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  1. Jujuki

    MFC model not sure if I should give up.

    MFC is all about building a followership and community around you and your persona. DO WHAT YOU LIKE TO DO - everything else will wear you down dramatically in no time. I'm personally not a friend of banning people (I have banned 1 person in 11 months of camming there), I like to use trolls and...
  2. Jujuki

    Question about Lovense and Tip Menu

    What exactly do you mean connecting your webcam? Yes you can! Just stay in the broadcasting window without clicking on 'start streaming' you can access your chat room and whiteboard if you click on top on 'chat room':
  3. Jujuki

    Question about Lovense and Tip Menu

    So, you will need the LovenseConnect App on your phone and the Lovense Browser you'll need to install on your computer and open your streaming site with. The App will connect to your toy via bluetooth. The Browser has a widget which allows you to set up the settings for your Lovense Toys, you'll...
  4. Jujuki

    Question about MFC International Wire Transfer..

    DON'T APPLY TO ePayments! They just dropped a bomb yesterday and it's very unclear if they've been an honest company or a big scam for sexworkers! I feel so bad for recommending them now >__<
  5. Jujuki

    Model Verification Requests

    Jujuki's MFC Profile Thank you!
  6. Jujuki

    OBS groups and pvt

    I will do my happy dance all day every day when they finally release the update where this works :clap:
  7. Jujuki

    Question about MFC International Wire Transfer..

    I only had problems receiving $ from MFC via bank wire on my first bank the money never arrived because they were sending it to another branch of my bank in France (I'm from Germany) and they needed to send it back to Western Union (MFC Bank) it took weeks to solve it and I was scared that the...
  8. Jujuki

    I fucked up new model status. Camscore is low af. Is there even a way out or should I start over?

    Thank you so much Babe, I am trying to not let it fuck with my head but it's SO hard I literally made 500$ in december lol - fortunately I have some savings I can dig into... I'm always trying to focus on improving and thinking positive. Your words helped :h:
  9. Jujuki

    I fucked up new model status. Camscore is low af. Is there even a way out or should I start over?

    MFC is also incredibly slow for me the last 2 months, but it's just natural with christmas season and january being slow everywhere. I just hope to be better soon, my camscore is tanking hard and my mindset being vulnerable when I sit there for 1h without a tip :bucktooth:
  10. Jujuki

    How do you build a Twitter following for cam work?

    Hey bb I can't message you .___. please add me to that group @JujukiLove
  11. Jujuki

    Logitech webcams

    I own a Brio and I really like it, the only thing that I hate about it is the autofocus that just sometimes fails to find my face... or anything really... for minutes :arghh:
  12. Jujuki

    Advice for new models

    Oh god I just found this thread and the MFC rule section was so helpful!! I want to hug you, thank you so much šŸ„°
  13. Jujuki

    The 'Rules' of MFC...

    Hey :cat: I am wondering a lot about the rules of MFC. Some of them sound super plausible, others not so much. Squirting seems to be totally fine but pee not? If I finger myself with 5 fingers it's cool but the whole fist is a no-no? What if I have toys bigger than my fist? lol Does this...
  14. Jujuki

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Heya, new to this forum but 9 month into being a camgirl on MFC šŸ˜˜ I hope to learn a lot and to share experiences. I might also try to find models from Germany to connect for friendship and content.
  15. Jujuki

    MFC share questions and answers

    I might have a weird question :greyalien: ... Is it allowed (or tolerated at least) to upload watersport videos to MFC Share? I know that "urination" is on the list of forbidden things of MFC but so is having boys on cam but B/G videos are fine on Share?