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  1. zippypinhead

    The New Hotness

    Anyone playing Elden Ring, Horizon Forbidden West, Elex II, Gran Turismo, etc.? Is the FOMO justified? Any worth getting at full price? I'll admit, I'm very tempted by Elden Ring right now.
  2. zippypinhead

    Playboy is now getting into the pay-gated social media game with

    It seems to have landed a few weeks ago, and the rollout might've been expedited by Onlyfans' back-and-forth regarding adult content. This definitely seems more wholly dedicated to adult content. Here's a couple of blurbs about it: Press release on Yahoo Finance Short Bloomberg write-up...
  3. zippypinhead

    What do the checkmarks mean on chat apps?

    Super noob question, but I don't use chat apps all that much. Like in Onlyfans, in the DMs, there are checkmarks next to messages. I see them on screenshots of other chat apps, too. What does one checkmark mean, and what does two checkmarks mean?
  4. zippypinhead

    How do y'all feel about anonymous tippers?

    I don't really have it in me to carry on with the social aspects of camworld these days, so lately I prefer to just tip anonymously with requests, and move on. It seems like the models I interact with like this don't mind at all, but I always worry that I might be interrupting their vibe or...
  5. zippypinhead

    Drawing Challenge

    October has become the de facto "drawing challenge" month, where people take on themed, month-long challenges in order to improve some facet of their artwork, or just to participate in a community drawing event. Inktober is by far the most famous (maybe now infamous?) of these challenges. Since...
  6. zippypinhead


    What cartoons are y'all into?
  7. zippypinhead

    I don't think blockbuster movies of the last decade or so are all that fun. (A bit of a rant, sorry.)

    I feel like there's something wrong with me. It's gotten to the point where I don't really bother to watch many new movies -- maybe one or two a year -- and (I know this sounds kind of screwed up) I was relieved to have a year without a ton of blockbuster hype always in my face last year. Of the...
  8. zippypinhead

    The best show ever.

    What's everyone's favorite shows, and why do you love them?
  9. zippypinhead

    Models appearing on my friends list that I did not add?

    This has been happening fairly regularly lately. Occasionally, I'll bookmark a model or maybe follow their share page, and sometime later, they're on my friends list, rather than simply being bookmarked. I did not add them as a friend, so I'm not sure how this happens. Anyone else experience...
  10. zippypinhead

    Happy New Year 2021!

    May it be great!
  11. zippypinhead

    Games you like to watch.

    What type of gaming videos do y'all like to watch? For me, it's mostly games I'm playing or shopping for, which happens to be a lot of sandboxy stuff that's good for the kind of messing around that makes funny and light entertainment. It's a lot of Bethesda and Minecraft stuff for me. I love...
  12. zippypinhead

    Games that remind you of the holidays.

    In recent years, for whatever reason, I've grown to associate Fallout 4 with the holiday season. I must've got it around this time of year, but I don't think I've played it exclusively during November/December or anything. Still, I have it linked in my mind. A Youtuber I like is streaming it...
  13. zippypinhead

    Another art thread.

    The older art threads are locked, so it's time for a new one. From the past: Post your daily speed sketch. 🔓
  14. zippypinhead

    Slow-burn horror TV?

    With the long form narrative structure of television, and the tendency to hold back on graphic content, you'd think there would be some good options when looking for horror television series that rely on intrigue and mystery, the build of creeping dread, drip-feeding information over many...
  15. zippypinhead

    I spent $2500 on a new laptop, so I could play a four-year-old game.

    No regrets. My current laptop is 8 years old, and still running great for daily use, but -- A couple years ago, I got super hooked into No Man's Sky. I put a few hundred hours into it, actually. I finished the main quest, and loved it for its wonky mysterious space opera weirdness. The game...
  16. zippypinhead

    Can y'all explain OnlyFans to me?

    I've missed this boat, and, as is the case with most social media tools, the site itself doesn't seem to do a very good job of explaining itself. So, I'm coming to the experts. What makes OnlyFans different from other paywall platforms?
  17. zippypinhead

    Artsy indies.

    Let's discuss them labors-of-love.
  18. zippypinhead

    A paid webhost that allows adult content?

    Are there any webhosts out there that I can use to build a personal website containing pinups and adult comics. Looking around, it's hard to get a straight answer about how "adult" the content can be through big hosts like Wix or Squarespace. I figured here would be a good place to ask, since so...
  19. zippypinhead

    Non-holiday shows or movies you associate with the holidays?

    I have a very distinct childhood memory of building gingerbread houses while watching The Three Amigos! and now because of that, I consider it a Christmas movie, even though it isn't. Anyone else have movies or shows that hit you the same way? Considering the holidays are a big time for...
  20. zippypinhead

    TV On The Internet

    There are so many streaming services out there these days, catering to so many niche interests. Aside from the big players, like Youtube, Twitch, Netflix, Hulu, and Prime. Anyone into stuff that's a bit less omnipresent?