get an exclusive picture set! (Outdoors in my flower dress with some public flash shots.)

*Options available for pics include choosing the content (posing? toy play? boobies/legs/feet/ass focus? ) as well as what I wear (or don't wear), any props/toys to be used and location (somewhere at my house: shower, backyard, couch, bedroom, etc.) It will be approximately 5 to 10 pictures depending on what we decide the content to be. It will be made sometime in March so long as I get the details ASAP.

Daily Heartthrob and Daily Cupid:
Yep, there are 2 ways to be an ultimate daily hero for fAMBruary!
*The person who has the day's highest accumulated tokens (tips, offline tips, group shows, all tokens!) each day will be that day's Heartthrob. You'll get your name on a shiny red heart on the wall, and be entered into a special raffle.

*The person who has the day's highest single tip (all in one shot, like a sharpened arrow!) will be that days Cupid. You'll get your name on a shiny red cupid on the wall, and be entered into a special raffle.

I'll also do one daily Victory Vine video to honor the Cupid and the Heartthrob!
One person CAN be both, which gives them 2 entries in the raffle.
"What is this raffle?" you ask? The winner will receive a custom video* made by yours truly, as well as fAMBruary's special Cootie plush. Sir Valentine Cooter!

Isn't he precious?

*Options available for a custom video include choosing the content (dancing? strip tease? toy play? cum? boobies/legs/feet/ass obsession? I can even include pee fetish if you choose) as well as what I wear (or don't wear), any props/toys to be used and what music to play. It will be approximately 5 to 15 mins long depending on what we decide the content to be. It will be made in my "slut room" sometime in March so long as I get the details ASAP.

Sweet Box SaleFeb 1 - Feb 8
Here's your chance to get your hands on my sweet box! For a single tip of 1414 tokens, my box valentine goodies includes:
4 yummy treats
Handwritten note with a kiss
Perfumed Handkerchief
Heart shaped vanilla candle
An adorable mini valentines ducky

**Make it a 2014 tip and also get an exclusive 4x6 photo print, signed and dedicated to you! It will be a non-naughty pic from the outdoors in the flower dress shoot!**

Boxes may be gifted to other dwellers of AmberLand, but stock is limited to 20!

Ducky ButtsFeb 9 - Feb 14
They're back! My Duckies will be my Valentines this year. You can claim one Ducky Butt (just one!) for 214* tokens. Not only will your named Ducky Butt take a steamy hot bath with me on Valentine's Day, but you'll be entered into a raffle (pulled in the bath) to win an exclusive Valentine themed pic set download. If less than 24 Ducky Butts are claimed, 5 winners will be pulled. If at least 24 Ducky Butts get claimed, 10 winners will be pulled. If all 36 Ducky Butts get claimed, then I will pull 15 winners!

You don't have to be present for the bath raffle to win, but since you'll be my Valentine, I'd love if you could join me. ;)

*If you'd like your Ducky Butt mailed to you after fAMBruary is over, tip 414 to claim yours!

I have a limit of 36 Ducky Butts. I need room for myself in the tub! You may tip to gift one (whether it be a 214 or a 414 is up to you!) to another dweller of AmberLand, but there can only be one per person.

Cootie Pint Glass + Mousepad package Sale
For the month of fAMBruary, Pint Glasses will be 500* tokens and also include a Mousepad! Quantity limited, please check with me before purchase.
*650 for outside of US.

So I'll see you all this weekend to kick off the month, and throughout fAMBruary when you come visit and cheer me on! I appreciate every bit of support you give me. Joining in groups, grabbing my new pics and vids, fighting for a spot on the top Cootie Killers list, being a Heartthrob or a Cupid, being my Valentine with a cute Ducky Butt, making me laugh and smile, chatting with me about whatever... it all fulfills me so much! I can't wait to spend the month with you.
Mon Dec 23, 2013 12:13 PM
There's just something about Christmas time that puts me in a certain mood. I reminisce about the year, since it's nearly over. I feel all lovey and cozy because the weather is (ever so slightly, darn SoCal!) colder. I feel hope and relief since a new year is coming and it always feels like a fresh start. Overall, Christmas and New Years time fills me with a wonderful feeling.

I certainly feel blessed for everything I have. Not only in my personal life with my wonderful tiny family consisting of 2 doggies and a loving hubby, but also in my professional life on the Internet. I'd be nowhere without all of the fantastic people I've met on MFC as well as at ACF. You guys and gals who I speak to on a daily or weekly basis really have changed my life in such a positive way. So I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone, and wish you all a super sweet end to this year.

My schedule may be a tad more erratic than usual both for the next 2 weeks and over the course of the next month. In general I'm going to try and have a couple of afternoon shifts each week instead of just evening shifts on cam. I am planning to be on cam in the early evening for Christmas Eve (roughly 4-7 Pacific). I'm taking Christmas off. I'll be back Thursday and Friday for evening shifts. For New Years week, I may be on Monday afternoon for a couple hours, then off until Thurs Jan 2. I haven't decided if I'll get on cam for New Years Eve.

I just figured I'd give you viewers a heads up as to my plans for the next 2 weeks. :)

Anyway, thank you all again for being part of my life. You bring me great joy in many ways, and I hope to continue to bring smiles to you as frequently as possible. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and nearly Happy New Year!
Mon Dec 09, 2013 9:00 AM
NovAmber's toy drive was a major success. This weekend, Jawbs and I went out and got the final batch of toys to complete the 450 total. The Tots for Toys drive brought in about $1700, which we more than matched and now have $4000 worth of toys to drop off over the next couple weeks to Toys for Tots and CHiPS for Kids charities.

It feels amazing and has really gotten me in the holiday spirit! Here's what the mountain of toys looks like.


No toys were lost to the icy cold pool during the making of this picture set.


Thank you again to everyone who participated!