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    INCLUDE YOUR TICKET NUMBER (THE ONE YOU GOT IN THE EMAIL FROM SUPPORT WHEN YOU EMAILED THEM) INCLUDE YOUR USERNAME ON CHATURBATE Don't reply to someone else's thread asking the CB rep for help, start your own and only reply within it with updates. I will be deleting duplicate/irrelevant posts...
  2. AmberCutie

    The amount of CB support threads is... wow

    This is my approval queue for new posts since 10am today. Please improve your support situation at Chaturbate, @punker barbie person. [EDIT: It does appear that a studio owner created many (many many) accounts for each of their models that were banned. Clearly there's still an issue in...
  3. AmberCutie

    "Unable to cashout" at Chaturbate.

    As I just finished taking screenshots of the multitude of posts over the last couple months, another one just rolled in. So many models at Chaturbate have been having issues cashing out their tokens (a.k.a. GETTING PAID) over the course of the last year, and it has been especially rampant in...
  4. AmberCutie

    Remember when Projekt Melody was just a CB dramatopic?

    I'm sure we discussed that she grew her endeavors onto Twitch.TV soon after, but here's the latest with her:
  5. AmberCutie

    "In love with a cam girl" - The Collection of Threads

    For the next hundred members who arrive at ACF thinking they're going to start a relationship with a cam model because she's acting in love with them, here is a LOT of reading material collected here through the years. If you think you're some kind of special case that has a chance at real love...
  6. AmberCutie

    Miss MFC 2020

    Starting fresh! Jan - Jessperation Feb - AmberEly (she apparently created a new account since... AwesomeEly) Mar - GingerMFC Apr - AwesomeEly May - AlicexMaia June - Kati3kat July - GingerMFC Aug - Carmen Sept - NewName_ANA Oct - ZiaFox Nov - StarPowerrr Dec - MissChristmas (as expected! 10...
  7. AmberCutie

    DecAmber 2019

    So it's going to be MUCH more lowkey of a DecAmber than usual, but I love using the name for the month, so we'll make it at least a little special! I'm not going to push myself with crazy hours, or push my members for a crazy rank goal, but do have a few fun extras that we'll enjoy in order to...
  8. AmberCutie

    AwesomeAugust 2019 - 10 years of Amber!

    It's the mega month of all mega months! My 10 year cammiversary month arrives at the stroke of midnight on August 1, 2019! Below you'll find details on some of the special goodies available! (Click images/links for more info and to buy the goodies...) You may notice that there's a...
  9. AmberCutie

    New ACF forum April 2019!

    Sorry we were down so long today! There was a HUGE forum software update we had to finally give in and install after putting it off for a while. There are probably a lot of little quirky changes we'll have to adapt to, and lots of visual differences that we'll all get used to soon, but here's...
  10. AmberCutie

    Birthday MegaMarch 2019

    Time to rock some ranks in Miss MFC and celebrate being another year older... younger... still 30 years old forever! ;) I'll be celebrating my birthday on Friday March 8 since I'll be doing something special off-cam for my birthday weekend and won't be around for my actual bday (March 10)...
  11. AmberCutie

    Miss MFC 2019

    New year, new thread! Jan - SinCityVEE Feb - IvyGrace March - Boss_Battle (Snugglepunk) April - aleXis May - AlicexMaia June - Kati3kat July - RocknRose August - RocknRose (first back to back win of the year) (also sorry I took a different screencap this month to showcase my last hurrah/attempt...
  12. AmberCutie

    DecAmber 2018!

    I think I say this every year when DecAmber rolls around, but holywhoa the year went by fast. It was a strange year, I'm actually really glad that the last month of it is basically here. Here's the lowdown on most of DecAmber 2018's happenings! I'm leaving the token amount hidden on most of...
  13. AmberCutie

    Black Friday Sales - Cam Model Supplies

    If you come across any major deals on supplies for cam models today, post links here! Streamdeck is on sale on Amazon.
  14. AmberCutie

    Thoughts on flashing/public stuff

    So this has been a hot topic today, and I am in the mindset that I think while I'm sure it was fun and playful, it shouldn't be a common thing. The problematic part was she asked a dude if he'd touch her boobies, he said NO, but she still flashed him her boobies. Roles reversed, if a guy had...
  15. AmberCutie

    Skype problems ahead?

    According to many articles, Skype 7 will be discontinued next month, requiring all users to upgrade to a brand new format in Skype 8. And here's a blurb from a different article about the downsides of...
  16. AmberCutie

    Awesome August 2018! 9 years!

    It's that time again! I think I hinted earlier in the year (likely after the exhaustion of Mega'ish March set in) that I probably wouldn't be doing anything big for August. And I'll stand by that, this isn't as BIG as some AwesomeAugusts. (I mean, remember that one that I never took a day off...
  17. AmberCutie

    Even young kids dislike freeloaders... unless they have an excuse lol

    This article piqued my interest as it's the top post on reddit right now. Does it apply to cam sites? hehe.
  18. AmberCutie

    New MFC Unofficial Support Section

    I've created this sub-forum in hopes of organizing actual support questions vs. general chat about MFC issues. As stated in the description, you should first check out MFC's support page on their wiki and contact support there, and models should email for official...
  19. AmberCutie

    New CB Unofficial Support Section

    I've created this sub-forum in hopes that all support issues for CB can be directed here instead of to Shirley's [edit 6/22/21 - no longer run by Shirley herself, it's run by CB support team members] (@punker barbie) profile wall. As stated in the description, you should first check out CB's...