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  1. princessofperv

    Camming Full Time Germany/Europe

    Probably. If you are not making crazy money right now, i would just put some to the side for health insurance if you can and wait for them to ask for income proof. They are going to want to see a tax return for proof. That way you won't struggle to pay back what you owded them :)
  2. princessofperv

    Camming Full Time Germany/Europe

    Hey, you need a "Gewerbeschein" for camming. You will have to pay "Einkommenssteuer" and over a certain amount also "Gewerbesteuer". From what i learned, you won't have to pay vat in most cases. (Most camsites charge vat to european customers and wont pay that out to you. Also your earnings are...
  3. princessofperv


    Agreed. I know it used to be based on tech/ earnings/ hours and the same for all countries and then members could additionally sort for language and region. I think that was better, based on how the streamate front page looks back then vs now on my end browsing from germany.
  4. princessofperv


    I support being able to list verbal language aswell. My first language is german, but i use the GB display country because i simply don't like doing shows in german. My english is fluent and my accent is english with faint hints of german, that most guys don't even catch up on. I get a lot of...
  5. princessofperv

    fraudulent check from Chaturbate

    in germany they usually hold checks in other currencies for up to 12 weeks, depending on the banks. some only do it, if it is over a certain amount, but personally my bank does it randomly, to make sure it won't bounce. that sounds like that's what's happening for you, should be fine- just...
  6. princessofperv

    Please help possible safety issue?

    Not sure if this is related. Apparently it is pretty easy to "hack" a toy that is turned on but not connecte to your device. Not sure how they would go about changing the name though. Weird and creepy...
  7. princessofperv

    PayPal paymentz + "regular clients"

    Argh yes i totally meant paypal, not amazon. Sorry for the confusion!
  8. princessofperv

    PayPal paymentz + "regular clients"

    I think amazon giftcards for - german amazon are still refundable until you spend at least part of it. I know doesnt do refunds on giftcards anymore though. Might just be some EU law about refund policies. Another thing with amazon is also that when i send people money, i...
  9. princessofperv

    AdultWork support extremely rude

    I think they added the newspaper/ phonebooth picture holding newspaper thing in the past 2 years. Before that just the rest was required eg holding passport/ date/ username. I got verified there, used it a few times and for some reason didn't log on for 2 weeks and they disabled my account...
  10. princessofperv

    What do you do when you're a new model with no room to stream?

    I cammed from my bed with the wall behind me for years just fine. I got one of these laptop carts with wheels on them, a wireless mouse and keyboard. That way you can still move a bit or even sit on the edge of your bed. Umbrella light behind the cart in the room. Another solution could be a...
  11. princessofperv

    Family criticise online adult film trade as webcam girl’s death ruled unlawful

    That's just sad. And also why i turn down requests that might impact my health/ safety. It is unfortunate, that they blame the entire industry for this article. There will always be people with extreme fantasies with no regard for another humans safety or health. They exist with porn or...
  12. princessofperv

    Eastern Euro/Russian girls pretending to be in USA. Are the foreign studio people just dumb or what?

    To be fair, some sites sort based on the visitors ip adress. Streamate does this. When i log on from germany my first page is entirely different than for someone who is from the US. And for me Americans are the biggest % of my income. Can't blame them for trying to get the best placement if...
  13. princessofperv

    Wishlist with identity protection and low fee -

    Just a quick remark about that. Amazon isn't very safe, they have shared information before. Not only from third party sellers but also directly through amazon. That's why some of us use services like deliverycode, because the only other safe option is only to accept giftcards to your...
  14. princessofperv

    Making Videos - Worth it?

    I don't know if you can stream using obs on mfc? But if that is the case, obs has a pretty decent recording function. You can change the format it records in and it comes out clearer for recording than for example using the logitech software with the c920. Another thing talking clips and time...
  15. princessofperv without my real name on it?

    I would treat carefully with using transferwise. They have something about porn in their TOS. I use them to get paid from boleyn models, but that's payroll only. Boleyn models advised against using them for direct payments, since that seems to be against their tos. Edit...