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    tipping as a model?

    ahhh yikes that really sucks. especially the fact that the minimum amount to transfer money is pretty big too on stripchat :/ i miss camming on cb but sadly my face looks too young for them which i get alot so it make sense
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    tipping as a model?

    Is it any way possible to tip other models as a model with the tokens you earn? like how you can do that in cb
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    advice for new male model?

    i used to cam on cb but they banned me because i look too young. so now im on stripchat. im a plus size male model and im realizin compare to CB it takes a really long time to get followers or even views at all! let alone tips ive only had cammed one time there but it seems pretty hard right...
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    best site for male models other than CB?

    I've been streaming on CB for a while now but they recently banned me for looking too young which is extremely annoying considering i cant control how i look. now im just trying to find other places to cam at. i dont know anyother sites other than stripchat but honestly theres not alot of guys...
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    Account banned @punker barbie

    try to email them again and explain the situation. if they havent replied send them an email on another account
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    banned account

    im also having the same problem. they responded and said thers basically nothing they can do about it. theyclearly state in the email that even if i was above 18 and have proved that i am so thefact that i still look young to alot of people despite my age. they still cant let me cam :/
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    making new account?

    found out why i was banned. its because i looked too young. which is ridiculous! i am 19 and i have proved i am 19 it shouldnt matter how i look. i cant change how i look and its not like i try to act as if im underage or portrays that. i dont at all! this is absurd!
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    making new account?

    its been days now and punker barbie and support seems to have ignored me abit. atfirst my account was just unverified for no reason i tried to verify again multiple times which they rejected with it only saying no reason. but today i checked my profile and it say my account has been suspended...
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    Unverified for no reason and unable to verify- 4 days still no response yet

    my username is rayasianchub. my account was unverified and i tried to verify but it keeps rejecting it with no reason. i sent an email but it hasnt been responded yet for 4 days @punker barbie username : rayasianchub the customer thingy : 18425336
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    account is banned

    has they responded to you yet? :( mine hasnt been responded in 4 days now
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    banned account for no reason

    has they responded yet? mine still hasnt and its been about 3 days now :(
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    The amount of CB support threads is... wow

    i think theres currently something wrong with cb. my email hasnt been responded for 3 days and my account was unverified for no reasons. and a few of my friends are banned too. no response from them either.
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    Unverified and failed verify 3 times?

    hello, my username is rayasianchub for some reason my accountwas unverified. i never streamed with anyone else but myself. and today i tried to verofy 3 times they rejected it all. my face and id was clear in the shot and the passport photo i sent was high quality. tried contacting support but...