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  1. Chaturbabes

    Obs Help

    I didn't really understand your question, Lovense and Tipalerts are really different things. But they are very easy to set up in obs. in both cases, the necessary settings are simply made on the platform and then the link-key is inserted into "Browser" in OBS
  2. Chaturbabes

    Suggestions for new cam site to join?

    if ur tags is #curvy #bbw and #chubby, then chaturbate is literally good choice for you, try it =) money grow not only on first page
  3. Chaturbabes

    Obs Help

    Most of the models use built-in widgets from Lovense OBS toolset, but there is also a Tipalerts that collects tokens without being tied to an active connected toy
  4. Chaturbabes

    Is this genuine traffic? I think not..

    Different sites tend to have very different traffic from different sources. As far as I know now, Bonga is a site that feeds mainly on advertisements on tube and porn sites with a predominantly Eastern European and Russian audience. They do not necessarily open an account and do not necessarily...
  5. Chaturbabes

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hey everyone! My name is Diana, I am a European CB cammodel and a blogger and streaming coach :h: