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  1. GothHostess

    I still don't know how to kick vs ban on CB

    This makes me feel dumb because I've been on CB for so long, but I still don't know how to do this 😅 when I click the "kick/ban" this member option, it only asks me "ban usernamewhatever?" with no option just to kick them out of my room. 90% of the time I just wanna kick them for lurking, but I...
  2. GothHostess

    Chrome shutting down?

    I've had this happen four times in 24 hours now, I'll be in a long exclusive and right before I hit the 34 minute mark, Chrome closes for me and kicks me off Streamate entirely. I've asked the customers, a few said they reached their spending limit, so it makes sense why its ended, but I don't...
  3. GothHostess

    Losing audio in private - CB/SM

    I've started having this problem where I randomly lose my sound while camming on CB. It happened today as soon as I went into a private, but then didn't come back once I leave the private (it's not always triggered by a private though, sometimes it just happens). This never used to be an issue...
  4. GothHostess

    Friend linking OF to her personal social media accounts - wat do?

    Ok, sorry to post multiple questions lately! Just looking for some advice. A friend of mine is very sweet, but very naive, and extremely lacking in street smarts. Over the course of the pandemic, she has become increasingly obsessed with a lot of super artistic, aesthetic instagram accounts run...
  5. GothHostess

    ManyVids Chargebacks

    Does MV not cover chargebacks? I had an adjustment to my account of -$39.99, which is the same price as one of my all video deals, so I'm assuming it was that. It's not the biggest deal ever, but I'm just confused because I've been on there since 2019 and I've never had an adjustment like this.
  6. GothHostess

    How do you keep your inbox organized?

    My inbox is out of control between the endless friend adds and the unsolicited messages from starred users. I understand that this is how the site is set up and there's nothing I can do to organize it from a technical perspective, so I was curious to hear how people manage this. Right now I am...
  7. GothHostess

    Question for international models -IWC request payout

    I used the request payout option for the first time on IWantClips, I was wondering how it takes on average for people to see it in their banks? I know it will vary by bank, I'm Canadian, but the money goes to my US account. I wasn't sure if their three day holding period meant that you can only...
  8. GothHostess

    Manyvids cutoff time for payout?

    Apologies if this is posted somewhere, I searched and couldn't find anything about it! I was wondering when the cutoff was for each pay period - I know it's the 15th, but does that mean the 14th at midnight, the 15th at midnight, in the middle of the day on the 15th whenever it tickles their...