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  1. LadyLuna

    The Polite Way to Ask About Implants

    I ask this because, not having had any enhancements done to my boobs, I don't want to presume to know the best way to ask this. However, I do believe men can legitimately have a preference for this and it not be a problem, because we are mostly selling physical attraction. Personally, I'd like...
  2. LadyLuna

    It's Pi Day!

    I can't believe no one posted this yet. Am I the only Math geek here? Thank you 80's!
  3. LadyLuna

    Trigger warning: unpleasant surprises are not a good idea

    I hate it when a person asks me for something I specifically mention on my profile that I don't do. It's even worse when they ask for things that I am willing to do, then take me private to surprise me with the things I don't do. why am I putting this in the public section? because it's...
  4. LadyLuna

    Yet Another Thank You Admin Moment

    Due to the way the troll threads were handled, I wanted to say: Thank you very much, Amber and Jawbs. Thank you for this amazing community, and the great example of when to let someone's posts stand, and when to not stand for that. Thank you for all the work it took editing the troll threads...
  5. LadyLuna

    Wallet-photo-sized happy stuff

    I have found a little booklet full of those little pockets for wallet-photos. I wish to fill it with things to make myself smile, which I can carry with me anywhere. Tiny pictures, motivational quotes, quick jokes, that's what I'm looking for here. I thought, if I put what I find on the forum...
  6. LadyLuna

    Climate Change Debate Thread

    Some people think global warming isn't happening. Some people think global warming is happening, but isn't a problem because it's supposed to happen anyway. Some people think humans are entirely to blame for global warming. What do you think? --- My personal beliefs were stated in another...
  7. LadyLuna

    Feminism and the Men's Right's Movements

    The mindfuck thread is getting derailed by this discussion, so a new thread was called for. I shall be the brave soul. To understand where I and a couple others are coming from, it's important to watch the following things in the proper order. If you don't watch "Feminism and the Disposable...
  8. LadyLuna

    Looking for forum hosts- suggestions and opinions

    Amber, if you want this taken down, that's fine. I'm looking for a place to host a forum for the members who watch me. Most of them from before didn't really feel comfortable here, except a certain few. I'm not looking to steal anyone from here, just want a way to hang out with my crowd. So...
  9. LadyLuna

    Car question- make and model

    I'm going used car shopping, and I need some help, because I know nothing about cars. Other than, out of all the cars I have, there were two that were a pleasure to drive, and I'm pretty damn sure it had something to do with the body shape and proportions, as well as the size. I like 4-door...
  10. LadyLuna

    Request a streamate tag!

    Okay, on streamate, models can't really tag themselves (unless they have a member account, but that's cheating a little more than this). But members can. So I thought, why not have a thread where the models can request certain tags on streamate? I have a generic request. I would love it if ACF...
  11. LadyLuna

    Athiesm and feminism

    The following video does a good job of showing some of the issues and problems with feminism and some so-called-atheists. I find it easier to just listen without watching her, cause her facial expressions when she gets passionate are very distracting. Why I'm not an Athiest: because I have...
  12. LadyLuna

    Do you mind being capped?

    Since in another thread, some models expressed displeasure at being screen-capped without permission, I thought I'd find out how many feel this way. Remember, my question is only about screen-shots, still images, not about video being recorded. Personally, I don't mind anything grabbed in...
  13. LadyLuna

    Another Recipe thread

    There's been a few, but I want to put another since they've not been updated in forever... Rosemary wrote some entertaining ones This is another recipe thread This is mostly food pics, but there's a few viable recipes and/or ideas in here Here's the recent one for vegan and vegetarian...
  14. LadyLuna

    Flu shots and risk assessment in general

    Here you guys go! There was a really good ted talk about this... I think this is it, but can't verify cause I'm on cam right now. Now, according to this, we should be more likely to believe we are less at risk for something than we thought. But I think she also pointed out we are more likely...
  15. LadyLuna

    Your Favorite Porn Tube Site

    I have some videos that I don't really want to charge people for. These are things like me kissing/licking/sucking a d20, a quick tease with no glasses, or singing the "I'm a little geek-slut" song. I figured an adult tube site would be a good place, but I can't remember which ones are good, and...
  16. LadyLuna

    Body myths

    I'm making an informative blog, mostly related to camming, but some posts will be about sex in general. One of the posts I want to do is about body-myths: -what certain things actually refer to -how pussies actually react to sex -how pussies actually act If you can think of anything that...
  17. LadyLuna

    Do you like to watch cock cams?

    Simple way to anonymously put your opinion out there. And of course, saying it publicly below is an option too. My answer: I love watching when it's someone I'm talking to or cybering with. Otherwise, it's just weird and creepy. My policy on it on MFC changes. I always allow it in private...
  18. LadyLuna

    Totally Obvious Revelations

    Have you ever had a revelation that was probably completely obvious to the rest of the world? I just had two of them tonight, so thought I'd start a thread where we can share them. 1. POTUS is President of the United States. In my defense, of and the are usually not included in stuff like...
  19. LadyLuna

    Member Cams- sexy, funny, and sweet screenshots

    I've never seen a guy sleeping on membercams, but I did see someone doing chainmail while talking to me, which I weirdly found sexy. Sadly, I never thought to screen-shot them. x.x Please keep these to fun screenshots, no eye-bleachers. Thanks! (This thread is mostly "Luna wants to see the...
  20. LadyLuna

    For all those "profile help!" people

    There are 5 million profile help threads (okay, not quite that many. seven pages of search results when searching for "profile" in the thread topic only, grouped by thread topics) I went through these and looked for the threads with at least 20 posts. I'm putting them all here. Most of them are...