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  1. Chromatica_Jay

    Promoting my 'other' profile on different account, is it allowed?

    I have two CB performer accounts (ones cosplay). I want to be rid of one soon, but promote the one I'm keeping on the account I'm getting rid of as to bring over the followers from there. Is this allowed? Common sense says yes it should be fine, but this is Chaturbate where breathing in the...
  2. Chromatica_Jay

    Can 'Reddit' help with Chaturbate Traffic?

    basically as the question says. would promoting your CB page on reddit help get more traffic? if so where would one go about it?
  3. Chromatica_Jay

    Joined Stripchat, feeling abit overwhelmed!

    I am not ready to broadcast yet but have set up a profile and been age verified. (I am assuming its correct that the 'new' status starts from first broadcast?) Cannot actually find the broadcast button, I am probably being incredibly stupid but where is it?! I am planning on using the Splitcam...
  4. Chromatica_Jay

    Is a streamate ban 'final'?

    I am asking on behalf of a friend who has been banned from the streamate platform, this is because their partner (who is not verified on the site) was in shot of the camera for a matter of seconds. This seems completely over the top, they have tried emailing the company but got no reply, this...
  5. Chromatica_Jay

    Performing on Stripchat & other sites (CB) at same time?

    I haven't joined Stripchat (yet), but I have been thinking about it as an extra site while performing on Chaturbate (which is becoming less lucrative for me these days). How does it work if you are for example getting tipped on CB and start the action but are also streaming on Stripchat? Do...
  6. Chromatica_Jay

    Connecting lovense to CB - Windows -Splitcam

    I feel like my brain is going to combust trying to figure this out, so hoped someone could just quickly condense the instructions down for me on here? So am I understanding right, I need to connect lovense toy to windows first? then I can use any Lovense app on CB and it will work seamlessly...
  7. Chromatica_Jay

    How to use Lovense with CB? / Worth using?

    I have decided on getting the Diamo cockring for CB, firstly I wondered if anyone has had success with this and if its worth the investment? Or just the lovense toys in general worth the investment? I’m kind of at a crossroads after things becoming painfully slow on CB. Also I would be a...
  8. Chromatica_Jay

    Where to position 'ring lights' when camming?

    I really am not technically minded and i obviously no very little about lighting! I have a couple of small(ish) ring lights, I use both and set on the warm glow setting, its been a game changer for me and gives off a really flattering light, HOWEVER thats when I am in the right position, if I...
  9. Chromatica_Jay

    Lovense, worth the investment?

    For male cammers is it worth getting a lush having never used one? Or are they abit old hat now? Just wondering if anyone had seen a noticeable and even considerable increase in earnings using one as oppose to not?
  10. Chromatica_Jay

    'New tag' performers with very few viewers?

    I asked asked before on here about the 'new tag', I heard it was beneficial, so i recommended a friend start up on chaturbate, he was previously very successful on Cam4, however work on there has dried up abit, I explained to take advantage of the new tag on CB, however he just isnt getting...
  11. Chromatica_Jay

    Technical question about using a Microphone on CB..

    Wondered if anyone can help, I was looking at this Mic to use on Chaturbate, its only cheap but I'm not looking for anything overly sophisticated, I just want it to sound good to an audience, the mic on my cam is fine, however I mostly have to type as I need to be quiet most of the time as...
  12. Chromatica_Jay

    Crazy Bot in room today. What the hell was it?!

    Today I experienced the weirdest bot spamming ive ever known, everyone in the room was like WTF. Everytime I kicked the bot out another would appear straight away saying something along the lines of 'kill yourself what is your relationship with your father?', really weird! Not advertising...
  13. Chromatica_Jay

    How to use 'secret show' BOT on CB?

    I fucked up yesterday. I was on CB, and another site, I had a private come up on the other site but knew it would be a quick one so rather than come off CB altogether I thought I would try the secret show BOT, I activated it and it says it charges 50 tokens for someone to unlock it and view me...
  14. Chromatica_Jay

    Getting more traffic to my room?

    Outside of using the 'promote' feature, is there a way of getting more traffic? (Male performer) Honestly I dont want to sound like im having a pity party, but I am so depressed about it. I should really stop looking at other performers who are doing much better despite not really doing...
  15. Chromatica_Jay

    'Open Broadcast Software', struggling!

    I downloaded the one called 'OBS' as per the instructions on Chaturbate, I have tried following them, but I really do not understand it and cannot get it to work, I am slightly embarassed about this as so many people seem to be using it, I am clearly not as intelligent as I thought! :singing: I...
  16. Chromatica_Jay

    Anyone here make use of the CB 'affiliate' program?

    Has anyone had any success with this? And how did you start?
  17. Chromatica_Jay

    Stripchat for guys?

    Hi, I have recently discovered stripchat and was wondering if it is any good earnings wise? I am finding it abit difficult to navigate, want to know whether its worth signing up as a male performer. From what I can see on the homepage the traffic is extremely low, and as for tokens.. seems non...
  18. Chromatica_Jay

    How do 'new' members get on the homepage?

    I have wondered for a while, I see quite a few performers on their first week or even day manage to get enough traffic to get on the first page of CB. Yet some people with followers of 20k+ can struggle. Is a different algorithm used when you first join? Or some other advantage of viewers...