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  1. kupido

    Models, how do you find other models to work with?

    How do models find others to collab with and how does the system usually work? I have never collabbed but have been thinking about it recently and it sounds fun :D I have a few questions tho, I don't want to get taken advantage of or scammed by the other model. 1. How do you guys agree on the...
  2. kupido

    Retweet Groups, how do I find and join one?

    How do you guys find and join a retweet group? I have been on twitter for 2+yrs and have 6k+ followers. looking to expand my exposure as we all are... I heard of rt groups but dont know how to find and join one.. Can someone reccommend one to me or tell me how I can find them and request to...
  3. kupido

    Is it normal for amateur models to be "managed"?

    Is it normal for amateur models to be in an "in" group and managed by a manager who helps them? I was recently told by another small content maker than she is managed along with a few other girls by an amateur manager who helps them choose what to post and say on their platforms. & apparently...
  4. kupido

    Taking Legal Actions to Sue: DMCA

    There are many websites that don't abide by DMCA takedown requests that are sent to them. These websites may have a page that lie stating they abide by DMCA and will take down anything upon requests. Most times the sites are based in other foreign countries where DMCA does not exists. My...
  5. kupido

    ManyVids Question - about Video Quality etc

    Guys I have a question about *MY* Manyvids in particular. I notice that I have been climbing the ranks on manyvids recently, currently #179 (I am not trying to brag!!) And I am concerned that my videos are not good enough compared to many other models (pls dont laugh or make fun of me). In fact...
  6. kupido

    Need Help Again: Can't Log in Chaturbate Anymore

    Stupid chaturbate is giving me a hard time. I have been trying to log in a new account I created for my friend, in order to get the affilate program rewards. He has been verified and everything. I made the acc a week ago. Now I am not able to log in anymore. Even after I resetted my password...
  7. kupido

    When your asked to do Age-play

    Please no judgement on this thread. Most vanilla cam models have been asked to do ageplay. What is the youngest you guys have been requested to do and did u fall thru with it? I know it is all roleplay, but have any of you guys actually got in trouble for= doing ageplay for private shows on...
  8. kupido

    A question about CMD (CamModelDirectory)

    I have a question for models who use CMD as a platform to do shows. I have been getting a lot of viewers buy time and then end the show early. Say buy 15 min then ending it at 5 min!!! Hours later they reply back on skyppe saying what happened? Give me more time and another show! What do u guys...
  9. kupido

    Throwing out Ideas!

    A list of ideas for models who want to make Clips for sale, but do not want to be nude in these clips. These are types of Erotic NonNude Clips that fans love and are interested in but do NOT require the model to show nudity. Models are able to make these types of clips without going nude. Please...
  10. kupido

    Avoid paying high taxes by creating an LLC???

    Is it smart to create an LLC asap to avoid paying High taxes, or is there a point where it would be wise to do so? I have heard of this from other amateur models and porn creators...but ive heard many mixed information. I haven't yet tried to seek out more information on it until now. The...
  11. kupido

    Does anyone use IndieBill?

    I'm interested to know if this is a reputable company/site to work with. If anyone uses it and gets success from it please post it below. I signed up for Indiebill not too long ago and sent them all my verification forms and personal info but it has been about 3 weeks now and they have not yet...
  12. kupido

    MFC allows game streaming on cam?

    Today I saw a model split screen her cam and her game screen on cam for viewers on MFC. Isn't this breach of MFC rules? Please let me know as I was very surprised.
  13. kupido

    What video Editor is best for making vids?

    Hi all. I recently started making vids to add to my camming and selling them as prizes, clips4sale, and manyvids. I was wondering what video editing app is best and what are some that you guys use? It is hard to look for them when I google search programs that are for video editing there are not...
  14. kupido

    Interesting Question For viewers & Models alike

    Hi, everyone. I needing suggestions/advice & Opinions on something. Please contribute if you can... as I think all of you may have had this experience some way or another b4. First off I am a cam model. A fan of mine recently said he is no longer a fan and will no longer come see/support me...
  15. kupido

    Question about Your Real legal name and filing Dmca

    Hello. I am a camgirl and recently filed a couple Dmcas under my Real legal name as was requested by the porn site i found my videos on. Only after i signed & sent it i read the bottom detailing that my personal info like my REAL name may and might be given to the uploader! And it even stated...
  16. kupido

    Very SERIOUS question for u ALL

    Hey guys. I have just started caming about 3 months ago. It took me while to get the hang of things but now i seem to be doing alright and getting an average of $250-400 a day. This is for a straight 4-5 hours worth of camming straight through. I am making more than I would doing my 5-8 5...
  17. kupido

    NEW model Chaturbate Ticket show question

    I am very new to caming and have my account on CB. Today i was using the ticket show app. I made a viewer mod and in the app mods get free access to the ticket show automatically. This mod said two words basically "tip her"then he left. I was pissed. I took mod rig by away from him but the app...