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  1. rbeccabuck

    What to do when its quiet on cam?

    Dear sweet baby jesus that would be perfect. With the whole nerdy gamer girl thing, I'm surprised there isn't a more cohesive joining of the two (in terms of a platform, obviously TONS of babes indulge their sexy, nerdy side. God bless them to sexy, sexy Hell.) I see now CB posted an update to...
  2. rbeccabuck

    What to do when its quiet on cam?

    Ah, well, I kinda understand. People are there to jerk off, not just... hang out I guess? Though it'd be probably more fun if I could be more involved with my hobby while I do it. Oh well. I could always just do Twitch streams in my off time. Thanks for the input, I really appreciate it!!
  3. rbeccabuck

    disappointed, feeling ugly

    My dear you are GORGEOUS. Banish that negative self talk post-haste! That said, it was s o o o o fucking dead for me today around 11-1pst. Will try again this evening. Maybe couples shows will be better...
  4. rbeccabuck

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    Maybe not something a member said... but I went C2C once with someone, and after starting to get into it the dude whips out a jar of pickle relish and sticks his, um... hot dog in it. I'm just there, stunned, trying to pretend I am not witnessing someone defile a jar of pickle relish. I hate...
  5. rbeccabuck

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    Hot. SO hot. I always wanted to die from intestinal damage and organ failure. I'm hardcore like that.
  6. rbeccabuck

    Mom !

    I'm not full time, though I would like to be. Last time I did this I didn't have a kiddo. Now the spawn is 4, so my only real chance is when they're at school or after they go to bed. Husband and I are in negotiation for how to manage more, ideally I'd want him to mod for me while he plays video...
  7. rbeccabuck

    When is it over doing a GFE

    Pack it up, girls. Let's ignore and move on. He got his answer, now we're just giving him all the negative attention he could want. He's loving this, can't you tell? He cant stop lolling. Amber, I would like to personally apologize for kicking the hornet's nest which has now become a dead...
  8. rbeccabuck

    When is it over doing a GFE

  9. rbeccabuck

    When is it over doing a GFE

    Yeah plus he thought he found a girlfriend, but we see how well that worked out here. It must be so lonely to be OP! Also, OP's name is just a *bit* too on-the-nose. Just my humble opinion. ETA: Crap! @yummybrownfox beat me to it! I am shamed...
  10. Snakerider


    This snake's not gonna wrangle itself!
  11. Bad Habits

    Bad Habits

    We all have some of those, right?
  12. Demonia


    A purple demon girl, with snake hair!
  13. Demon Girl

    Demon Girl

    Another purple demon girl, showing off her hotness.
  14. Rebecca Buck's Art

    Rebecca Buck's Art

    Art that I've made!
  15. rbeccabuck

    When is it over doing a GFE

    Ooooh, I LOVE it when a guy calls me "little girl" and makes vague assumptions about how the outside world is *so dangerous* for me. Real tough guy talk, gets me as wet as the fuckin' Saharan desert. Even though I've been super, duper nice! (Maybe I used so swear words, but we're all grownups...