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  1. cbhours

    CB Keyword Ban Feature

    It does not notify the user that their message was hidden but it also doesn't notify the broadcaster. I think all in one bot is a better choice because you can set it to notify you when its happening but it all depends on what words your blocking. For example if you are just blocking...
  2. cbhours

    A place for your ideas and suggestions

    Browsing a models videos when they have a large number of videos is kind of a hassle. By default it only displays 3 videos in a row and the strange thing is that if I shrink the width of the window I can make it display 4 videos in a row when the page resizes. I believe it would be ideal to...
  3. cbhours

    Account chat problems and site error

    Although not quite a solution to your problem you can also use my app eye-contact at to help make sure you do not miss any PMs. It won't help you reply to them but at least you won't miss any.
  4. cbhours

    How does someone find my real name?

    Well.....its complicated. The safest thing is to either only accept gift cards or send to an address that isn't yours but that can still get you the packages. If you insist on getting packages sent directly to you then its recommended to disable third party shipping agreement.
  5. cbhours

    The cam site off-screen workers

    Looks accurate to me, monitors sitting around looking at each other instead of working. Girl positioning webcam herself on top of a laptop screen....wheres the tripod at? thats likely going to shake when typing. Someone needs to let angel rivera know about rtmp splitting cause apparently...
  6. cbhours

    Lagging on chaturbate. Really bad - last few days. Choppy lag.

    does certainly seem more common right now, if I can't load it after a few tries on my phone or computer I usually ask the model to try changing obs servers
  7. cbhours

    Dropped Connections

    i've heard some recent complaints about privates ending out of the blue. It would be nice to have a notice in chat as to who a private ended. User stopped private, User ran out of tokens, Model stopped private, Model disconnected, at the very least to let the model know that it wasn't the...
  8. cbhours

    I came to Chaturbate for a good time and ended up on Simpbait

    I get where you are coming from but..... you do realize that in general people do not like being kicked out of a room for a password show right? and models don't prefer to kick everyone out and leave them with a password box and an unfollow button, its awkward and its way easier to recover...
  9. cbhours

    I came to Chaturbate for a good time and ended up on Simpbait

    If they had set a password then the private would not have happened because that would have kicked everyone else out of the room as soon as the model set the password. Did you already tip in advance for the password show?
  10. cbhours

    I came to Chaturbate for a good time and ended up on Simpbait

    there a step missing here where you tipped for the password show? cause otherwise the model is going to almost always prefer to do a private over a password show.
  11. cbhours

    Scammer Refund Question Response Time

    Oh perhaps she got a site warning and refused to click the "I read and understand the message" because she thought that would guarantee a =refund.
  12. cbhours

    Scammer Refund Question Response Time

    Am I the only one that didn't understand the scenario at all? Are you saying he managed to put in a refund request because the orgasm wasnt real? I don't get it at all.
  13. cbhours

    Wire transfer to Canada

    No you don't need to include a transit number or institution, you do not require an intermediary bank right? they can just wire it directly to the swift and account number?
  14. cbhours

    chaturbate video add how to??

    I love when im watching something on TV and one of those banners show up at the bottom of the screen advertising something. Doesn't everyone? The only ones I think aren't too bad are the ones that disappear for a while and then load another you know what I mean? Like it will fade in twitter...
  15. cbhours

    What was your last "DOH" (dumbass) moment?

    Alright so a lot of the models that send me messages do it in spanish so the other day I was tired and responding to a few models, I understand most spanish but sometimes I use google translate to help me. A model that spoke english had contacted me but she was using voice to text so the...
  16. cbhours

    Not able to upload image for verification

    I think that should be fine, maybe the image is corrupt some how? I dont know, i do know that 950kb is pretty low for an image of that resolution, try not to send any images through any service that may compress the image and lower the quality.
  17. cbhours

    Not able to upload image for verification

    There is a maximum file size allowed as well. How big are these files you are submitting?
  18. cbhours

    Not receiving PMs

    because for a viewer it defaults to opening a PM with the model when you click the PM tab, but for a model it doesn't do that it goes to a list of PMs but its blank if she hits refresh until she opens the PMs to each user again. Do you know if she mentioned her userlist also being blank when...
  19. cbhours

    Not receiving PMs

    I thought they already fixed that bug? Shes sure she didn't refresh? Edit: it was happening for a while for at least a few models but then it stopped so I assume they fixed it. They can always use the eye-contact app as a work around if they want...