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  1. Trixxi_Love

    Taking a short break but want to keep customers

    Does anyone have any advice for what you would do if you knew you were not able to cam model for week? Im visiting family next week and want to make sure I can retain my followers even though I will not be able to cam for 5 days. I’ve thought of posting on my activity feed that I would not be...
  2. Trixxi_Love

    Linktree cracking down

    So I noticed that my Manyvids link on linktree had this “unsafe url” and was no longer showing up on my Linktree. I wrote to linktree support asking what was going on and what link to use and they basically told me that it was unsafe link ... just FYI for other linktree / MV users oddly enough...
  3. Trixxi_Love

    Paying an OnlyFans promoter on Twitter?

    On Twitter it seems I have been getting a lot of these messages of people who want to “promote” my OnlyFans for a fee. first of all I have never tried this so I have no idea how affective it would be. Secondly I feel this is a secondary person trying to get income from my adult work so I find...
  4. Trixxi_Love

    Customer wanted advice for his 18yo daughter

    I want to get some opinions on an interaction I had the other day. I am still new to camming and am very much aware of and opposed to any sort of age / family type of play / role play. The other night the member starts a private (group chat mode) and starts typing a SAD story about how he is a...
  5. Trixxi_Love

    Investing in VR camera / other investment ideas

    Hello I am a new cam model. I used to be a stripper for years but got out of that and started working full time in construction. At the time I was happy to escape adult industry work but I always reminisced and missed and so when I started camming last month everything really felt right. If...