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  1. Nigerian Prince

    Using a phone as a webcam

    So most people when they start out camming buy themselves a webcam, but the fact of the matter is most of us have better camera's already in our phones, and webcams have seen very little progress in the past decade. This was my thought process when I first started camming but I soon realized how...
  2. Nigerian Prince

    Any Davinci Resolve users?

    So I have a bunch of videos that I want to cut up and eventually make into a compilation but I've run into an issue. Because of storage space and the fact that I usually record audio separately I figured it would be ideal to export the segments from each video in ProRes which I could easily use...
  3. Nigerian Prince

    A short guide to making LUTs for OBS

    I stumbled across a video that introduced me to a very useful program that generates LUTs without being too complex or requiring the use of any paid programs. I've tested it with both Lightroom on pc since that's the most common photo editing app, but you can also do all the edits on your phone...
  4. Nigerian Prince

    SpankPay giveaway for SWers

    So SpankPay is doing a 100k giveaway on Twitter to the first 1000 people, sending everyone $75 USD for creating an account and $25 to the person who refer (or anyone who has an account that you tag in the post). Got my money within 5min of Tweeting. Although it says Bitcoin you can have your...
  5. Nigerian Prince

    Pornhub live streaming?

    So it seems like staff members are are testing their own live streaming service. I've always found in strange that they use a streamate whitelable when they could easily generate enough traffic from their own site so this move logically makes sense to me. Though now I wonder what will happen...
  6. Nigerian Prince

    Tatiana Maslany cast as She-Hulk

    Her acting ability and range is off the charts, and I honestly can't think of a more fitting actor for the role. Honestly this casting just made my day :)
  7. Nigerian Prince

    Anyone know anything about Colour Range?

    I'm having this issue where my video looks great in OBS, and a little flatter, but it has too much contrast and looks over-saturated on the users end, and also when I look at sample recordings. Currently I have my colour range set on full, but it appears my recordings and stream are in partial...
  8. Nigerian Prince

    Pornhub auto-tweets...

    So I turned on the feature the other day and a just saw the tweet it sent out for me. I did a double take after seeing how it tweets 😂 Now I wonder what it tweets for everyone else
  9. Nigerian Prince

    An interesting browser for content creators

    So I came across something that reminded me of this steemit thread that was posted a few weeks ago (premise was basically post nudes, get crypto for up-votes etc...) that caught my interest. There is a chrome based browser called Brave that was basically made as an easy way to tip content...