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punker barbie
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  • I am REALLY, upset. I was having fun on Chaturbate and I worked hard for the tokens. I haven't been paid my january payment, I have bills to pay and mouths to feed. I am really hurt! Sad... mad... and frustrated. I wanted to keep doing this but now I feel like I'm just going to get screwed then used again.
    please help me for that, I would be very grateful. Thanks.
    Hi i am I need of help on why my account say inactive when I try to log in i have not received any messages from chaturbate explaining what happen or what's going on. Please help soon. Thank you.
    User name is sherrie_an_erin
    Hello Punker

    sorry to bother you, my account was banned, I already sent 2 emails to the support but I did not get an answer, there were tokens converted into cash. I did nothing wrong, can you help me? Nick: casalsexy1992

    plese awser me... thank you a lot
    punker barbie
    punker barbie
    Hi, not a bother. Customer service looked into it and you are now unbanned--but please read the email they are sending you. :)
    thank you so mutch punker!!!! kiss
    Hello :) I was wondering if you could help with unbanning me from chaturbate. I recently updated clearer pictures of my ID and would really appreciate some help in getting me back on the site. My username is " jammthemann". Thank you
    Usernames: annebest, anne_best,
    Hi Shirley, I have been banned on Chaturbate. I tried to post circumstances, but exceeded 420.
    If you PM me I'll try to explain the details. Please bear with me, I speak Spanish and some English.
    Hi Shirley , i was earning well on cb.i joined cb in nov 2014 and i got banned in sep 2015 without any reason, i got email from CB that my all tokens are real not fradulent..
    But if someone tipped me fraudulent tokens how can i know , it was not my fault i thought he is rich so tipping me i never thought he is scammer..i am not guilty at all.kindly look into my situation and unbanned me
    i can send the photos to you Shirley, is me in the photos, i just want the problem to be fixed, can you reply please?
    the site sayd the same thing, that''We have reason to believe that you may have violated our terms of service.'', i actually called on the number of the support, and they have been very ''kind'' , still nothing, the person who answered on phone just sayd that i need to mail the support, so they are putting me again to talk with a robot.
    My account name is zach_f06... I was denied twice already for model verification but I meet all requirements and submitted over 6 clear photos of my ID along with a pic of my face with the id. Please explain why I'm not verified yet. Thanks.
    punker barbie
    punker barbie
    check account.
    can you tell me what happend zach, have you solved the problem?
    Shirley please can you help me?i really love this job, i Like to socialize with people, and i Also have bills and rent to pay, please pm me and let me Prove!
    Justinbleu is my account name, can you help me please, my account was banned bec of age verification, But is me and i Want to Prove, i need the money that i have on my account, and i need the account, can you pm me please?
    Username: WhiskeyLily I accidentally cashed out a payment of tokens without changing my billing information to the correct information first. How do I correct this problem? Thank you!
    username: MARIPOSA4U69 why it took so long to reply? i hve sent my new photo as they requested cause the 1st one was kinda blurred. i wish it will approve now my identity. im worried cause i have bills now to pay tom or the next day or else my internet connection and electricity will be disconnected. pls check it as soon as possible . im so disappointed . ibe been on cb for 8mons. its so hard to contact support.
    Username: Sigmundsdottir
    What should i have to provide you to prove that you're wrong?
    Also, how can i get my money? Support said my account is cleaned (Because i proved my identity) and i'll get my payment
    how long does it takes for u to reply to prove ur identity ???
    punker barbie
    punker barbie
    sending you a message now.
    i would like to ask if can still able to get my earnings for the last cutoff? . the very 1st email said that i need to take photo holding my id UPSIDEDOWN and a piece of paper w/ my username,date and the given word to verify my identity. i already sent it on my verified email on my account but i didnt received any reply to the support.
    hello Shirley.

    im writing this on your page in hope that you will take a look at my account. my username on chaturbate is : sweet_pleasure1.
    Recently i was banned out of the blue and cannot login to broadcast and start earning my money.. may you please check and let me know what to do ? thank you
    I want to connect my account You cannot connect Zmedianow to this Payoneer account. Please apply for a
    new Payoneer account through Zmedianow using a different email address.
    Do you already have a Payoneer account?
    If you already have a Payoneer account and would like to add a new source of funding, please provide the following information:

    Help Meee...
    Hi Shirley can u pm me plz? I send my pics with my ID back and front but ch dont accept is. Plz help me. Maybe u can send me a pm and i send u my pics.
    punker barbie
    punker barbie
    Please provide your Chaturbate user name, unfortunately there is no way I or customer service can help you until we can look up your CB account. Thank you.
    hi shirley my username natsutr.i send you mail because my problem was too long and include some personal info.can you check that please.i cant send pm from here.
    punker barbie
    punker barbie
    Please provide your Chaturbate user name, unfortunately there is no way I or customer service can help you until we can look up your CB account. Thank you.
    Hi Shirley,my username is Bralder21,i was banned for looking to young but it's been a long while since then,and i look a lot over 18 now so i can get back and broadcast right?Why nobody unlock me and just keep telling me the reason for ban??
    Hey there, my user is H3llb0i and I've been having some serious direct deposit problems. Support and I have been going in circles. Could you please help me? I've been on the site long enough to go through two payment periods and have earned $600 and haven't seen a penny of it :c
    HI i hope you can help me ! my chaturbate username is "supsexx" my account was banned, i was talking to a mod about how i wanted to delete my account and all of a sudden my account was banned... now i can't seem to deactivate my account if you could delete my account for me that would be greatly appreciated... please and thank you..
    punker barbie
    punker barbie
    This has been taken care of by customer support and thank you for your patience.
    Hi, today I received a message that my account was Banned; reason: 'We have reason to believe that you may have violated our terms of service'. I was not abusive, I was just chatting and had uploaded a video of me without any music. Ive written to the service department and am awaiting and answer. I would be grateful if you could help me to restore my account.... under the same name : Nakeddiablito. Many thanks
    punker barbie
    punker barbie
    Thank you for your post. you should have received an email from customer service . . . please reply to the email request, if you haven't already.
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