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  1. dusty-of-nymph-dreams

    Anyone else doing ASMR?

    [Since the other posts with ASMR in the title are from 2018, 2016, and 2013 respectively, I thought this might warrant a new thread.] Basic Definition stuff, Background: o_O ASMR = whisper tingles, "Autonomic Sensory Meridian Response" - a deeply intimate feeling like being lightly brushed or...
  2. dusty-of-nymph-dreams

    Maybe blocked a non-troll?

    I had someone ask me if I was trans the other day while performing on SM. I usually dress very androgynously IRL, and have been confused for the male gender my whole life due to short hair. I'm very supportive of Trans people, and in my non-cam life I openly identify as a non-binary gendered...
  3. dusty-of-nymph-dreams

    Customer Driving while on Cam site

    Hi! So, this isn't platform specific, but FWIW I'm on SM. About a month ago, someone in chat said they were watching while driving, and wanted to go to Exclusive. For them to masturbate or at least edge while driving. I think this is super messed up, but it's happened multiple times now...