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Mar 21, 2018 at 5:59 PM
Jul 21, 2017
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staringatstars was last seen:
Mar 21, 2018 at 5:59 PM
    1. studio latin hot
      studio latin hot
      Hello, I am interested in good application for transmitting my models ... can you please contact me? vitor31274@gmail.com
      Hola, estoy interesado en una buena aplicación para transmitir mis modelos ... ¿pueden contactarme? vitor31274@gmail.com
    2. Kalikitty
      I am interested in more info regarding your customized tip animations please!
    3. G0th_g33ks93
      I’d like to chat for a bit about what you’re able to get out of the Chaturbate API. I’ve got the tip notifier going but am wanting to try to see if I can make a notification for followers too. Also, I checked out your YouTube stuff. Really cool!
    4. pechanmon
      I’m interested in tip animation with ObS. email me if you have time: pechanmon@hotmail.com
      1. staringatstars
        emailed you
        Feb 23, 2018
    5. Lexa
      Can I buy the sample code... also I'm not looking for a plug in. All I want to do is put the text into a web browser source. I dabble in a bit of coding myself but nothing to advanced yet.
    6. jessica2233
      Hey, I'd love an email about your tip notifier plugin - cbjessica2233@gmail.com
    7. collegezoey
      I am very interested in your tip notifier(: My email is collegecambabe@gmail.com
      1. staringatstars
        emailed you
        Feb 6, 2018
    8. Miss Louise
      Miss Louise
      Heya! I’m interested in tip animation with ObS. email me if you have time: misslouise1990@gmail.com
    9. Hunter
      Hi, i am interested in the OBS effec, plugin, script, really IDK what is, when the user send tips show the name, the tip, and fly animated image, can u help me, please. TY
      1. staringatstars
        if you give me an email, tom131315@yahoo.co.uk I'll give you more info
        Dec 27, 2017
    10. LunaMelek
      Hi, About OBS too my e-mail. management.lunamelek@gmail.com
      1. staringatstars
        emailed you
        Dec 19, 2017
    11. BarbieCrystal97
      Hey Tom, I messaged you you though your email that I like to get the OBS scripts from you.
    12. UniversitySmiles
      I'd love to chat OBS & OBS scripts! Shoot me an email - liz@universityliz.com
      1. staringatstars
        emailed you
        Nov 28, 2017
    13. emilygirl1
      ey hello, If your wanting any tip responsive(or chat responsive) data shown ie. displaying tips and/or tip names or animations on screen give me a msg, I have done several tip responsive overlays form models. Prices start from $30 depending on complexity.

      Me interest please contact me

      emilymodel1@hotmail.com o https://es.chaturbate.com/emilygirl1/

    14. megan1
      I'm interested in animation when they send tip in chaturbate, I have OBS, and I have a very basic system for when someone sends me tips, but I want a better one, could you help me? Thank you. my email is hotlantinsex@hotmail.com
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