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  1. Mila_

    How I became a camgirl, why I do it, and how much I make

    It's not so much that vanilla internet attracts more rude people... I think there are the same proportion of assholes in both worlds, the difference is on cams you actually have control over what people can say "in your turf". We have tools. We can ban them, kick them out, delete their rude...
  2. Mila_

    How I became a camgirl, why I do it, and how much I make

    Back then (2010-2013) we didn't have the tools available today, so we didn't have Patreon or any other subscription methods for people to pay a monthly fee for content or support. Even if we had those, everything was so new people weren't used to the idea of paying independent creators for their...
  3. Mila_

    "Borrowing" ideas from other models shows

    I'm gonna skip all the intellectualism and go straight to the point here: you will breed resentment with other models if you steal their ideas and even if you tweak them, if your idea is close enough to the original that they can identify themselves as the source of it they will dislike you...
  4. Mila_

    Chaturbate - what gives?

    Placement is about amount of tokens members hold in your room and the tip flow, not about registered users watching. Consider trying a different strategy if the one you are using is not working for you.
  5. Mila_

    The maybe not so generic ‘falling for a cam girl’ post.

    How many times a year do you travel? If it’s less than 12 times a year then spending a trip on going somewhere you had no interest in going until she asked you to visit her sounds like a big move. Not many people book a flight and cross the globe for “just any other girl” you clearly do have...
  6. Mila_

    The maybe not so generic ‘falling for a cam girl’ post.

    If by “another country” you mean Canada or an actual turistic destination.. then fine.. what’s the damage. If “by another country” you mean an ex-URSS or an ex-Yugoslavia nation and you are only going because of the fact that you could meet her cancel the trip. This is my 2 cents.
  7. Mila_

    How much do you make?

    Are you female, male, or trans? How many hours a week will you invest in it? Which schedule?
  8. Mila_

    How I became a camgirl, why I do it, and how much I make

    I am so happy it came across as inspiring rather than dark... I tried to make it a positive video in spite of the darker moments, I am happy you liked it
  9. Mila_

    How I became a camgirl, why I do it, and how much I make

    In this video I tell my own story as a camgirl: how I started camming, why I still cam after so many years, how much I make, and what happened to me when I got outed to my family and friends very publicly. It was not an easy video to make but I wanted to reclaim my story and tell it on my own...
  10. Mila_

    What is the proper way to tip a model?

    Any model loves a user like you! The fact that you want to learn etiquette only proves the point, haha On tipping patterns: some members like to make a splash so they tip big a couple of times per show. Others like to tip with the flow of the show and space out their tips more. There are users...
  11. Mila_

    Do Gay Males Earn Good Money?

    Last year the single top earner for a month... I think it was November? was a gay male cam.
  12. Mila_

    Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson?

    He hasn't posted a video in 3 months or so, no? Why necro this thread?
  13. Mila_

    Do Non-English Speaking Rooms Discourage You?

    With French models particularly it can be lucrative to keep your chatroom exclusively French. This country has a low spender/viewer ratio, the French take a lot of pride in their language and will rarely speak English so you actually have a niche right there.
  14. Mila_

    Help please. Was banned

    I was going to comment about OBS and the fact that you can stream in 1 click without even opening your browser. This doesn’t mean, OP, that your screw up is less dramatic btw... just that your kid doesn’t need to be a whiz for something like this to happen. CB will never unban you. Look for...