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  1. Delroy

    Another CB ban

    I along with 8000 other members was watching this as it was happening. el_XoX who is a vtuber streamer on CB got banned during her dubut stream. Just normal streaming stuff (a bit of scuff with the tech) and then suddenly "This channel is banned". There has been a lot of speculation about...
  2. Delroy

    Projekt Melody and Kson to collab on Chaturbate

    Projekt Melody and the Japanese vtuber KSON are going to collaborate on Chaturbate at 2021-11-11 19:00 US EST. While I am sure many of you are familiar with Melody, KSON might be new to you. KSON is a youtube based vtuber with 1 Million subscribers and is the most donated to person on YouTube...
  3. Delroy

    Why is video often mirror reversed?

    I have noticed that frequently the video that member's see is mirror reversed. Writing on models tops are back to front etc. Why?
  4. Delroy

    Is even meaningful to talk about Members as a collective?

    I've been thinking about this subject considering comments made by a banned user who's name is a measurement, the thread about bruises and a thread I was in about eating. Sometimes we speak about members interests if they are a homogenise lump. However there thousands (if not more) members on...
  5. Delroy

    Chaturbate does not to show rooms that I am following in tags

    This might be a bug @punker barbie As a Member when clicking on a tag I expect to see all of the rooms that I can enter. Currently if I follow a room that room doesn't appear in the list of rooms in the tag display I can enter the room via my follow tab. I am not banned or geoblocked from that...
  6. Delroy

    Who complains about giant novelty rainbow tinsel ejaculating dildos?

    Look I get why CB has rules about using real oversized dildos are banned as a way for the site to cover their ass if a model injures themselves. But what kind of sad sack complains about a virtual girl swinging one around in the air and showering the "camera" with brightly coloured pixels.
  7. Delroy

    Do misleading tags and bio information actually work?

    I've seen a model with "#ebony #asian #pregnant" who looked Caucasian and not pregnant at all. While I get that early stages of pregnancy isn't visually obvious and that people can race is not always obvious. The members who are searching tags like are seeking out a certain look. I have also...
  8. Delroy

    This is not a guide for those that want to be lewdtubers/erotic vtubers

    What this is/isn’t This isn’t meant to be a guide on how to be a virtual cam performer. It is a collection of information that might be useful to someone who is interested in doing this. My hope is that by posting this other people will be encouraged to suggest improvements and corrections...
  9. Delroy

    Oddly specific Chaturbate rule

    Okay I get why CB might wish to make "goatse" verboten. However "Bukkake" is basically Japanese term for a facial involving multiple cum providers[1]. There is some backstory about how the practice came about as a way to punish disobedient women but frankly that sounds like something made up...
  10. Delroy

    How to find rooms where the chat is "Bumping"?

    I've noticed that chat in rooms tends to vary greatly. It can go from chat where no one is typing, the model is sitting looking bored (or worse wearing a customer relations smile) to chats where people are talking, the model is having fun talking back to chat, there is a whole vibe to it where...