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  1. passmeawhiskay

    Just started a Discord for anyone interested in gaming with me! Introduce yourself on there or here and let me know what games you play if you like.
  2. passmeawhiskay

    LMAO! Tublr CEO confused about his own decision on porn (Comedy)

    Ill just leave this here.
  3. passmeawhiskay

    We won!!! The United States is apparently, the horniest country in da world!

    If you guys haven't seen PornHub's Year in review stats here it is, it's really crazy and interesting considering India who has some over 1.3 BILLION people is at number 3. Yet we friggin killed it! Patriotism intensified! lol And lesbian is the most watched category. I am NOT suprised. ;)...
  4. passmeawhiskay

    Male vs Female Cammers

    This is horribly written and all over the place, but i've had a long day, so please go easy, thanks :-) TL:DR are the bottom. I know this all new territory in the world of Webcams, AFAIK only one site lets males cam, Chaturbate, and I dont know how long CB has been letting males cam. The first...
  5. passmeawhiskay

    OBS problem, stream shows bitrate info instead of video

    So, I did do a quick search in the forums and couldn't find a thread with my particular issue. I've used OBS just fine with twitch and I've followed the Chaturbate specific setup tutorial. Every time I hit stream on OBS, the video on Chaturbate is showing all the technical fancy shmancy IT...
  6. passmeawhiskay

    Need opinions, Ethics of selling old couple shows on ManyVids

    So while, sites like webcamarchiver are profiting on the 3 couple shows I did a few year ago with a girl who who be horrified if she ever found out the videos were online, I'm not profiting. I recently had some mods get a hold of them for me. I could be making money on ManyVids selling them to...
  7. passmeawhiskay without my real name on it?

    Anyone know if there is a way to set up your paypal without your real name? As far as I know the name on your paypal has to be the same as the name on your bank account, be nice to allow for the people who want to tip me for my show or show their appreciation for the show on paypal be able to do...
  8. passmeawhiskay

    Pros and Cons of Camming

    Hello ladies and gentlemen! New to the site, quick background on me and then on to the discussion. I started camming on Chaturbate in 2015 after I got myself into a legal bind, (DUI, dont ever get one, crazy expensive). I felt desperate and was not making enough money with my normal job or my...