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    CB Keyword Ban Feature

    Just wondered if any of the models here have tried out this recent added feature, and had any feedback?
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    Dropped Connections

    The last 3 or 4 private shows that I've done on CB have been affected by disconnections, which I'm advised by Support has been a server-side issue. In public streams, it's not that much of a problem when you get the 'chat disconnected'....'trying to reconnect' message numerous times, and then...
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    "More Rooms Like This"

    Just curious if anyone knows what method CB uses to populate the "More Rooms Like This" tab? The results seems to vary wildly whenever I try that, and I cannot see any patterns. For example, none of the hasthags of the suggested rooms match the original room description, and there is often no...
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    Helping or Hindering Follow-Up Tips?

    Interested in opinions from both models and viewers alike on this situation: The room is often quiet, with say 100 viewers but only 2 or 3 active tippers, regulars who mostly tip at steady intervals for appreciation. Someone new enters and tips for something off the menu - example, oil ass. If...
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    Changing CB Room Name

    Question for any models who have changed their username on Chaturbate: Do followers of the old room name stay with you when your name changes, or do you lose them? And (as I understand it) since you have to contact support to request the name change, are you able to promote your new name in the...
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    OF Purchase Feedback

    After purchasing some content from OF, I received emails for each transaction with the subject 'Thanks for supporting a post'. The email includes this thumbs up/down feedback opportunity: Clicking on the thumbsup icon just takes me to the generic OF Help-Feedback FAQ page, and there is no...
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    Good thing..... or is it??

    I'll make this as concise as I can, but stay with me :) Have been a regular of an amazing model for several years, great chemistry and always a fantastic time visiting. Couple of months ago she got a new day job, but carried on camming during her evenings. Haven't been able to visit her much...
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    Understanding Transmission Delays

    I've been reading up on lag and latency to try to understand transmission delays, particularly on Chaturbate. The degree of delay I often encounter is variable, but let's take an example of a 20 second delay, counted from when I send a tip, to when I hear the tip noise from the model's room. I...
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    CB - Photos in PM

    Seems you can now add photos/images to pms at CB. A few days ago, I noticed there was a new image icon next to the smiley and 'send' button to the right of where you type new messages, now this from CB's Twitter confirms: Guess this opens the door to a bunch more dick photos (and potentially...
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    Privates - window, or whenever?

    For the models working on token-based sites: Do you find it better to have a window of time in your show that you're available for privates, or just having privates available throughout? If you've tried both scenarios, what are the pros and cons?
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    OF 'Offer' Messages

    I'm a newcomer to OF, and subscribed because of one specific model. I've been receiving fairly regular messages offering content that you pay to unlock. The content is very short video clips, most are between 4 and 10 seconds long and are priced at $10-$20 each. There is no preview or...
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    Username Color Change on CB

    If a user passes one of the color change thresholds for token usage while in a room, does their color change in the chat window right away, or only if they leave and re-enter? Does it make a difference if they are only actively spending the tokens in another room (i.e. they have several windows...
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    Laptop Security

    One of the models I visit regularly had her laptop in for repairs recently, and realised afterwards that all of her camming-related stuff was accessible to the computer shop staff. She did not have any startup/logon or HD password protection on the laptop (but does now) and there was a lot of...
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    Hanging Around Post-Private

    Question for the models on token sites: If a viewer had a decent length private show with you, including good tips (or even tipped well over a period of time in the public show), would you expect them to continue tipping if they stayed for the rest of the public show? And would your answer...
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    I'm not a model, but I do c2c. So thought I'd ask opinions here, as it's relevant to presentation. I have a hairy chest and abdomen, which I try to tame regularly. However I've long been curious as to how to handle the grooming, let's say, "south of the equator" :) I sometimes feel that an...
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    Recorded Private Show

    I found an older thread on this, but it was closed for replies. Anyone else had recent tech issues during a CB private, resulting in the show recording not appearing in your 'My Collection' tab? I'm not generally bothered about recordings, but did a fantastic private yesterday during which the...
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    SC User Colors

    I recently signed up on SC and have been hanging out in a couple of rooms trying to learn the ropes. Just really curious about the changing username colors. I searched the SC wiki page and got the basics of the levels etc understood. So in this one particular room, there is an ultimate member...
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    Mental Health Concerns

    I'm concerned about the mental health of a friend. Her regular schedule has gone out the window - sometimes she will say "back online tomorrow" and then not show up for a week or so. She seems to have lost all her energy and previous enthusiasm, if someone tips for a menu item she takes ages to...
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    Does a regular big tipper help or hurt earnings?

    Models on token sites, if you have a regular generous tipper, do you notice that once they join your room, others stop tipping? If so, do you generally make more from that one bigger tipper than without them, or does their presence reduce what you'd otherwise earn from all the others combined...
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    Outfit Change for Privates

    The model who I moderate for on CB has several regulars who each do 4-5 privates with her per week, but without a set pattern of day/time. Each one has some very specific - but varying - outfit requests that she accommodates. Whenever they write her their requests, she goes and changes during...