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  1. sweet_camiila

    Help with blocked account please

    hello @punker barbie please help me solve the problem of verification of a partner who accidentally appeared at camera I just want to verify it and continue working, please help me
  2. sweet_camiila

    age verification help

    hello @punker barbie please help me fix that issue on my account I'm desperate 😭 my account is: sweet_camiila the tikete is (17947538) I just want to verify the person who accidentally showed up on my camera., i learned my lesson and i will have much more care with the person who appears on my...
  3. sweet_camiila

    @punker barbie please help me with support

    hello @punker barbie help me please to solve a problem that takes days, My model account is: sweet_camiila I have my account blocked, The person who accidentally appeared in my transmission is a Verified Chaturbate model and I tried to send her documents to solve my problem, but my account...
  4. sweet_camiila

    @punker barbie help me please

    hello @punker barbie My model account is: sweet_camiila Accidentally for not closing the OBS program, A friend appeared by error in my camera, but my account was totally blocked, I attached to this comment a screenshot of my account so you can see that I do not have the age verification option...
  5. sweet_camiila

    unable to verify a friend who showed up by accident

    hello good day, many pleasure to all my model account is: sweet_camiila i've been working with chaturbate for about a year and I love cb♥, but a few days ago a friend appeared on camera by accident, she was reflected in a mirror and the camera was pointing to that mirror was a mistake I accept...