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punker barbie
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  • hello! I think I wrote here 3 times already and you said that the request was sent 2 times, but no one answered me. =(my account is banned for fake documents, but they are real, I can prove account bowlofcherries
    Hello sir, I been banned two years ago.
    I don't know why and how to get unbanned.
    I am an asian model and I have a large fans.
    Please let me work on Chaturbate again.
    My account is d_meow
    But this account belongs to my last studio, and I don't know the password or email address.
    I want create a new account.
    Please help me.
    My email address:
    hola barbie punker soy MPMH mi cuenta de chaturbate es xxxbrensy_ebonyxxx me la bloquearon siempre he usado mi cuenta y cuando me pide actualizar mi registro entre mi documento y automaticamente me bloquean y me dice que cambie mi documento, cuando es el mismo documento que creas mi cuenta por favor ayúdame a resolver
    punker barbie
    punker barbie
    Hello @Brensy I have confirmed that the support team has responded to your inquiry. Ticket #21811771
    @punker barbie I was hoping you maybe able to help. My account was locked apparently someone tried to log into my account. My ticket #(22314143) and my account name is tinablow. I greatly appreciate the help where as this is my only course of income. I sent the photo authorization to the support team.
    Hello. Dear @punker barbie, my cherrybaby__ account was banned on the day I didn't stream or start live. as I later noticed, the mail on the account was changed. . I do not know what to do. I can send all translation operations as a file, no matter what it costs. I swear that I did not violate the rules of the site
    Hello dear

    punker barbie​

    ! Unable to cashout. Contact support if the problem continues.I can't convert my tokens for 1 week. I keep broadcasting, but I can't withdraw money. I write in support, but I remain unanswered. Please help me, my nickname on the site: dontbeshybaby.
    I can't live without money and without my work - this is my meaning of life
    God bless you! Belive in your help
    Not a post about needing any help for anything... instead, a good 'ol, HEY KILLER from your old friend Jon at WickedFire. How's your old man? How's life? Do you still use ICQ (lol).. anyway, glad to see a familiar name from way back when and then some. CB should promote you to C-level anything by this point.
    @punker barbie my tokens are there too,they told me it's for poor,which they don understand am poor too but am working cz you can't ask for help everytime,am single mum,my son is in high school how will i overcome this,and chaturbate platform was my only income..please am suffering assist me for this..i know you van do this,Thank you and my God bless chaturbate cz without chaturbate
    Hi @punker barbie i texted but you haven't reply,it's about my banning,i wonder what i did wrong and i was contacting chaturbate for this,and they told me your account is now age verification you can broadcast..all over sudden later i was banned ,reason verification,which i told them the issue..i don't know why all this is happening to me.
    hi @punker barbie , I was recently banned from my chaturbate account and need help getting it back. I’m not sure what the reason was, but this is my full time job and love being apart of this community. My ticket number is #21695462 and my user is jayunreconciled. pleasseeee help ♥️
    Hi,@punker barbie i am goledenlypussy i was banned for delayed verification which i always verify but it keep on saying can't see your face well,i contact support team and they answer me that my account is age verified, please kindly assist me on this ,i will try my best level ,so please help me cz here is my only working place am stranded ,let support team unban me..Thank you
    Hi @punker barbie, my chaturbate name is archancel
    I was banned for using a water pipe, please help me get my account back. I promise I will never have a problem with tos again and familiarize myself with them better
    Hi @punker barbie please help me I got my account banned for broadcasting from my backyard for 5 minutes please help me Ill never do that again please, username Siennalilbunnykate I havent recieve any ticket yet
    Hi @punker barbie Can you please help me with my account i was accused to have an altered identity which is not true i sent already my documents and everything that provide legit and eligible proof that i am the owner of the account (urexpensivetamira_wills) to the support but seems they are not replying. I am humble asking for your help thank you :h:
    Hi @punker barbie I believe someone also had signed into my account hacking my password. Please help get my account Unbanned so I can change my password & secure my account. Thanks :)

    My model name Model: iamfreakybaby
    @punker barbie Hello, on March 23, at 19:03, I received a message that the money was sent, but I still have not received them, already on March 27th. Can I find out where they are and why the payment is taking so long? more than 48 hours have already passed, but the money should have arrived within 24 hours! Why haven't I received the money yet?
    nickname - melaniemoor, please help me, thank you
    Hi @punker barbie my model name is ( iamfreakybaby ) Can you please help me get my account unbanned?
    I apologize that my laptop broadcast had started by mistake. I was watching a video on my laptop and did not realize my broadcast was on. I understand the rules of Chaturbate and I promise to not break any rules again. Please help me get account my Account Unbanned. Thanks :)
    I have been waiting for your response in my email which is . I have 6600 tokens there and just because of my liar member costumer you banned me . I have proof here i sent him videos in whatsapp where he requested from and also good show during private session . I hope you can protect us models who are working good in your site . And not banning them with no valid reason . Thanks
    So my account Golden672. suspended on March 10 and still saying banned. I did everything chaturbate support has ask me and I have yet to receive a follow-up email about why still suspended If I did as ask. And want to be apart of the community again. I set up a new account also get ban . I just want golden672 to be free and i promise it wont happen again. Please help me.
    Please can you help me. I've been emailing for a week now
    Hi Punker barbie
    I’m so confused.
    I have been streaming for over a month.
    I request a payout and now I’m told my documents are not signed and I’m not aged verified.
    But I am.
    It says on the site my selfie is blurry.
    I don’t understand why all of a sudden it’s not ok.
    Please assist me.
    Dear @punker barbie. My account was restored after a long period after sending a complete and total explanation with proof about what occurred. 3 weeks after that, for no reason the account was banned again. I wrote many times to ask why with copies of the conversations that got my account restored but no one will even answer.
    Please look? Newyorker999 account. I would really appreciate it.
    I lost 5800 tokens , dear @punker barbie please help me because my account banned without any known reason and support team didn't answer my emails for 20 days and I have about 5800 tokns on this account also I hope to stay with chaturbate community.
    my username : amhm

    thanks in adnance dear Punker
    Please get a look on my message , thanks in advance
    Hello Dear @punker barbie, my account was blocked and a month later I am writing again with a huge request for help in finding out the reason for blocking the account and help in unlocking it.Please help me, what time do I write to support, but alas, they answer with 1 template, and after that there is no answer at all
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