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    1° page order

    i have a question, chaturbate support say me that order of preview is about number of user with tokens....but....i have see lot's time with attention and i no understand.... example: I have 500 viewer.... about 70 (violet and blue) and before me .....there is another girl with 300 viewer and...
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    chaturbate registration

    is possible registre account on chaturbate to begin work with only italian id card? if someone have no passport?
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    audio bluetooth

    i attach a photo someone know this audio+microphone bluetooth? is good product? i ask because in the night i cant moan strong.... thanks
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    chaturbate new account

    i'm model broadcaster in chaturbate is possible open another account? always with my id document but another nickname? because I have read around internet that chaturbate say "this id document is yet used" ....
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    more sites stream

    i use only chaturbate with obs i want use other sites in the same moment how can I do? i need 2-3-4 webcam/dsrl or can I use only 1 with obs? thanks
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    sites camgirl

    i know only chaturbate for work do you know other sites good? thanks