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  1. jenniferburril

    Account banned

    Hello! I was banned for no reason after updating my id. And they don’t respond at my emails, for tell me what happens. my username: jenniferburrill Help me,please @punker barbie
  2. jenniferburril

    Account banned for ID verificaton failed

    As you all can see mote than 30-40% of models get banned when sent the Age ID Verification. This is not a reason Chaturbate just started to scam. I have sent them numerous emails with this problem and all i get back was " automated email ". I didn't received the payment from last period and the...
  3. jenniferburril

    Payment not received. What is wrong?

    I have not yet received payment for the period August 16-31. What happens? I need help, please! Thank you in advance Username: jenniferburrill Ticket: 18198923
  4. jenniferburril

    Account banned

    Hi! I'm Jenniferburrill and I was banned 9 days ago, for no reason at all, after I updated my documents. They do not respond to emails , there is no contact number to be able to contact the staff. And I don't understand why after 7 years my account closes for no reason. Please help me! Thank...
  5. jenniferburril

    Account banned after uploaded new document

    Hello @punker barbie I hope you can help me. My account jenniferburrill got banned after I uploaded my most recent ID with my name officially changed after getting married. I wrote an email to support in the 21th August (Request no 18084649) sending all the documentation about my official name...
  6. jenniferburril

    Chaturbate account banned without any reason

    Hello, i got married and I have changed my name. I have contacted Chaturbate to send the new id, they told me I need attach the ID into account, i did it and in the next 30 mins when i have tried to get online i was the message: " Your account has been banned." I have contacted chaturbate again...