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  1. Erragal

    Sex worker support groups

    I run a discord channel that is kink based (Age Play) for the New England area. I am finding resources for therapy, counseling, and support groups that are kink-friendly. I have come across a few sex worker support groups and lists. Best ones I saw so far is on wiki, I figured I would ask here...
  2. Erragal

    Cam girl and Member profiles

    So I am trying to help this new girl out and she doesn't know how to edit profile. I was wondering if I make a junk account on MFC and set up the profile once it's how she likes it could she just copy and paste everything onto her Cam profile? I am guessing they both use the same coding and...
  3. Erragal

    Before I watched camgirls, I'd never have realized...

    ..... that I am really rather normal. :shock:
  4. Erragal

    Opinions anyone??? Why I hate fox news and almost makes me want to move to Canada
  5. Erragal

    How to deal with a bitchy model?

    I do agree with the moving on part, but if you really feel like you want to help her in some way. First and MOST important is be careful. I don't know how long you have known her. Let her know as a friend you are seeing this and wondering if there is any change in her life, or what's going on...
  6. Erragal

    Turn Offs - Things models do that cause you to go away.

    Respect is a big one for me, if you want my respect you need to show me some. besides the basic bad cam, loud music. Also a girl that is drunk or stoned off her ass.
  7. Erragal

    why i tip

    That's why I only go into a few girls room, I want to get to know the girl because I don't have tons of money to tip the girls. Also yes the biggest thing is when I can tip and she smiles that makes the tip more worth it.
  8. Erragal

    Dumb Laws

    Why is this a law in Tennessee? "You can’t shoot any game other than whales from a moving automobile." Sad to say I can understand this one "It is legal to gather and consume roadkill." and I can't believe this is still on the books "Interracial marriages are illegal."
  9. Erragal

    Non-voluntary models?

    When I was in the navy I was on the west cost and over seas I seen this a lot. Women there are a item not a person, you see family's sell their daughters into prostitution to help support the family. In most the Europe countries I don't think it's as bad like LilyMarie said there isn't someone...
  10. Erragal

    Is coerced prision labor slavery?

    I think a big thing is are they learning a trade skill. If it helps them learn a trade skill and make a little money for when they get out then I am all for it. One big problem is people going in and out of prison over and over. Many of these people have no work skills and if they gain them they...
  11. Erragal

    Megaupload shut down

    I am so thinking about moving to Canada now days
  12. Erragal

    HUGE reduction in tippers/privates

    One thing I think would be good. I hate going in a room and it's me and 2 or 3 more people in ther tipping the girl and no one else. We get her through her show and all these freloaders get everything for nothing. I would like to see a second group show option for something like this. As she...
  13. Erragal

    UrSavannah's birthday

    It's Ursavannah's birthday and she is on MFC now, help with he birthday spankings 10 tokens each
  14. Erragal

    Stop SOPA

    Here is a list of the companies that support SOPA
  15. Erragal

    The model you cant help but crush on.

    She is amazing and sexy as hell