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  1. mervemelez

    Sorry Love didnt know about it its fine :h:

    Sorry Love didnt know about it its fine :h:
  2. mervemelez

    How Do You Start An Adult FanClub Subscription App Like OnlyFans?

    There are already many sites doing sites like only fans but here the main thing isn't only the website it's very hard to find models ( It takes ages ) and its very competitive at the moment
  3. mervemelez

    Onlyfans chargeback

    100% Cryptocurrency seems much better with no chargeback i will check out the site you have told me but mostly i do onlyfans i m not sure how it's gonna work
  4. mervemelez

    Onlyfans chargeback

    and one more thing i have seen many girls complaining about Mnayvids chargeback but recently I have read on their website that they cover all the chargeback IT would be better if they use crypto currency or something similar to that nooone can ask for chargeback! I used to do webcam on...
  5. mervemelez

    Onlyfans chargeback

    unfortunately i have spoken fancentro & onlyfans they all say there is no way reversing the payment back ! but at least onlyfans is much better than fancentro because if there are 20 scambgs requesting a chargeback half of it was reversed so its still okey !!! not like fanscentro refunding...
  6. mervemelez

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    hi lovelies ITS a lovely platform let me introduce myself I'm Turkish transsexual women Online content creator / Sex Worker twitter...
  7. mervemelez

    Onlyfans chargeback

    Omg i had the same thing just over 300 $ !!!!!!!!!! same on Fancentro !!! just over 150$ this scam bag bought custom video from me i have spent hours to make the videos and what facentro saying is sorry you had this problem ! basically sorry i have nothing to do ! SO AFTER HAVING...