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  1. LadyLuna

    Left handed or right?

    I am mostly right-handed, but there's a few sports where I did better doing it the left-handed way, which perplexed my gym teachers. Also, since I have to hold everything with my left hand to let my right hand use the keys, my left arm tends to be stronger, which I guess some people find weird.
  2. LadyLuna

    The Polite Way to Ask About Implants

    For the record, I've had a couple members be disappointed to find out my breasts were natural. I've never had the impression that they were asking because they thought they looked fake. It was more, they genuinely couldn't tell and since I don't flash tits in public there was no way for them to...
  3. LadyLuna

    Thank you ^_^

    Thank you ^_^
  4. LadyLuna

    Tips for Speeding up your PC

    Wear and tear won't slow down the computer's speed. Wear and tear means the parts will physically break at some point. It's almost certainly the second one. Newer software is expecting the computer to have the newer hardware, and older software updates to fix holes and stuff, which makes it...
  5. LadyLuna

    The Polite Way to Ask About Implants

    I ask this because, not having had any enhancements done to my boobs, I don't want to presume to know the best way to ask this. However, I do believe men can legitimately have a preference for this and it not be a problem, because we are mostly selling physical attraction. Personally, I'd like...
  6. LadyLuna

    Need a space to randomly rant?

    Thank you. I don't expect anyone to have an answer for this. I don't think a permanent solution exists. I just need to rant about it sometimes. It's not always so bad. Sometimes I have days where it doesn't seem to affect me at all, and I can forget that I even have this issue. It's just when...
  7. LadyLuna

    Need a space to randomly rant?

    You latched on to the way I label the phobia, and seem to have ignored my description of the phobia. The actual phobia is of the microbial mess that my body makes from being alive. I am afraid of my shit. I am afraid of my piss. I am afraid of my puke. I am afraid of my snot. I am afraid of my...
  8. LadyLuna

    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    I'm the worst at getting on when I say I will. x.x It's horrible. I'll lose track of time. Or an emergency crops up. Or I run to the store, but traffic is bad on the way home. The biggest one is something takes longer than I think it will. I gave up a long time ago at being able to keep a...
  9. LadyLuna

    Smoothies anyone?

    I know you don't want to go to the smoothie store. My suggestion is go once just to get the menu, which lists everything they put in the smoothies. Then you can make them at home. :P We had a Tropical Smoothie Cafe at a couple of the towns we lived in. My favorite was peanut butter and banana...
  10. LadyLuna

    What would your dream camsite have?

    1. Money. Reliable payouts, decent cut, no chargebacks, good advertising with no false promises, direct deposit option. 2. Ethics. Clear rules visible to both models and members. Members and model can report and be reported on for rule-breaking. The account must be at least 6 months old to...
  11. LadyLuna

    Need a space to randomly rant?

    The only other sink is the kitchen sink, and I refuse to do something that disgusting over dishes, even if they are dirty. But the room isn't the underlying issue. It's all the ways those things can go wrong. I'm terrified that I will do something to make other things dirty with the stuff that...
  12. LadyLuna

    Need a space to randomly rant?

    I hate how the definition of words can skew so much it can come to mean anything. Take literally for instance. It used to mean "actually true". Then it became a euphemism for "it's not actually true, but it's so close it might as well be". Then it morphed from that to mean "I mean this...
  13. LadyLuna

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    When the stuff missing from the sentences was actually kinda important... --- Member: ok Me: I'm sorry, what are you saying ok to? Anyway, Hi! Welcome to my room! How are you today? Member: hi ok u? Me: I'm good, thank you. What kinds of things are you interested in? Member: how about u...
  14. LadyLuna

    Gun Carry Policies, Part 2

    My assumptions about this question were that private businesses are allowed to ban guns, and we're assuming that guns are allowed in all the buildings being talked about, right? (You did say "Disregarding individual venues rules and policies.") I voted "yes", because while there are certain...
  15. LadyLuna

    Boyfriends / Girlfriends / Significant Others

    My partner introduced me to camming. Sure, it was a little rocky until we figured out what he was comfortable with, and not comfortable with, but mostly it hasn't been an issue.
  16. LadyLuna

    Tips for Speeding up your PC

    So, right now, the CPU on my computer is what's holding it back. My ram is fine, but the CPU is going full-tilt most of the time. x.x And my partner recently upgraded everything except his video card and hard drive. The old hard drive is too slow, so that's holding his back. Basically, RAM isn't...
  17. LadyLuna

    ManyVids tips?

    C4S and ManyVids are both fine with you uploading videos there that are on other sites, so you wouldn't have to make separate content for each, just post the videos both places (be clear that they're the same video, try to have the same title, description, and picture on both sites with a notice...
  18. LadyLuna

    Between genders and other practical questions

    I only know for sure about MFC and Streamate. MFC is a definite "no" until you've had the full transition (they don't allow penis to show on camera from either models or guests, and members will complain and get you banned for it). Streamate has sections for transgender and transsexual, so...
  19. LadyLuna

    Wondering if anyone can help me

    I really hate to do this... it could be so misinterpreted... Nikola's gender has nothing to do with the situation. I've seen plenty of girls try to tell other girls they shouldn't be okay with the word whore. The point is that NO ONE can tell anyone else how to feel about something. Why get...
  20. LadyLuna

    Hitting the "ban button" on people in your life.

    Online, I'm mostly on Streamate. So, I ban if someone is asking for something illegal, and otherwise only ban for someone pushing me to do something I've said no to. I had to learn the hard way that saying "no" to people looking for daddy's little girl play just results in an exclusive with them...