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  1. Silverthorne

    Daily Thoughts

    I have officially gotten too many books form the library. I've got two mangas, two books, and another on reserve. I literally don't know if I can read this fast, lol. 🙃
  2. Silverthorne

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
  3. Silverthorne

    For how long have you been a cam model and how has it changed you life?

    I've always had an interest in SW and "Silverthorne" made her debut in January 2018. I wanted to be a stripper since I first discovered stripping, but it hasn't happened yet. But in, I think, August 2017, I discovered camming! I lurked around in the rooms of Chroniclove and KDwow on CB and...
  4. Silverthorne

    Trying to be a Daily Camgirl with a Set Schedule and MENTAL ILLNESS

    This is a very personalized topic, but I can tell you what I do. To put it simply, I just do what I can. I do my best to work from 8-4p with video related tasks M, W, F and live cam Tu, Th. I take weekends and nights off to spend time with friends, family, my partner, and myself. I try to do as...
  5. Silverthorne

    How long do you prepare for steaming each time ?

    It definitely takes me 1-2 hours depending on the "level" of ready I want to be. Makeup, curling my hair, or being completely natural etc. Setting up my cam, flipping on lights, and dressing is quick-ish since I have a room dedicated to cam.
  6. Silverthorne

    What are you reading right now?

    I normally don't read self help books, but I'm currently reading "Stop Doing That Shit: End Self Sabotage and Demand Your Life Back". I'm on chapter 3 and loving it.
  7. Silverthorne

    Happy Birthday! 🎉

    Happy Birthday! 🎉
  8. Silverthorne

    Raceplay Requests

    I have only had one guy (one of my best regulars on SM) ask me to do raceplay and with c2c he was brown, so I decided if he wanted me to degrade him that way, it was ok. I gotta admit I was little nervous at first because I live in the racist South and know people personally who are quite...
  9. Silverthorne

    Is PayPal safe to use?

    Here's an excellent thread I found in the Models Only section on the subject. Become a verified model to view it.
  10. Silverthorne

    Which cam for make my skin look good ?

    I use the Logitech c920 as suggested above and soft, correct lighting. However, remember that when it comes to camming your "flaws" end up being what draws people in and creates tippers, so don't fret too much. Don't exhaust yourself trying to be perfect! If you struggle with dry or oily skin...
  11. Silverthorne

    CNTM: Chaturbate's Next Top Model

    Thanks @vulpes! Good luck to you too! <3
  12. Silverthorne

    Did webcamming help your body image issues?

    For me, camming has really helped. I used to be extremely self-conscious and have very low self-esteem. But since I've started camming I've learned that people don't judge me like I do. The flaws I usually get so down about are my weight and my body hair (I have naturally high testosterone) and...
  13. Silverthorne

    CNTM: Chaturbate's Next Top Model

    I am so excited about this app! To be honest I don't know if I'll be able to make it but I'm doing my best and I know this app will help!
  14. Silverthorne

    How did you decide on a name???

    I honestly didn't choose Silverthorne after brainstorming or anything, it just kinda popped in my head one day while debating entering sex work. I fell in love with it and did a quick Google search for any other models with the name or other spellings of it. Since nothing came up Silverthorne...