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  1. xChloe

    Pancard not getting verified on Stripchat

    Hello! Waiting for details (nickname/registration email) in the PM or on e-mail ( I will try to help in the best way I can :)
  2. xChloe

    Trying to find specific cam site

    Since I'm joining you at a time when the discussion is in full swing, I think I have to ask for clarification of the question :)
  3. xChloe

    Model claims users can win tokens in lottery game. is this possible?

    Hey! That's a great question actually :) All tokens on the model's balance belong only to the model and they can't transfer tokens to anyone else. But (!) a user can buy tokens as a gift for another user, it's true. Here you can read about how a user can give tokens to another user, and here...
  4. xChloe

    Model not seeing chat or tips in room

    Hello! As far as I know, this can happen when the Internet connection is poor (for example, when using a VPN or an anonymizer) or if a model uses an outdated version of the browser. If the problem persists (although I hope not), please ask your friend to contact me (at
  5. xChloe

    Tokens not added paid for what happened

    Hi! I'll do my best to help, but I need to get more information about your account (nickname and registration email). Please PM me or email me at with a link to this thread.
  6. xChloe

    Stripchat Model Bans

    Hey! This is a painful situation, I bet, but if the model has banned you, I'm afraid there's nothing I can do to help. If the model banned you accidentally, she will unblock you soon.
  7. xChloe

    Regarding feeds and heart like

    It sounds mysterious. Can you please email me the details at and we'll see what it could be
  8. xChloe

    "Invisible" mode

    That's correct ⬆️
  9. xChloe

    What can i do to be accepted as a model in SC?

    Waiting for you online!
  10. xChloe

    "Invisible" mode

    Right! Anonymous tip is anonymous even in stats. I'll double-check that and get back to you :)
  11. xChloe

    "Invisible" mode

    Hello, and thank you (as always) for your questions; I will try to explain how it works. The models do not see who exactly is spying if we are talking about users who are displayed in their guest list, they see only the number of "spies." In most cases (especially if the user is in Invisible...
  12. xChloe

    What can i do to be accepted as a model in SC?

    Sure! Please remind me your nickname and email in PM :)
  13. xChloe

    Stripchat account unblock

    Hello, thank you for reaching out. Please PM or email me (at your nickname and email; I will investigate your situation and contact you with additional information.
  14. xChloe

    Id information got Approved then Rejected

    Hello, and thank you for reaching out to us. This could happen for various reasons (such as if you previously opened a new account: when you create new acc, we reject documents on the old account). But if you PM me your registration email address, I can provide you with more information, of...
  15. xChloe

    Help me pls @xChloe

    Please send me a letter at (I still need to know your email :))
  16. xChloe

    Help me pls @xChloe

    Hello, thank you for reaching out Please PM me your nickname and email, I will investigate with the relevant team and contact you via PM with additional information.
  17. xChloe - Public Thread. New & Existing models are welcome!

    Good question (as always :)). Right now the model doesn't get the video recording at all. But we'll try to make it so that the private part (not exclusive) will be saved in their gallery (if the model has set the appropriate settings).
  18. xChloe - Public Thread. New & Existing models are welcome!

    Yes, of course. And the cost of sending the photo is also up to the model.
  19. xChloe

    A place for your ideas and suggestions

    Yes, you're right - that's why we're thinking about alternatives that the models will like - but at the same time ones that won't be easy to "get around". To give an example: If the kicking option is applied to all users, then some models may start to apply it en masse just because someone is...
  20. xChloe

    User Counts Question

    When a user creates an account, they immediately become a Grey user on level 1. The only ways to level up within this league are verifying the email and watching shows on the site. I think this user didn't just create an account five years ago, but hardly ever used it :)