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  1. missmeowmixx

    ~what SONG(Z) are you currently obsessed with?~

    I love music. :cat: A lot. It's right up there with food and water. And, when i hit upon a tune that particularly tickles me, i tend to play it over and over and over and over and over and over and oveerandovernadoaondoadnaevrvreondaodvoaederbbdaod BUT! That song is always changing. it's not...
  2. missmeowmixx

    Opinions on a Name Change, Please!

    Hi guys! So I've been wanting to change my model name recently. Reasons: Mostly, it's because I'm damn sick of people typing out the meow mix jingle in my room! And, the last X of my modelname gets cut off on the homepage (at least for me,) and, i find that NO ONE can remember my name or how...