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  • put my yearly income into a tax calculator and it said i make about $6.75 an hour XD And this is my best year yet with SW lol
    I've finally hit the 2k mark made in one month with everything combined! (Stripchat, manyvids and onlyfans mainly.) So I'm hitting even with my vanilla job. If I can just double this, I can justify quitting my job and possibly in the future buying a house/having a kid? I just really wawnt to quit my daay job Lol.
    Cammed on chaturbate for the first time in months... it was fantastic! I'm in the middle of rank month on stripchat though So I feel a little bad, but i'll try camming on both on the weekends and just stripchat during the week. Found a new member from CB, he's great! He even followed me to stripchat and kept tipping there! whaaaaa
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    Today I plan on shooting my new outfit I got from dollskill, i'll be posting pics later today. Insta is Jennyfae.mfc
    Just watching the girls on chaturbate make money is motivating me to get off my ass and work! Gonna edit a recording from last night's show, i'll be back later :D
    OH and my onlyfans is at top 28%, so i'm working on bringing that back down to 20% but it's been hard! After my grandparents died I took a two week break, lost half my followers, and dropped to 30% from the 15% i was holding. :/
    Last month I had 8 days with a total over $100.
    This month i've had 9, with one of them over $300.
    Nice! Next month i'll be shooting for 15 days with a total over $100, and once I can do that, I'll move my "daily" goal up to $200 for camming :D
    So far I have had 1 day over 100. and only 1 day over $50. I've cammed 7 nights this month so far XD I am lacking that talent I guess.
    In July, I had one night over $700! Mostly from one rare guy who never shows his font in my room. But holy COW.
    My total tokens on MFC since March 6th (60 days) is only 8.6k
    My total earnings on onlyfans in the last 30 days is around $610.

    I really gotta beef up these numberr man!
    I'l be posting my monthly earning stats here tomorrow For Feb, March and April. I've been keeping track of daily income from different sources, and honestly I'm impressed at myself. Like, really impressed.
    My old goal was $100 a day.
    Now I know I can hit that pretty eaily, so I'm upping it to $200 days. My last one was back in Feb. I know I can do it again.
    (happy dances at 6 in the morning)
    February was my best earning month so far. over 2k, which is a lot for me. March I was sick and didn't even reach 1k. April is my birthday month, i'm focusing on Onlyfans, changing stuff up and hopefully things will improve!
    Manyvids was dead, not even crickets. So I went to stripchat and was instantly getting tipped and chatted to. So much better.
    My tokens for stripchat this month so far is at 6,987 so that's pretty cool. Nothing close to what I made before but that's still pretty good! I made 1,464 of that last night.
    I've made over $600 this month so far on MV. I'm kicking ass!
    Also over $200 this week on onlyfans whaaaat that's crazy to me. and most of it ON THE FREE OF. what?
    I'm feeling pretty great! Progress :D
    SUPER shadowbanned on twitter. Almost 6k followers and 0 interaction. ZERO.
    I don't know what to do. My free snapchat just got deleted too.
    I need help girls. Any help would be appreciated. 😢
    Ended last week at 11,892 tokens. pretty great! Now I'm gonna go for the same goal this week!
    Rank goal for September: 450
    Rank Goal for October: 200
    sun: 2070 tk
    Mon: 0
    Tues: 1730 tk
    Weds: 0
    Thurs: 363 tk
    Friday: 2414 tk
    Saturday Morning: 1646 tk

    These are my stats for Stripchat this week so far. I'll still be camming later today to finish off my goal. I realize I was posting these stats in a streamate goals thread, OOPS! Sorry!
    i'm at 8245tk out of 10k, nice.

    last month I made a total of 50k, this month so far i'm at 35k, I haven't been logged on as much.
    While a custom was uploading I filmed, edited and uploaded a clip onto c4s.
    My iphone is way faster than my computer..... /facepalm
    Desynced audio for the first time ever, on a kinda ASMR video. Why?!
    Now I'm using Adobe Audition for the first time.... Let's see how this goes!
    Been working thirteen hour shifts at my vanilla job, but hopefully starting next week I can get back to camming! Friday night I aim to cam ALL night, on what site I don't know yet lol.
    Just discovered a new site called, and I've already made a sale on it after signing up 12 hours ago. so much organic traffic!
    I've passed 3000 minutes broadcasting this month. that's over 51 hours. Gonna try to get that up to 90 in April!
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