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    How do you know who the top earners are?
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    When is it over doing a GFE

    I feel like there needs to be a thread for models on how to protect themselves from scammers and harassers. Like I’ve noticed most of the time the ones that are super chatty and open up about their personal life too much are no benefit to the job.
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    When is it over doing a GFE

    Yes but her behavior is also dangerous the more she does things like that she will keep attracting those kind of people.
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    Do the most popular cam girls also have low days every now and then?

    Yes! Keep trying. Sometimes it’s slow and I’m too exhausted to be more engaging so I just chat for a bit and leave. Try setting tiny goals for teases or something; that usually helps. You need to put your best energy and effort to get more engagement.
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    When is it over doing a GFE

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    I need some advice regarding modeling on chaturbate

    Sometimes I make my goal in one hour sometimes 4-8+ hours. Some of my best days started really slow. The more time and positive energy you put into your shows the better they will get.
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    EhotLovea and Inwardly_Beautyy are Indentical!

    Copying happens on CB all the time. I have no problems with that even if they copy me. I did make a post however once about a “toxic” chaturbate model. She actually will admit to talking bad about ehotlovea in her cam room (as well as other models that she won’t mention by name). She even went...
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    Sending gifts to patrons via mail

    I see many models sending gifts to their patrons, however I’m wondering if they are compromising their privacy. Is there a way to send something without revealing the state you live in?
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    Am I The Overreacting?

    I literally felt this post. Like the job should be about putting on a good show not babysitting upset members. Not blaming you op but I think it’s best to ignore the mod or hint at the model that the mod is overbearing. Unfortunately situations like this happen all too often. I have mods that...
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    Asking for tips on personalized content

    I don’t think it’s a bad idea to ask for a tip at the end, however I think it’s better to ask for more upfront. I’d there are extras that you’d like to offer I would let them know upfront nicely that that will cost more. That way if you are doing anything extra it’s already agreed and paid for...
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    Dealing with Burn-Out as a Cam-Model

    Burnout is real especially in our industry because it’s physical work and every move is being watched by thousands. When I’m feeling exhausted I take a little break (1.5-2 days) and focus on myself and my house. I’ll put on a few face masks while I clean my house. You can also do some non live...
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    Am I actually helping in the long run, or only doing damage?

    It’s definitely a great thing you’re doing. As a model I do the same thing and it’s awesome 😊
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    In a Private Show, What is Considered "Extras" That Require Tip?

    Honestly do what you want. I charge upfront to accept and then 240 per minute. However I always pm after someone requests private to discuss the show before hand. Some girls have their menu 1/2 price for private. Just figure out how you want to run your show and explain it as simply as you can...
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    Do you like/prefer/want a model to greet you when you enter their room?

    I greet everyone when I see my room filling up when I first log in. I’ll say something like welcome if your new and welcome back to my fans. I’ll do a similar general greeting periodically as I see my room fill up more. I’ll also greet those specifically who greet me first (most of the time)...
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    What was the last movie/show you watched?

    I’m a little late but ‘You’ on Netflix was crazy
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    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    Some of our software in on our phones fyi so sometimes it’s necessary. But I get that too much can be annoying.
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    Broadcasting live from a real bar with customers is OK?!?

    I think there are 2 rooms like this on cb. I believe I saw an interview of one of them saying they closed during the pandemic but got everyone verified on CB.
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    Anonymous increase&dissapear Chaturbate

    That’s not too strange especially if you’re looking for growth. Think positive! You’re doing something right when your views increase like that. Also are you listed on CB’s 3rd party website? I think a lot of anonymous views come from there.
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    tipping as a model?

    Haha 😂 oops
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    tipping as a model?

    Yes as a CB model I am able to tip other models.