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    Friend Account Banned no Reason

    Good morning @punker barbie and thank you again for helping me to get my account back! Account name : xxqueensquirt Ticket 19370443 I told a friend of mine you helped me and she said she had a problem with Chaturbate and gave up ... i told her i will write this for her maybe you can help 🤗🤗🤗...
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    Good morning @punker barbie. Problem with banned account

    Good morning again @punker barbie I think I found out why my account got banned. I'm waiting from 4 days ago but Chaturbate hasn't answer me and i have my mortgage and bills to pay soon Ticket 19388969 Username myke_anne I got 3 warnings before that the dildos are too big for the shows because...
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    Account of 5 years activity banned. Please help

    Hi everyone this is my second post here, Account name - myke_anne Ticket number - 19388969 Please @punker barbie and sorry for taking your time.... as this is quite long. I am facing a big problem and I donk know where to ask for help. My account of 5 years just got banned yesterday ... I am...
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    Obs Disconnecting/ Reconnecting European Time

    Hi, I am having some issues my obs disconnects a couple of times once i start broadcasting .... then it reconnects again in a couple of seconds . But it is enaugh to get some of my users off and to destroy my mood. It only happens during European Hours in the mornings ( so i guess USA night )...