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  1. SAD^^EYES

    What’s your opinion about VR live cams and streaming?

    Is there anyone that tried StripChat or Dreamcam VR services?
  2. SAD^^EYES

    What’s your opinion about VR live cams and streaming?

    I would love to hear more opinions, thank you
  3. SAD^^EYES

    What’s your opinion about VR live cams and streaming?

    Hello Feedback, thank you very much for your input, it's really useful
  4. SAD^^EYES

    What’s your opinion about VR live cams and streaming?

    Hello everyone, as the title say I wanted to get some feedback about VR camming. From my research I found only one website featuring VR cams, I won’t mention it here to not be seen as spam… but I think many of you already know the website I’m talking about. Do you think VR live cams would be...
  5. SAD^^EYES

    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    There was no price involved, they had a long history.. she just invited him here for a casual meeting, she promised accommodation and to take him to visit some nice places etc..
  6. SAD^^EYES

    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    For me the most shocking case I know, is about a model that took advantage of an old and sick guy.. who literally was peeing in a bag. She made him come in Romania from USA, to visit her, just to completely vanish when the guy landed here and tried to reach her. As a customer he spent with this...
  7. SAD^^EYES

    Customer Driving while on Cam site

    Personally it's first time when I hear about it.. but to be honest I am not surprised at all .. with the way the cars are evolving I imagine many drivers enabling the auto pilot especially on long trips on the highways and doing god knows what... Even pro drivers can go crazy ... see this...
  8. SAD^^EYES

    Unable to send tips

    Try to clean your browser history/cookies and relogin... if still not working there is probably a restriction in place for you account and you need to get in contact with Chaturbate support.
  9. SAD^^EYES

    Customer Driving while on Cam site

    Hello Dusty, what can I say.. there are many irresponsible drivers out there and is hard to believe that things will get better. Thought is interesting to see these trends: P.S. Nice drawing
  10. SAD^^EYES

    Blocking my account and ignoring messages

    Yes, my bad, @punker barbie has been around again since june 10, hopefully she will soon reply to this topic.
  11. SAD^^EYES

    Bad Quality of Videos - Anyone else experiencing?

    Hello Brett, maybe is just the connection between your side and Chaturbate servers.. you could test this out using a free and good VPN service (like Proton VPN)... connect to the vpn (you could try different locations) and test out Chaturbate... if the video quality is fine .. then you should...
  12. SAD^^EYES

    Blocking my account and ignoring messages

    Hello Mike, as I understood @punker barbie has not been around since April, try to stick with the Chaturbate support and be as friendly and objective as possible in explaining your situation. I hope they will double check the situation and come to a positive result.
  13. SAD^^EYES

    My account has been banned

    Hello, just curios if you managed to resolve your issue!!!
  14. SAD^^EYES

    CB support is awful!!!!

    That's the downside when you're being on the top in terms of traffic and number of online/active models. They should have reorganize the support staff . long time ago, maybe open some extra branches in various key points of this world. A cam site the size of Chaturbate should have at least 5...
  15. SAD^^EYES

    snapshots issue

    Hello, you can take the content down by filling DMCA reports directly to google, but please be aware that as long as you work as a cam girl, there will always be some content with you out there, either via the affiliates websites network or people that record your shows and post it on tube sites...
  16. SAD^^EYES

    Models Sharing Usernames

    It might be a strategy to increase that account camscore, as probably the time spent online should be an important factor in the algorithm
  17. SAD^^EYES - Update! And still looking for new models!

    These are great news, I hope many Models and Studios will attend!!!
  18. SAD^^EYES

    Lovense Osci 2

    I know a model using this toy and she's very pleased with it!!!
  19. SAD^^EYES

    Paxum SEPA card unavailable

    The only downside of UnionPAy cards is that are not accepted to all ATMs.. at least in my area...
  20. SAD^^EYES

    Streamster or splitcam ? Any way to see my video stream on multiple sites??

    Hello Kiki, you could visit on of these websites as a member, and see yourself there.