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  1. Brett M

    What do YOU Enjoy Doing on Vacation/Holiday?

    I am curious, if/when you go abroad on a vacation/holiday, what do you like doing? What type of holiday do you pick? I mean, something adventurous, hiking, sightseeing, or do you prefer to just be near the hotel and beach and pool sunbathing, or perhaps a cruise is your preferred type of...
  2. Brett M

    People Users say you LOOK like?

    So tonight a guy said a model looked like "Cruella" (she doesn't), but with him saying it and never being in her room, it was not clear if he meant it as a compliment =, an insult or just neither (and just saying it's who she looks like). I will admit I did read it as an insult, and so must she...
  3. Brett M

    What was your last "DOH" (dumbass) moment?

    This can literally be anything from putting the sugar in the fridge instead of the cupboard (yes, I have done this or similar before haha).. or anything else. My last dumb moment: running a bath for the last 20 minutes, I forgot to put the plug in the hole 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂:giggle::giggle::rofl::rofl:
  4. Brett M

    Traffic Bot Accounts in Room?

    This is very strange and has never happened in this model's room before, I am hoping it's unrelated to my problem from yesterday, but this is a different model from that but see the image below "Userpbr" ones all say colombia on the profile. The "userctnd" ones say Netherlands
  5. Brett M

    Do you change your CB #Tags?

    I would really love to know everyone else's opinion on the #Tags for chaturbate. What I see most common is the model will find 5 #tags she likes and then just use them for the rest of her life (maybe a slight exaggeration, but I think it's close). I always say find more than 5 for yourself and...
  6. Brett M

    Stripchat down for anyone else? Doesn't load at all

    Non stop loading for me. Anyone else having the same problem? Been doing it for 20 mins now
  7. Brett M

    Can you Block a DM from OnlyFans Models?

    My god, it's 11:28 am as I write this here in the UK and I have already had 4 DMs from this model/content creator I signed up for on OnlyFans. so far 2 are promoting PPV content and 2 are promoting other women on the site. She has 2 accounts: free + premium - this is her premium one. I am...
  8. Brett M

    New law banning cyberflashing to be included in Online Safety Bill
  9. Brett M

    OnlyFans accused of conspiring to blacklist rivals

    I saw a model share this on Twitter so figured I would post it here
  10. Brett M

    Professional Porn Playing in the Background

    So this was just weird and honestly, I don't understand it. I went into a room and in the background on a big TV, a model is playing porn. I assumed it was of herself (some models do this with videos to show previews for you to buy, or obviously they do it as an overlay on OBS so it's nothing...
  11. Brett M

    "Message not sent. Try slowing down." - in 1 room constantly

    So, this is very strange. In 1 room that I visit often, we talk lots, etc it randomly started to say "Message not sent. Try slowing down." when I would try sending a message. Ok no problem, I thought. I left it a few minutes, tried again.. the same error. I did this a few times, still the same...
  12. Brett M

    Movies You Would Love A SEQUEL (or PREQUEL) For?

    This can be any movie that was going to have a sequel or prequel for it originally, but then for some reason got cancelled, or it can be any other movie that you would love to see a prequel or sequel for it. I was thinking of movies I hadn't seen for a while, and I thought of "Hancock" with...
  13. Brett M

    Should I Tell The Model About This Fan Member's PMs?

    I came across this model I enjoy, I started to talk with her and we had laughs and a good conversation. At the time (a few days ago), I had only enough for either 100 tokens or to join her fan club (both cost £9.99). I figured the best option was the Fan Club because she gets all of the...
  14. Brett M

    A Model's REAL Instagram Was Suggested to me - but HOW?

    So myself and this model have known each other over 1 year. I have her Skype, WhatsApp and follow her on Twitter. Today, it recommended me her REAL life Instagram account (which uses her real name). I messaged her to let her know, and it caused problems. She thinks I searched her by name to...
  15. Brett M

    What is a striptease to/for you?

    This sounds very dumb but I think expectations differ but what is a striptease in your opinion? If someone tips you for it what do you do or show? Users: what do you expect (if anything)? A guy tipped a model for a striptease and she did tease and she did strip but not all the way. She did a...
  16. Brett M

    Merry Christmas! - What Traditions do You Have?

    Merry Christmas everyone. I am curious, what big or little traditions do you personally have for these holidays, or as a family? When/how did they start? I only have one or 2 small things. When I and my brother were kids, we would want some alcohol for Christmas, so a way around this which...
  17. Brett M

    Do you enter camming contests?

    Some sites will have contests throughout the year for models. I know Chaturbate will do a few, for example usually a Halloween one, and right now they are holding one for dancing in a costume (christmas presumably?). I was curious, how many of you and how often do you enter the contests? Will...
  18. Brett M

    What Will We Find on Your YouTube Homepage?

    Just a random and fun little topic. For those (everyone?) who use YouTube, and frequently, what kind of videos will we see on your Homepage? Mine is full of "Prank" videos and "food recipes" - stuff I will never do but really would love to try lol.
  19. Brett M

    Dirty Talk Phrases?

    I have had a couple of foreign models asking me to write them, or send them audio for dirty/sexy talk phrases THEY can use for guys in private shows. Like what guys want to hear. I am honestly someone who is very bad at dirty talk and I don't usually ask for it, so I honestly don't know what to...
  20. Brett M

    "Broadcaster Has No Audio" - but everyone else can hear her?

    This has happened a few times and I am unsure why. I load a model's room and it instantly says "Broadcaster has no audio". Ok great no problem, some models have their audio turned off. But then, everyone else in chat is responding to her, and she IS talking to the camera/mic. I have refreshed...