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  1. RueBae

    Icon for stream

    Not sure if anyone would know or not but when I see other females streaming they have like these floating “tip” symbols on either side of something. And it’s in their rotating notifier thing. I’m just curious what code I gotta use to get that rotating tip sign on my stream? If anyone knows pls...
  2. RueBae

    Help, need advice please!

    Sooo this is gonna probably be a weird thread buuuuut.. I’m REALLY needing some advice on how to get more Viewers/Tippers in my room? I’m not exactly “new” to chaturbate.. but like I’m not really “good” with videos and such either? 😂 I’m sure I sound about dumb right now, but I feel like I’ve...
  3. RueBae


    Hey guys so for those who saw my thread about not receiving my money after I cashed out the 10th and 11th, I just wanted to update y’all! Apparently it was bc I didn’t know about the W-9 lol but I just filled out the first page like they asked for and sent it in and now I’m just waiting on a...
  4. RueBae

    Why haven’t I been paid yet?

    So I am a new cam girl, but I’ve used chaturbate in the past a couple years ago.. back then I received my payments through check (which never arrived) and I was never contacted.. This time I use direct deposit and I cashed out $56 on the 10th And $52 on the 11th.. I read online many different...