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  1. LylacDoll

    Found by a real life acquaintance

    So my first night camming went really well, and with being new, and lots of self-promotion, I climbed through CB's front page ranks pretty well (in my opinion), which I was glad to do. But now I have a slight problem that I'm not sure how to deal with. You see, I was expecting it to take at...
  2. LylacDoll

    How to pick a remailer?

    Title pretty much says it all. I'm going to (hopefully) be shipping and selling items soon, and location privacy is a real concern for me, so I don't want it to be post marked from my home city, and remailing looks like the only option around that. But all of the sites where I've seen it sold...
  3. LylacDoll

    Demographic Analytics

    Does anyone have good resources for finding out what demographics of consumers view which camsites, at what times, the most? I did some googling, and I didn't see anything particularly useful. I'm sure it has to be out there somewhere though. I'd really like to know things like, when my key...
  4. LylacDoll

    How Do You Reconcile This?

    OK, this question is going to take a couple rewrites to make it concise. How do you reconcile the fact that while regulars can be very nice to you in not just funds but in how they talk, or hang out in your room, 99% still see you just as an object? How do you keep yourself from being lulled...
  5. LylacDoll

    Was this an (attempted) scam?

    Can people use money from their own Amazon gift cards to purchase online gift cards for other people? I had a guy today try to say he couldn't, and that if I wanted him to get me something from my wishlist that I'd need to put my address on the wishlist, so it could send that way. To my...