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  1. Mistress Cash

    Please remove this banner across my page to change my name. on payments!

    WHAT a huge mess. I did all my ACH right in the first place, but this huge banner, telling me to change my info is still there. I have to scroll up and down to see anything. I have writtn support over and over, and you know what they do? Send the SAME form letter again to CHANGE MY...
  2. Mistress Cash

    Showing up on Pornhub

    I have been getting people asking about me on Pornhub. I don't go on there, nor have a membership, It is too dangerous, as local people are on there. Just today someone said my cam was on there last night, but no connection. WTF. Third time. Anyone else? How do I get off there. I am on SM...
  3. Mistress Cash

    How to fill out ACH on Stripchat

    @Chloe Can anyone help me with the ACH form? It said people from the US could no longer get checks, but suddenly I got a symbol saying I had no payment method set up, so I assume it is Canada too. I have ACH set up for SM, but the form seems different. In Canada, you set up through a second...
  4. Mistress Cash

    Bitrate dropping to yellow, then red.

    Hi Friends, So, my bitrate is dropping to yellow, then red. for a minute a few times an hour. My speed test stays the same. 350 DL 10 Up. I have never had this problem before the last month. What I have done so far , made my roomate get her own connection. Put a dedicated cable into my...
  5. Mistress Cash

    Lovense Domi Poorly made.

    Hi friends, I bought a Domi, plus Omni about 18 months ago. I didn't use the Domi, because the pink seemed more popular, but about 8 months ago, I started using for some shows as well. About a month ago, the bottom button broke, so I couldn't slow it down. The next day, the top one broke...
  6. Mistress Cash

    Discount blocks no longer fully paid?

    Hi, Up until now, I have always been paid for the full Exclusive, or PVT block, even if they left early. Today, it is listed under Exclisive Block, but I was only paid $5 in total. Have things changed recently?
  7. Mistress Cash

    Streamate has horrible bandwidth.

    The bandwidth on Streamate is SO POOR. Why advertise big contests, when everyone is getting booted out of the rooms for poor badwidth? I have talked to 4 girls who said the same thing. Oh, and if you complain, although you have been streaming with the same computer etc for two years, they ask...
  8. Mistress Cash

    Shows not showing up in earnings.

    I do not know what the heck Streamate is trying to put us through. First that stupid verification thing that had me off for a month, and lost thousands. Then they stop checks to Canada. Now, two times, I have not been paid for my shows. I do NOT start until it says 30 seconds. Twice now, the...
  9. Mistress Cash

    Who are the ones with green titles?

    Am I wrong in thinnking those with the green letters are some kind of admin or something? I thought so, but since they keep trying to get me to do illegal stuff and meet them, now I think I am wrong.
  10. Mistress Cash

    If I could just kick out without banning!!!!

    It sucks so bad to find a great site, with lots of traffic, and yet the things the models request most, we can't have. I sure hope it is up and coming. The same bloody people come every time there is any action, so they can sit and jerk off for free. I can have 45 men sitting there not...
  11. Mistress Cash

    I would love to meet with some models to do some shoots, videos, and maybe some camming together.

    Hi, I would love to start getting together with some gals to came etc. Not interested in men, unless they want to be a submissive being used. I live in Eastern Canada. I was thinking someone can fly in for a while, and we can make some money. Videos are much more lucrative with two. We can do...
  12. Mistress Cash

    Buy a hand fan.

    I purchased two, silk, Chinese hand fans for $15. Use them to cover your face if you need to do anything naughty, cough, sneeze, or whatever must be hidden for a sec.
  13. Mistress Cash

    Problems with session not starting.

    Hi guys, Anyone else having problems with their sessions today? I was on earlier, than, when I went back later, I hit start, and it circles like it's starting, but then it gots to start again. I have tried restarting, shutting everything, changing cameras, and settings, and it is the same...
  14. Mistress Cash

    Urinate on the street as a Goal??????

    Last night I went to log on, and on the top models, two girls from a poorer country, had Urinate on the street as their goal. For $10. I logged back off, disgusted that they have to do that, and more disgusted it is allowed. Anyone can see that. I don't want to always be reporting on people...
  15. Mistress Cash

    Can we smoke weed on cam on stripchat?

    @Chloe It is legal here where I live, but I know other sites don't allow it. Thanks
  16. Mistress Cash

    Personal information.

    @Chloe I have noticed many giving out snapchat, what'sap, phone numbers etc. Is that allowed? Also, there is some kind of scam going on, where they ask you to be a sugar baby, and they will send you x amount of money, or pay you $150 and hour. I know it is a scam, because I got two in a row...
  17. Mistress Cash

    All my contacts are gone after verification finally worked.

    Has anybody had this happen since the new verification? I had over 3,000 followers, and now there is a 0
  18. Mistress Cash

    It finally worked. I am verified.

    To let you know, when you submit everything, and it isn;t approved, but there is no link, it is still validating I think. This is all so confusing. Fingers crossed.
  19. Mistress Cash

    Says Documents failed for new verification again, but now no link to upload them again.

    Does anyone else get this messasge and no link? I have sent my ID in many time, but can't get it approved. Any Canadians know how? Anyone know how to get their documents verified using a passport? It's so huge I can't make it work. I could sure use some help. Going on week two without being...
  20. Mistress Cash

    Verification is not even going through half the time. Liz not helping.

    Someone for the love of God help me!!! I am about to be evicted because I can't get my check, and I can't work. I have sent the photos etc in 12 times. They recieved either one photo or none except twice. I just spent money to get people to come help me take the photo. It cost me $22 for gas...