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  1. LylacDoll

    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    I've done this -- it's not about the person who has tipped. It's about the people I know are watching that haven't tipped and think that they can simultaneously expect models to just keep showing up indefinitely while also doing nothing in their power to actually enable that to happen. 500...
  2. LylacDoll

    Where to report gross violation of TOS

    Are you speaking in a legal capacity? Is this message one which Stripchat's lawyers have reviewed? Is Stripchat recommending people send them screenshots in situations like these and endorsing the legality of this? At face value, this seems like a very naive and potentially damaging stance for...
  3. LylacDoll

    The amount of CB support threads is... wow

    There's money to be made there and that's about it. I started off there as a newbie model with the expectation that I would get erroneously banned and be forced to move someplace else. I thought it would make for a good cam training ground. It felt much lower stakes than somewhere like MFC...
  4. LylacDoll

    Random thoughts on camgirls, stripchat, and being a noob.

    No one's ever bought me pigs, clearly I must be trash 😩 /s
  5. LylacDoll

    How to stand out in conversation with someone that happens to cam? (starting a new relationship)

    I can empathize a bit with OP--I've had well meaning people IRL make my job into a weird thing just from innocently not knowing the ground rules, and once I explained them they were fine. Just cause it's obvious to me on the other side, I can understand it not being obvious to people on the...
  6. LylacDoll

    Would you kick this guy or ignore him?

    Same. I don't mind as much if the show is moving and I have lurkers--some guys don't like to just jump right in, I get it. But when it's slow and I have like 5 guys just sitting there...staring at me? It wigs me out. Like, what are you doing? Am I just a tab you forgot you had open? Are you...
  7. LylacDoll

    CB Anonymous Browsing Intentionally Crippled?

    I wonder if it's possible to prioritize the connections of people who are already logged into the site so that during times of heavy traffic those with tokens to spend are the least negatively affected? If so, I could see that being a potential cause, even if not explicitly done with the...
  8. LylacDoll

    MFC bans all Vietnamese cam models

    IMO, I don't really like the idea of putting the onus on websites to keep track of international law to protect their users. Laws change a lot. In countries with frequent regime changes/civil wars, I could imagine it getting pretty dicey to figure out which set of laws is in power at that point...
  9. LylacDoll

    Models, when is it appropriate for a member to give stream feedback/advice to the model?

    When is feedback appreciated? When I ask for it and if there are glitches (I'm muted, the stream is dropping/glitchy). It really sucks when people make suggestions on what they'd rather see because odds are either 1. It's a deliberate choice I made, and I didn't get online to defend my...
  10. LylacDoll

    Cam model supporting politicians

    I'm very political on cam. Not talking about politics does not feel like an escape to me personally because when I don't talk about politics people think they can get away with dogwhistling, and then get surprised when I tell them to knock that shit off. Being open about my very liberal views...
  11. LylacDoll

    Hardware Upgrade (Laptop Help)

    I've done streaming on both laptops and desktops. For me the two lynchpins for picking a desktop over a laptop were 1. Not having to worry about overheating or parts wearing out and 2. Having room inside of the tower itself to do upgrades. Also, noise level--my desktop is virtually silent on...
  12. LylacDoll

    A Few Questions About Offline Tips on MFC

    10,000 tokens is way above minimum payout (I think it's $50 but I haven't checked since I started so I'd recommend googling that one if you want a specific number). For messages without a tip, I'm pretty sure those also come with emails too but I don't recall off the top of my head.
  13. LylacDoll

    A Few Questions About Offline Tips on MFC

    MFC automatically cashes out tokens to models as soon as the member sends them (unlike CB, where they're stored and then have to be cashed out), so as long as she's above the minimum pay out she will receive them in her next payout. If she's below the minimum payout they'll just sit on her...
  14. LylacDoll

    Do I have any rights to my accounts?

    That's not a useful generalization though. Without stating that it was a "worst case" in all situations, and presenting it as just a fact of how certain sites work, you discourage people from looking at their particular studio's agreements. Obviously if someone is looking for information on this...
  15. LylacDoll

    Guys always fall for cam models. Do cam models ever fall for guys?

    It didn't read as contradictory to me. The men who spend large enough amounts of time to really start "falling" for a cammodel are usually there at least a few hours every night. When you're as busy as @MissCJ described those few extra hours could be used for things that she may prioritize more...
  16. LylacDoll

    CB traffic cap?

    Maybe this is just me but, you really do not have the credibility needed to tell people they're wrong without backing it up with actual evidence. Your posts have done nothing to earn my respect or trust in your opinion as most of them have not been backed up with actual evidence (though you make...
  17. LylacDoll

    Upload speed for caming 2020 Edition

    Had a similar thing happen too (apartment complex up the road had a mess of connections). Part of the problem we had wasn't just that the upload was slow but it was so inconsistent that the stream just couldn't really compensate for it. We'd spike up to 3mbps and down to 0 like a ping pong ball...
  18. LylacDoll


    I just can't imagine why camgirls would react strangely to you messaging them about a fetish they could get banned from the site for participating in. /s You said it yourself, you know MFC has taken action against ABDL, so obviously it's not something they want on their site, and I assume...
  19. LylacDoll

    Social Stats with OBS

    Yep, just checked and mine shows the same thing. Definitely some kind of bug. I'm not sure why releasing the OBS update would have caused it but I'm not a web dev, I have no idea what kind of convoluted code is running on their backend. Hopefully they get it fixed soon.
  20. LylacDoll

    Shoe shopping

    Personally, not really but that's mostly because I have the *least* finnicky foot shape in the world when it comes to anything that doesn't doesn't have a heel or tons of straps. I've worn Walmart flats without any arch support every day for months while walking around constantly and never had...