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    I got banned from MFC now working on cb

    jessie, thanks ill talk to my studio boss about streamate..;) see what he has to say..I fi work in a studio i cant just start secretly making my own account elsewhere. if i had my own computer id obviously would work on my own. Hence, I always try to smile..and i get of and take...
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    I got banned from MFC now working on cb

    umm yes i can make some money if i stay on cam like 13 hours and just wait for a flash i move around,, to them try to be nice..and no i don't get shakes from one cup of coffee. as for alcohol i don't drink every day or every week lol. sometimes if i get bored on the site i...
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    ACF models who are camming now

    Im online.
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    I got banned from MFC now working on cb

    my studio tried to set up a new account on mfc, but had no luck..He said i'm banned for my identity.
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    A Public Chaturbate Thread

    i've used my fingers before and lube, but i can't cum, i can cum sometimes by rubbing my clit, but even that's rarely. I know some girls fake cum,but i' mnot a fan of faking stuff either. :)
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    I got banned from MFC now working on cb

    Titty Sparkles. Ive never did anything with men and have no kids. Ive been asleep on cam several times, but Ive seen a lot of girls.asleep on cam.I don't get tantrums than often. as anxiety i try not to show it and smile as long as i can .and if i do get way too anxious or unwell i just...
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    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    DemmTits: you've had 2 pregnancies??? O>O Adrey_: :yes DemmTits: wow DemmTits: do you have children then? This cracked me up lol.
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    MFC / Chaturbate Advice?

    What works well for one girl may not work well for another. I agree on this one Ive seen some models especially on mfc making 2000+ tokens for dildo cum show, while other girls do it just for 100tokens hence their cam score is below 1000 (and if they work in studio it gives them...
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    ~what SONG(Z) are you currently obsessed with?~
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    ~what SONG(Z) are you currently obsessed with?~
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    Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

    Id love to see the new movie, but I don't think the new movie would end up as good as the original first series:)
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    A Public Chaturbate Thread

    maya, ive kidn of bought a dildo once hoping that will help me, but i coudln't force it inside me, even with a lube...i think this is why i don't do so well..i enjoy dancing , teasing...just not for free lol if peopel tip it lifts my mood up for more... all i think is cb is more...
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    I got banned from MFC now working on cb

    Ive used to work in a factory for long hour shift which messed up my back and i got fired. I don't mind camming really, just can't stand that a lot of people are mean and demand me stuff.. Most of the times now I end up just sitting and banning greys because they want free stuff. +...
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    A Public Chaturbate Thread

    How do you generally structure your shows? I don't do mcuh just flashes and a virgin. :( Do you perform in public? If not, how far do you go in public? I don't do public shows. Models: What are your rules, regarding PM privilges, Mod privileges, etc? 5 tokens per pm...
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    Daily Thoughts

    Life's a bitch.