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  1. Brett M

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    Stuff like this is always weirder to me than most other things.. I mean, do these guys REALLY think that women are going to believe this + want it with them? lol Key Note: the guy is a GREY user. wifebreeder123456: Hard masculine beefy stud mr machoxxx 49 hard rich on business vacation married...
  2. Brett M

    Trolling by user using a VPN on CB

    I have used a VPN and never had this message. I just tested it on multiple IPs/Countries as a Guest, Grey Account, and also my Main Account. No issues with any combination. Maybe it's all based on the most popular and widely abused VPNs that trolls seem to use? The one I use is a free Google...
  3. Brett M

    Tips from a man to a camgirls (for free)

    Is anyone else very disappointed this guy hasn't been back to argue with us? I was hoping for some proper "wow, how dumb" moments.. Guess I better go see YouTube videos or Facebook statuses like all other folk :(
  4. Brett M

    Suggestions For Chaturbate - Add Yours

    I'd love if I could see the comments I have left Models. This could work one of 2 ways, or preferably, both ways: 1) On a "per model" basis, so when I go to her room, I click the "thumbs up//down" bit and it shows me the comments in a new popup window, like how it does for the model - it only...
  5. Brett M

    Abuse of CB model rating system

    Do you have any suspicions on who it could be and if it could be just the one person? If you do, then just ban them. You don't even need to let them know you banned them by it showing you publically kicking them from your room. Just go into your broadcast page, click the gear icon to the right...
  6. Brett M

    got tokens and it did not show up in chat

    This usually happens with a deleted account. Does the user still have their account? Edit: Just to say, the whole "dead" situation seems like you opened TWO different chat windows for your profile, while everyone else possibly got put into one, you was viewing the "older" one. That, or it...
  7. Brett M

    Help me get on the cover of Maxim?

    I Literally just clicked on your links in your profile and found this on your Twitter and was going to post it lol. You have to login to Facebook to vote. Do you know if it shows anything on your FB page etc? Not really wanting family and friends seeing my pervy side lol. Edit: Ok done: Your...
  8. Brett M

    Help me get on the cover of Maxim?

    A link would definitely help. I tried Googling but honestly', it's 3:21 am for me here in the UK, the only thing I could find from my quick search was posted March 2, 2020 "MEET 6 TOP 'MAXIM COVER GIRL' COMPETITION FINALISTS"...
  9. Brett M

    Politely asking a model NOT to fake moan in a PVT.. How?

    I must have had "bad" (not exactly bad in a negative sense) experiences in this regarding the "asking what they like or dislike". Usually (not always) if I ask something like this, they try and answer it in a way they THINK that I want to hear. So they would answer it based on what past...
  10. Brett M - Public Thread. New & Existing models are welcome!

    I wanted to just make a very tiny suggestion based on a slight annoyance but didn't feel it was worth making an entire ticket suggestion for it on your site since you're overwhelmed at the moment.. For models in contests, the wording is kind of annoying for me - this is how it currently is...
  11. Brett M

    Politely asking a model NOT to fake moan in a PVT.. How?

    So my plan is to do what was suggested by @cbhours , and maybe ask for it as a roleplay type of thing (we can do something stupid and simple like what models on sites do already: pretend like we have visitors over and so we can't make much noise. Then, if it all goes well, the next time I can...
  12. Brett M

    Tips from a man to a camgirls (for free)

    I have to admit, I am one who is like this. I really love watching a regular model that I visit get annoyed/angry and telling someone to piss off (or worse). Usually, the models I visit are always nice, kind, well-mannered, etc (i know a lot are but you know what I mean, some are dom, ignore...
  13. Brett M

    Politely asking a model NOT to fake moan in a PVT.. How?

    Just to say I have been reading everyone's replies and I truly do appreciate all of your input regarding this. I definitely would have never said it in a public show, or even in a PM while we are in public. I definitely would have discussed/asked it at the start of our pvt show when we're...
  14. Brett M

    Tips from a man to a camgirls (for free)

    ...but, but... he watches you at random, irregular intervals - sporadically.. so he must know your show and what you need to do to improve on it. Edit: @AmberCutie Is it possibly a good idea to remove his Skype invite link so any models who may feel a bit desperate and out of ideas etc don't...
  15. Brett M

    Tips from a man to a camgirls (for free)

    And let me guess, you will ask them to show you stuff on Skype for free, to see exactly what they do in their shows, and then you will point out what is wrong and bad? Making them do stuff you personally enjoy... Unbelievable lol.