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  1. Brett M

    Limits on Chaturbate Hashtags?

    If I remember correctly, I think the limit is about 200 characters for the title
  2. Brett M

    Fake jobs?

    Maybe the fact no one saw you with any dogs, ever, was a little giveaway? lol
  3. Brett M

    Fake jobs?

    Transcribing jobs only *need* you to be able to do 65 words per minute, which isn't that bad and a lot of people can probably do that. I bet more can do it than they think Besides, for freelance ones, it's not a requirement, it just means you will be able to earn more money; get bigger/longer...
  4. Brett M

    Should I be worried about a model?

    A lot of people are in situations where they can't find work in other places or if they can, they are paid scraps for doing 12hrs a day and very hard manual labour. By her saying "can't" take a break, it probably just means she doesn't make enough money to be able to feed herself (and family?)...
  5. Brett M

    How to make a gif?

    This all depends on how advanced and what kind of transitions etc you wish to do but for really simple things your first port of call could be Convert a video to GIF and clip/trim any parts you want.. Then you can add some effects or text. With the above, notice...
  6. Brett M


    I only realized recently that her name is E (her partner's name: Erik) + hot + love + A (her name: Alice) E - Hot - Love - A I guess saying they love each other a lot or something. But anyway, she does work her ass off, she is on a lot so it's not like she is only on for an hour and getting...
  7. Brett M

    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    Unfortunately, it's that whole situation where, if you're there often and/or tipping often too, you become "part of the furniture". It's not that she doesn't appreciate you, your tips, and your conversation, but she knows you tip her because you enjoy her and like being with and seeing her - not...
  8. Brett M

    Chatty non-tippers

    Depends on how annoying they are but you could send them a free PM just so they can spam you in that, you don't have to pay attention to said PM then, and it gets them out of the public chat and not annoying the potential tippers. Or you could just ask them to stop talking so much (be it...
  9. Brett M

    Suggestions For Chaturbate - Add Yours

    Do you mean like an adult version of Toy Story? Andi's mum's toy story ... would be interesting to say the least lol
  10. Brett M

    Manhole Covers... What the hell is this?

    Lmao me too, I didn't expect all of these. Thanks to every one.
  11. Brett M

    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    I have been mod for multiple ladies and some really do need the help for many different reasons. But I have never been one to say thank you after tips. If a member does a large tip, like 500 or more, I will probably say something along the lines of "wow awesome tip NAME". I think like said...
  12. Brett M

    Suggestions For Chaturbate - Add Yours

    I would really really love a "bulk subscription" that I can buy. This can be for Fan club memberships or Premium. Having to direct debit XX each month and make sure it's there, is annoying. IWhen I have XX money and can afford to buy premium/fanclub for a model for a 6 month period, i'd really...
  13. Brett M

    Chaturbate "Your IP has been blocked." message in chat.

    I have honestly never known this to happen. Is this in AL rooms, or can you narrow it to specific ones? Perhaps ones all using the same BOT or APP as each other? It seems weird they would block your IP but not your account and. Usually, if they ban you, you get the ban message when you log in...
  14. Brett M

    Chaturbate Profile Help!

    Here is a nice list of some for you: CB doesn't allow you to assign class names and the likes, so on the above link you will just need to take the bit between { and } and add it to your style, for example, take the very first one in the list...
  15. Brett M

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    That requires guys to be able to read though... :P