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  1. Miss_judith

    Chaturbate not yet unban my account

    Hi @punker barbie please help me. The Chaturbate told my will unban my account at 29 November. But i am still banned. Please help me. I need to work. I need money to love. Please!! Thank you !! My username it s Miss_judith and tiket 18560597
  2. Miss_judith

    Banned account

    Hello @punker barbie please help me to get back my account. My username it Miss_judith. Please!! I support myself from the money of chaturbate, that was my job to live. I am disperate, please help me @punker barbie !!! Thank you!!
  3. Miss_judith

    Account banned

    Hello @punker barbie . Please help me, I beg you! 😢. My account was banned... I don t know the reason.. I sended email AT chaturbate but nobody no answer me 😢. My username it s Miss_judith. I think some" friends " how know i worked on cb.. Make it more account to raport me. Idk. But please...
  4. Miss_judith

    Account banned

    Hi @punker barbie I need your help and I hope with all my heart that you can help me. One month ago my chaturbate account was banned for no reason. I was blocked while I was offline and with tokens left in my account. Could you help me know why I was banned and if I will ever be unlocked? I...