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  1. AmazingAlexaNY

    question about hair dye lol

    so i had my hair professorially done on my birthday with was January 20 my roots are showing but other then that it still looks pretty good i will post a picture anyways i wanna wait longer because i dont wanna kill my hair but does anyone know what color would be the least harmful? i hate my...
  2. AmazingAlexaNY

    stupid question

    hi sorry if i asked this already but is there away to download my pictures and videos from my account i wanna post some of them on MFC im just kinda lazy to remake everything i have alot of pictures and videos on chaturbate and so on. sorry i am just very forgetful. sorry :(
  3. AmazingAlexaNY


    is there a way to change my rates for private show or group shows i dont see how? 10/min for a group show is a little cheap i think.... can i change it somehow? this is my username there. Amazing_Alexa. :)
  4. AmazingAlexaNY

    rude cheap-asses (sorry im just upset)

    sorry im just angry and needed to vent how someone said he wanted a show like a private show for 200 tokens that would be at like 18/min..... that's kinda rude i am worth way more then 18/min its like 90 cents per minute... fuckin cheapasses..... i think 60/min or even 72/min is fair...
  5. AmazingAlexaNY

    banned why?

    why? what did i do wrong.... omg im so sorry for whatever i did..... i have no memory of doing anything wrong...... :( im about to cry im serious... today is just a horrible day for me.... :( i think someone got mad because i no longer get naked so stupid..... :(...
  6. AmazingAlexaNY

    photo approved or no?

    this is annoying its been five hours and its still not approved in my bio i understand chaturbate most be busy and short staff but still why is it not approved yet.... i worry i did something wrong now. :( its normally approved in a hour or so sometimes in minutes i dont get it...
  7. AmazingAlexaNY


    so i have two questions my new account was banned after sending id and i also see they dont take a normal id non drivers license id what do i do i dont have a drivers license just a normal id card.... :( i made a new account for personal reasons but i cant be verification on my new account...
  8. AmazingAlexaNY

    leaving chaturbate? and venting a little

    so i been thinking about quitting chaturbate or taking a long break well.... i took a week off and came back a few times but i'm not sure if i should quit i get easily bored and chaturbate can be fun. so i don't know if i wanna quit or not. did anyone here quit for a bit and came...
  9. AmazingAlexaNY


    is chaturbate acting stupid or is it just me? it was working fine then about 10 minutes ago i started having problems
  10. AmazingAlexaNY

    anyone else do this?

    sometimes i almost feel like i have other people inside my brain where i become a different person. this person has a different age name and everything. they can even live someone else and look different in my brain like one was dana she is more girly and has two dogs and so on. i don't...
  11. AmazingAlexaNY


    just wondering if i will get my payment tonight or tomorrow ? i requested it yesterday i normally get it the next day. so yeah...
  12. AmazingAlexaNY

    another stupid question?

    sorry if this was asked already but i made a song for my dog who passed, someone wanted to hear it. i was gonna post it in my bio but i don't know cb's rules with music custom made music i don't wanna be banned. sorry if this sounds stupid.
  13. AmazingAlexaNY

    stupid question?

    so i just had a huge and i mean huge tipper i was wondering if there was a way he could fake all the tokens he gave me i mean i took some pictures because i was so stocked and happy, i just can't believe he gave me so many. i get so happy when i am tipped just 500 he gave me sooo much...
  14. AmazingAlexaNY

    so.... hopeless kinda....

    umm don't know how to explain things well... but i will try my best so i haven't been to a dentist in like 10 years or something i can feel that my teeth is messed up and i need to go to a dentist but i only have medicare and they don't cover dentist i think. i need to be put under due to my...
  15. AmazingAlexaNY

    have anyone here try that hulu hoop workout?

    the excise hulu hoop to help you lose weight i used it just for five minutes today and man its a workout. for me at-least. im also trying not too eat has much but i have binge eating disorder. this is not easy at all for me :( i wanted to do it for ten minutes but my body cant yet...
  16. AmazingAlexaNY

    i am confused

    i uploaded a video and got this error Failed Approval: Broadcasting in a service uniform (e.g., army uniform or religious attire, etc) is not allowed. Thank you for your understanding. Please delete or edit offending items. i was not in a uniform or anything i had a pink wig but that's it...
  17. AmazingAlexaNY

    stupid question

    is there a way chaturbate can send me my recorded private shows if it was on a different account. im just wondering. i know everything gets recorded. the reason why i want it is for a silly reason. i wanted to see what i looked like years ago yeah i have pictures of myself years ago...
  18. AmazingAlexaNY

    females only sorry i know this is so stupid.

    so.... i been on a iud (mirena) love it by the way. for almost 5 years before that i was on birth control pill and they both stopped my period completely. last time i got my period i was like 14 almost 15. 28 now. i was put on bc so young due to hating my period when i was on my period it...
  19. AmazingAlexaNY

    missing payment

    so i got one payment but im missing my second one support said they re-sent it still have not gotten it @punker barbie please help. it was only around $50 but with cvoid and everything else i really need it.
  20. AmazingAlexaNY

    silly question?

    so im new on stripchat i was just wondering what rate should groupshow be. should i have it less then my normal privates? sorry im a noobie. haha