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punker barbie
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  • Hello Chewy1lb is having some issues I was wondering if you could look at them.
    From my understanding he daily cashed out on the 21st and 22nd and has yet to receive his payments of
    He also can no longer log in. He got an email on a complaint where I do believe someone crappy was trolling and reporting him. Besides they may have caught a glimpse of a dog.
    Username- Chewy1lb
    Ticket number-18305931
    Ticket number 18142064
    My account name is: mydiscretelovers
    We are trying to access our account. I was Told it would be unlocked but password doesn’t work and won’t let us change the password I’ve emailed many times. And so far nothing has worked. Last time the photos worked for us and now it doesn’t this time. I NEED HELP TO LOG INTO ACCOUNT. I don’t know what else to do. PLEASE HELP
    Hi! I'm Jenniferburrill and I was banned 9 days ago, for no reason at all, after I updated my documents. They do not respond to emails , there is no contact number to be able to contact the staff. And I don't understand why after 7 years my account closes for no reason.
    Please help me!

    Thank you in advance!
    Hello punker barbie, could you help me with the following request?. Our Chaturbate studio account (blackstarstudio) and submodel account (bsstokens) to receive tokens from models outside the studio account, has been banned. This is the ticket number that i open 4 days ago about this case. Ticket #18013331
    We are a legally consolidated webcam studio with more than 30 models in Colombia.

    We have three studio accounts to receive, convert and collect the tokens of our models.

    Today, when trying to enter the accounts, by surprise, they are all banned, without specifying any reason or apparent reason, can you help me with this please?

    ticket number: 18015045

    @punker barbie can u help me please?
    Good day, I am amunet88, I was banned 5 days ago and I dont understand why my expulsion from the platform, but please, I ask the second reviw of my case and the send the payment of my tokens ( which is associated with my chaturbate account (amunet88) and I do not want to lose them. My request (17959409).THANK U
    Why is it always, when in the confirmation of the model, I upload my documents, my account is blocked immediately? what should I do? is my passport blacklisted? I ask for help! Julia777julia account. passport
    Good day, I am amunet88, I was banned 3 days ago and I understand and accept my expulsion from the platform CHATURBATE for having violated the rules, but please, I ask send the payment of my tokens (10,757=537$usd) to my paxum account ( which is associated with my chaturbate account (amunet88) and I do not want to lose them. My request (17959409).THANK U
    Hello @punker barbie, my name is Daphne. I was advised to contact you with my @cb_rules problem. The fact is that we were blocked for chaturbate, although we did nothing.
    If we did something wrong, please tell us about it, and this will not happen again, I am in complete despair.Please help, you are our last hope ! My nickname is in cb "hey_its_meow"
    Madlyn_dee is my account ,my age verification is dennied,I send photos I Write emails at suport ,please I need your help
    Hello @punker barbie , I have issue with my white label (CCS code were removed by mistake and couldnt include it back). ticket number 17806328, could you please take a look, thanks a lot.
    Hello, dear @punker barbie, I have got a ban that I seem like an underage person. Support answers only “we are encouraging you to come back in 6 month”
    Unfortunately I cannot wait.
    I worked with mask and now I am gonna work without, the problem won’t appear anymore .
    My name is Dalarossa, and last requests are 17732914 and 17732906.
    thank you so much , dear @punker barbie
    Hello could you help me with my account: x_omega_x it says i´ve done something with seek or discussing activity referring underage , there has been a misunderstanding as i said english is not my main lenguague sometimes i use translator, also we talk with some other models about family maybe the
    algorithm detected or interpreted something i didnt want to say. thank you ticket: 17726371
    Hello, my account was blocked and I was told that someone complained about me as if I didn't look like an adult. this is not true, I dont perform any special actions to be like a child and I confirmed my age absolutely honestly. the support ignores my requests. Never had a problem before.Please help me, I do not want to lose my job. ticket: 17583388;17679187
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    I have same probleb too .They ban people for their childish appearance because of user complaints. The site throws them into a ban for 6 months.@punker barbie Please help me(account Jackson_now)
    Hi, please can you take a look at the message I sent you? I could be getting blackmailed and I genuinely need your help. Thank you
    hey Shirley, how i get verified if i am a transfemale, and my ID still sayis that i am male, but looking like a female?? i just add my pics, as female, holding my male iD , IT seems that they are not saying in ID that i am trans, based on my birth cerificate, so i dont know what i have to do, can you tell me please?
    hey Shirley, my account shygirlfromeurope, i send some emails to suporte, about cosmo, but non awser till now, can you check if you dont mind? ty u ❤
    @punker barbie PLEASE HELP ME i can't cashout my tokens or send to another account, my nickname is susan_lovelace last ticket is 17324416, please i have sent several emails withoput any response also i have worked in my account, and i'm working right now, my users have bought tokens to spend with me, but u have not answer my emails, help me @punker barbie
    Hello Dear Shirley. Its me again(. My account has been blocked again. This time its says
    Dear Cuteface_Bigboobs,
    An unsuccessful login attempt was detected on your account. The password was correct, but 2-Step verification failed.
    I had 2 days off. But yesterday when I tryid to login. It says same old saying
    We have reason to believe that you may have violated our terms of service.
    Can you please help me.
    Hello Shirley. Please help me. My username is cuteface_bigboobs and my ticket # 17045506. I am accused in receiving fraudulent tokens, But I swear I have nothing to do with it. I promise to report anything like that in future. Just please let me get my account back. Thank you for your time
    I urgently need help, they don’t transfer money from chaturbate, I need to pay for an apartment and a loan, I got into a difficult life situation. Someone contact

    punker barbie​

    , I already wrote to her in a personal and in the official support 10 times. Nobody is answering. I'm afraid to stay on the street ( My model account: Mitzuko56:sweating::h:
    My daily payment was removed, but the account is working. They did not answer when they send the remaining money (I apologized and said that I would report this.
    That is, there are situations when your account is working and the account is frozen.
    I have bad English and I use a translator ... so there might be something wrong (I meant that it’s not that I’ll report this. I meant that I’ll write in support as soon as I receive a large amount of tokens.
    Hi Shirley, Please help Chaturbate didn't process my daily PayOut of $25 from 10/19/2020
    My model account Tray2711 is verified and my name is Robert Stone III
    I have contacted support about the situtation many times and no response.

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