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  1. Carmita Bonita

    how to deal with real name being exposed

    Don't interact with anyone you feel like is a risk of outing you. They are shitty and not worth your time if they would. It's a normal fear but if you're incredibly anxious and have a feeling they would do something I'd just drop them. My real name has leaked before but the thing is I have no...
  2. Carmita Bonita

    I need some advice.

    If you're not planning on using accounts anytime soon I wouldn't bother since some sites like Streamate will just shut down if you haven't streamed after a certain amount of weeks. Unless it's a name you REALLLY desperately want to secure for yourself I don't see the point of it.
  3. Carmita Bonita

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    Found it! so does this not apply anymore? I have had no issues keeping things step/age appropriate
  4. Carmita Bonita

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    I only report them if they start referring to underaged sex/talking about minors etc
  5. Carmita Bonita

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    I was under the impression "Daddy" was okay used in the context of saying like "baby" (term of endearment) and not a part of actual age play. I have to find the email from support somewhere in the models only but I'm fairly certain thats where I heard it from
  6. Carmita Bonita

    🔥 New video chat

    Unless you can guarantee that money to them or willing to pay them that if the amount comes up short they’re better off using a well known trusted site that has traffic and earning potential even if it’s a slow start. If a model is not comfortable broadcasting herself for thousands they can...
  7. Carmita Bonita

    My girlfriend is cam model

    On a serious note, I feel pretty horrified for the model he is obsessed with.
  8. Carmita Bonita

    My girlfriend is cam model

    My partner has no issue with me being a camgirl. Many cam models are in fact like you said—married—or many with supportive partners. Yes they can really be okay with it. I’m not sure how old you are or how new you are to relationships, or if you have had relationships outside of the long...
  9. Carmita Bonita

    My girlfriend is cam model

    As someone who fell for a cam site member, did the long-distance relationship thing for 9 months and have been living together for years since the advice of separating business and pleasure is in fact, spot on advice. No dudes want to fap to someone's girlfriend while their boyfriend white...
  10. Carmita Bonita

    is delivery code safe for a wishlist?

    Delivery code has had a lot of issues discussed in this thread as a heads up
  11. Carmita Bonita

    Newbie camming questions

    Earnings will always fluctuate a bit. I think it was about 6 months for me until I felt comfortable like I could rely on my income being steady. My first day camming was on myfreecams--I did not know wtf I was doing I think I made like 15$ [this was like 7 years ago so I can't quite remember]. I...
  12. Carmita Bonita

    Clueless BBW

    I would recommend posting things like this in the "ask-a-model"/general camming section for a bigger reach since it's not so much a CB tech/account issue (Just a polite little heads up] I do think the easier sites to be on where 'setting a vibe' isn't as stressful as a site like CB/MFC would be...
  13. Carmita Bonita

    I ruined my life ! Need help please

    If a guy can’t understand you even camming for just 2 weeks before you even met him he doesn’t sound amazing at all to be honest. Does/has he ever look at online porn? (like most men in the day and age do). If someone would flip out over something in the past (that wouldn’t even require his...
  14. Carmita Bonita

    Most strange ways that resulted in cam models permanently blocking people

    Back it up—you specifically made screenames about white women and went into black models rooms? If you included that from the start I bet you would get far less civil responses. Do you have any idea how much trolling and racist assholes black models have to deal with daily? Then be like “these...
  15. Carmita Bonita

    Most strange ways that resulted in cam models permanently blocking people

    Anyone at their workplace can be pissed off by someone/annoyed easily--we just have the power to ban them online VS when I worked as a barista and annoying dudes would hang out by the coffee drop off being weird and I would have no power to kick them out. I have never regretted banning someone...