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  1. Smoothie

    Private show repeat customers

    Something I got curious about while looking through my private show purchase history... I’d be curious to hear from members and models on this. Members: If you buy private shows, do you often buy from the same model(s) repeatedly? Or do you mix it up with different models, or a little of both...
  2. Smoothie

    OnlyFans banning ‘sexually explicit conduct’ starting in October

    OnlyFans is apparently banning depictions of ‘sexually explicit conduct’ starting in October, per this report: Sounds like they’re caving to the wishes of potential investors. What...
  3. Smoothie

    Page rank algorithm change?

    This morning on CB, I noticed something that makes me wonder if they’ve tweaked the page rank algorithm again. Some of the models I follow normally hover around 20-50 room count (or less). But today, I noticed they all seem to have higher traffic. Some significantly higher (150-200 in her...
  4. Smoothie

    Payment restrictions on adult content

    Saw this story on my Twitter feed and I’m interested in everyone’s thoughts. I guess MasterCard is tightening restrictions on banks that process payments for “adult content.” Article link:
  5. Smoothie

    Calling attention to big tippers/big days: pros and cons?

    One thing I see pretty frequently is models calling attention to their big tippers outside of the show setting. Sometimes it’s as simple as a leaderboard on their profile page listing the best tippers. But I also see models share screenshots on Twitter and Instagram of the username that gave...
  6. Smoothie

    Instagram & cam models

    Is Instagram cracking down harder on cam models these days? I’ve seen a few different models voice concerns recently. One says she got banned at least twice. One was having her stories removed by IG with a warning about nudity, but in the photos she posted, she was wearing a normal skirt and...
  7. Smoothie

    Hourly contest points vs unique registered viewers

    Maybe a dumb question, but: In the CB hourly contest for top cams, I believe they show the number of unique registered viewers in each models’ room along with the current number of “points” each model has. What do the points mean, if not just unique viewers? How are they accumulated and why...
  8. Smoothie

    New to Stripchat, have a few questions...

    So I’ve joined Stripchat... I’ve read through some topics here (and on SC’s Wiki) on the features, and I’m hoping some SC members and/or models can lend some opinions, advice or clarity on some stuff. I’m brand new to SC. I’m all signed up, verified, I bought a bunch of tokens and signed up for...
  9. Smoothie

    Same username, new model

    Lately I’ve seen several cases of an established model’s username being used by a different model on CB. It seems like most of the time it’s a one-and-done (maybe a new studio model borrowing someone’s account to begin learning?). Which is awkward for users, but ultimately, no real harm done...
  10. Smoothie

    Accidentally sharing your cam site activities

    For models or members: Have you ever accidentally shared (Or almost shared) your cam site activity with someone you didn’t intend to, by hitting the wrong button, leaving a tab open, cut and paste error while multi-tasking, selfie with the wrong things visible in the background, etc? I had a...