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  1. Emberblaze

    personal fitness trainer

    You didn't give us any info about the guy so no clue...
  2. Emberblaze

    thoughts dick rating 🍆🥇

    There were so many replies in this thread that completely disturbed me. Thanks y'all. I didn't need to sleep tonight... *Hides under her bed from the dicks that need medical care*
  3. Emberblaze

    Know someone hesitant on becoming an adult model because they are afraid of being found out? An answer to your anonymity is finally here!

    Two things, Some sites are moving towards facial recognition to verify the model is the registered user. and one time my ex bf recognized me on a website by my socks. You are never truly anonymous.
  4. Emberblaze

    (Opinion) Are Camgirls Morally Obligated To Disclose Their Relationship Status?

    Damn, I care about my members so I better stop say I'm logging off to get a drink/snack and be honest I'm going to poop. :haha:
  5. Emberblaze

    Can we smoke weed on cam on stripchat?

    Alright, this might be the thing that gets me to finally try stripchat 😂
  6. Emberblaze

    Webcam equipment problem

    I use a giant monitor connected to my laptop and then I use larger display settings in windows for the second monitor. As Audri mentioned you can do the same thing with a TV. Then just use a bluetooth mouse and keyboard from your bed. I like to set it up dual monitor so that I can keep the...
  7. Emberblaze

    Cam model and just married, how to go on?

    As a "good friend" I certainly wouldn't share their business on a cam model forum where they might see me talking shit about them. That's for sure.
  8. Emberblaze

    How to stand out in conversation with someone that happens to cam? (starting a new relationship)

    Don't fetishize her job and get into the mindset that sex work is work and you will automatically be a step above most guys she likely interacts with. Don't ask to watch her work, don't ask her for details unless she is already sharing, don't assume that because she is self employed or works...
  9. Emberblaze

    Looking for 18 - 26 years old cam models in Miami. Any takers?

    Just curious if he's thin and athletic since that's what he's expecting from a camming partner🍵
  10. Emberblaze

    Complaining about being treated like a child

    What is wrong with these mens dicks? I get that people can't help what fetishes they develop. But what they can help is make sure anyone they involve in it is a consenting adult.
  11. Emberblaze

    What the hell do I do?

    Return to sender anything further. Make her think you moved.
  12. Emberblaze

    Your top 3 advises for a new cam girl/boy/ts!!!

    1. Do not let members tell you how you "have to" or "should" run your show. Do your own research. 2. Do not let members tell you how you "have to" or "should" run your show. Do your own research. 3. Do not let members tell you how you "have to" or "should" run your show. Do your own research.
  13. Emberblaze

    Models not receiving any traffic?

    Hi! I'm a streamate model! So plenty of things could be happening. The first is if you use geoblocking your "potential members" counter will stay at zero and only logged in members can see you. This hurts earning potential on SM for new models. Another is your stream health, stream using the...
  14. Emberblaze

    Streamate: Male Models Nudity

    So the other day I'm checking my placement and on the front page there was a woman using her bush as her display picture. Like absolutely no clothes. Just pussy and hair. I didn't report because I don't know that models situation and for all I know they needed to stay online to pay rent or...
  15. Emberblaze

    Models camming when on period

    The one where you admit that you intentionally prey on barely legal women because they are easy to manipulate for less money than they deserve for the labor they do for you? I dunno... still kinda seems relevant.
  16. Emberblaze

    Models camming when on period

    You said.. I quote... "I feel a bit gross when I go to private and model show pussy with a thread hanging. TBH it feel so gross" Or is that post not relevant here now too?
  17. Emberblaze

    Models camming when on period

    Then why not just say that instead of crying that a cotton string is so awful.
  18. Emberblaze

    Models camming when on period

    Oh... it is definitely relevant.
  19. Emberblaze

    Models camming when on period

    Then uhhh.... why are you so offended by it?
  20. Emberblaze

    Models camming when on period

    I have so many questions for the OP but I don't actually want any of them answered...