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    re-verification of the account and unban

    Hello dear @punker barbie ! back in May, my account was banned and support asked me to contact in half a year for re-verification, half a year has passed and I applied for an attempt to re-verify, but there has been no response from support so far. I will be grateful for your help! Ticket...
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    re - verification of my account

    Hello @punker barbie ! In May, my account was banned. After a series of letters to support, the account was unban just a week ago. At the same time, there was no response from the support. But the verification was removed and the documents were declared invalid ( everything is absolutely...
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    Blocking my account and ignoring messages

    @punker barbie Hello, dear Shirley. On May 29, chaturbate blocked my chaturbate account. The support said that someone from the audience complained about me that I was underage (although this is not true, I honestly confirmed my age). I was informed that, despite the fact that I confirmed my...
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    Blocking on the chaturbate site.

    Hello everyone, today was a terrible event for me. My account was blocked by mistake, saying that someone from the audience complained that I was allegedly a minor, although this is not true, I am an adult and honestly sent documents for verification. I sent an email to support but there is no...