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  1. cbhours

    CB removes HD tags and prioritize HD option

    The tags are missing today and the option to prioritize HD has been removed. I've always wondered what % of people actually took the time to enable that option, I suppose the fact that they eliminated it probably means it was a fairly low percentage.
  2. cbhours

    Events API problems

    ticket# 19248770 @punker barbie There is something wrong with the events API and I have tried to do many different workarounds to work around the issue for my eye-contact app and no matter what I try eventually it will block the IP address in such a way...
  3. cbhours

    How do OF models auto follow(subscribe) back?

    Is this just a setting some where or is it like a bot or extension? As soon as you subscribe to them it just instantly subscribes back.
  4. cbhours

    Logitech c920 being sold on amazon may require logi tune to enable mic.

    I don't know how common this is but apparently some people ordering the logitech c920 from amazon are receiving a logitech c920e business edition which has the microphone disabled by default and the only way to enable it is to download the logi tune software. Today is the first time hearing...
  5. cbhours

    Whats with the strange positional ranking with #tags?

    When I am logged in the display order of models when you filter by a tag is bizarre, I don't understand the order just yet. If you aren't logged in its perfectly normal. Recommended cams is disabled.
  6. cbhours

    Did chaturbate disable 60fps for viewers?

    I don't see a 60fps option on any models streams today even on models that are broadcasting at 60fps.
  7. cbhours

    Do YOU still have access to 720p on the web broadcaster?

    I've received reports that some models have access to 720p via the web broadcaster and others do not. Stripchat is claiming 720p is no longer available on the web broadcaster. Do YOU (the models reading this) still have that resolution option on the broadcaster? I ask because it seems...
  8. cbhours

    Do you broadcast on stripchat? if so could you help me with this twitter poll?

    Question for stripchat broadcasters, when the more detailed stats system is finished for striphours do you want to be able to see the difference between a real private and a fake private (spy show) ? (that would of course mean the public would see the difference) I'm having a lot of trouble...
  9. cbhours

    Whats chaturbates current stance on linking to onlyfans?

    On rare occasion I have seen people complain about chaturbate warning them to remove a link to onlyfans, is onlyfans black listed like manyvids now?
  10. cbhours

    Anyone know whats happening with the cb model list?

    Its ordered in a way that doesn't make any sense.
  11. cbhours

    CBHours presents a new cam settings tool *beta test*

    Download Link: VirusTotal Scan: Known issues: Brightness displayed value is constantly saying 0 even though it has no impact on the...
  12. cbhours

    ever been through a twitter suspension appeal?

    They suspended my twitter @cbhours a few days ago and I put in the appeal request on their website and they sent me an email saying to reply to confirm the email address and they will investigate. Is it normal to not receive any kind of automated response when you respond to them?
  13. cbhours

    Any chaturbate users being auto forwarded to an affiliate link?

    I noticed something recently, sometimes when I visit I get forwarded to an affiliate cb link with campaign ID HQv3F if this is only happening to me then I probably need to start going through my chrome extensions to find out which one has gone rogue.
  14. cbhours

    Why is onlyfans so popular?

    I don't understand the appeal of this site, what am I missing? I just subscribe blindly without a preview or details of the content? There are number counts of pictures and videos but no details and when you do subscribe the videos are almost always full of 10 second clips. The website is...
  15. cbhours

    Why do studio model accounts have access to Share tab?

    It was my understanding that they can't participate in the affiliate program at all but if they have access to the share tab does that mean they are able to participate in the tour for 10 tokens on registered users and 500 tokens for broadcasters?
  16. cbhours

    Chaturbate Best Tippers Script - Beta Test

    Find out who your best tippers are with the new best tippers script (currently beta testing so won't be added to the main menu yet) please report any problems you find. It will give you a break down of regular tips, outgoing tips (if you tip someone), spy...
  17. cbhours

    Whats the benefit of the new chaturbate player page?

    I noticed it is now enabled by default but i never noticed much of a difference aside from the fact that I cant shift+left click the flash player to get stats. I didn't even notice the "switch to the legacy page" under the send button.
  18. cbhours

    oooo chaturbate turned on rate limiting

    that will probably go a long way on cutting back on recording so thats good news. I think i triggered it with a script I was using to try to count cbhours trophies xD.
  19. cbhours

    A model not living in Venezuela but only has a Venezuela ID

    If a model only has a Venezuela ID there is no way for her to get verified on CB at this point right? Shes been working for years in colombia as a CB studio mondel but now has interest in moving and setting up a new account. @punker barbie
  20. cbhours

    i'd like more information on the follower emails

    In what scenarios does CB not send the email? This isn't a spam issue, they just don't get sent out but I don't exactly know what decides that. If I am already in the room when they click the button does that cause me not to receive the email notice?